♣♣ The Baguio Restaurant List ♣♣

(You can use this list in reference with the Table of Contents… which is complete with Baguio’s best loved restaurants, Notable Edibles, and additional info. Closed food establishments are also annotated there.)


~ (fine dining/fancy/fancy-ish restaurants in Baguio City)

% (healthy/organic/vegetarian)

* (food for thought – at least when I paid those particular restaurants a visit, so tread carefully, afoodionados. ^^,)

MSG-free (food offerings are free of monosodium glutamate – as per menu/restaurant staff member.  Please ALWAYS CONFIRM with your attendant/server/waiter to be on the safe side. ^^,)

-closed (closed restaurants)

limbo (I didn’t have that good of an experience in the eating place and I’m not sure whether to retry them in the future or not. “Once bitten, twice shy” type of thing.)

(photo) – linked to photo post on the blog’s FB Page

Indigo Font and underlined (writeup done and ready for your perusal on this Baguio blog)

(menu) – menu of the restaurant is included in a menu-centric blogpost

Baguio Marosan's Rice

Marosan’s special with fried rice


Kislap Value Food Store, more popularly known as “Greenhouse” – CHECK! (Filipino Food)

Macsbox – CHECK! (Filipino Food)

Reg’s Binalot – CHECK! (Filipino Food)

Marosans, RJ, Lenroc – CHECK! (Filipino Food)

Caloy’s Lovers in Pares – CHECK! (Filipino Food)

Joaquin’s  – (Filipino Food)

Cafe de Illustradoz – CHECK!

Food Ville – CHECK! 

Nelly’s Best Burger – CHECK!

Cafe Le Ayana

Bulalords Baka King – CHECK!

University Belt

  • The Spartans – CHECK! (UPDATE 01/19/2016: Moved from University Belt Building on Bonifacio to building near where Phil Health is on Leonard Wood Road, across from Teachers Camp) (photo)
  • Hungry Pirates – CHECK! (in limbo for me)
  • Korean Food – CHECK!
  • Sisig Station – CHECK! (in limbo for me)
  • O’ Noodle – CHECK!
  • Kryl’s Cafe – CHECK!
  • Pot O’ Gold by the Pink Store and Over the Rainbow Sweets – CHECK! MSG-free

Kuy’s Sizzlers – CHECK! -closed

Frappe and Milk Tea, Dimsum Temple, Sip Fries, Heaven’s Hamburger (menu)

Food Hub – CHECK! (menu)

Moe’s Snack Hauz – CHECK!

Mahi Food House – CHECK! (menu)

Baguio Rose Cafe pancit guisado

Rose Cafe pancit guisado


Mother Mary’s Canteen – CHECK! (menu)

Soledad’s – CHECK! (Filipino Food)

Rose Cafe– CHECK! (Filipino Food)

Good Taste – CHECK! (Filipino Food) 

Mommy’s – CHECK!  (Filipino Food)  -closed

Kanto Fried Chicken/Mang Inasar” at Military Cut Off Satellite Market – CHECK!

Chia’s – CHECK! (Filipino Food)

Slaughter Compound Eatery(ies) (Filipino Food)

Tabligan’s – CHECK! (Filipino Food)

Rimando’s Countryside Eatery – CHECK! (Filipino Food)

TCB Elena’s Restaurant and Bar – CHECK! (menu)

Axes Cafe and Panciteria – CHECK! Their fried lumi (not the noodle dish, but the meat one like at Soledad’s) is to die for! \m/

Cafe Jeepney – CHECK!

Ramanam – CHECK!

Mon and Pot Lugaw Avenue – CHECK!

Manna Garden Cafe – (oh, this one was tough to categorize, Student Fare, Simple but Staple, Eats Around, and some Mainstream =D) (UPDATE 02/12/2016: Got to visit Manna after a long time. Much has changed so I’ll put the old concessionaires under the most recent ones there today. Really, the food industry is so dynamic.) -closed

  • Kharis Cafe and Bakeshop – CHECK!
  • Eats Trio Alpha – CHECK!
  • KFC (yes, that’s a real Kentucky Fried Chicken stall. Wow, right?)
  • Kusina ni Tito Onong (Unli Rice All Meals) – CHECK! -closed … moved to Arc Student Residences beside Ozark Diner
  • Wok This Way – CHECK! -closed
  • Cosy’s Cafe – CHECK! -closed 
  • Between Two Buns/B2B – CHECK! -closed
  • Busog’Silog – CHECK! -closed
  • Pastaym Bistro -closed
  • Red Bowl -closed (We did check off Red Bowl in another location, if this stall’s consistent with their offering, this is as good as checked off. *hee)
  • Pinoy Pao -closed
  • Mama Sita’s Lutong Bahay -closed

Kadis Grill – CHECK!

Kainan sa Bamboo

My Fortress – CHECK!

Hansy’s Special Sisig and Binalot – CHECK!

Our Best Seller Restaurant -closed, replaced by The Garden 

Buffet Republic – CHECK! (in limbo) 

BSG – Bulalohan sa Garahe – CHECK!  -closed

Icee’s Panciteria – CHECK! (menu)

Mikko’s Kitchenette – CHECK!

Wok Your Way – CHECK! (photo) (menu)

The Garden Diner – CHECK! (menu)

Pet’s Bulaluhan – CHECK! (menu)

C.R.O.M. BORD Kusina – CHECK! (menu)

Muahcky’s Bistro – CHECK! (menu)

Mang Ed Bakareta Cafe and Restaurant – CHECK!

Seoul Cup Bap – CHECK! (menu)

FoodPorn Sizzles – CHECK! (menu)

ChiQueen House of Golden Fried Chicken – CHECK! (menu) (New on the menu: Roasted bone marrow)

Ihsay’s Original Pancit Batil Patong & Carinderia – CHECK!

Il-lengan Eatery – CHECK! (menu)

Tito Nick’s – CHECK! (menu)

Garahe authentic pancit Cabagan – CHECK!

Baguio Blackbeard's Seafood Island Tali Beach boodle fight

Blackbeard’s Seafood Island Tali Beach boodle fight


1.) Barrio Fiesta – CHECK! 

2.) David’s Tea House – CHECK! (menu)

3.) Blackbeard’s Seafood Island – CHECK!

4.) Army Navy – CHECK!

5.) Brothers Burger – CHECK! MSG-free

6.) Dencio’s Bar and Grill – CHECK!

7.) Zen Tea – CHECK!

8.) Bon Appetea – CHECK! * -closed

9.) Guiltea Pleasures – CHECK!

10.) Kamayan Restaurant – CHECK! (Filipino Food) *

11.) Moonleaf – CHECK!

12.) My Serendipitea – CHECK!

13.) Bubbatealicious – CHECK!

14.) TrueBlends – CHECK! (photo) (UPDATE 08/17/2015: Moved to University Belt building)

15.) Tea Generation – CHECK!

16.) Dairy Queen DQ – CHECK! (photo)

17.) Binalot – CHECK!

18.) Infinitea – CHECK! (photo)

19.) Kangaroo Jack – CHECK!

20.) Creativitea Cafe – CHECK!

21.) Krispy Kreme

22.) Rufo’s Famous Tapa – CHECK! (menu)

23.) Ramen Sora & Yakitori Binchotan – CHECK!

24.) Tajimaya Sumibi Yakiniku (Charcoal Grill) – CHECK! 

25.) Kuya J Restaurant – CHECK!

26.) Pepper Lunch – CHECK! (menu)

27.) Ling Nam – CHECK!

28.) Burger King (opening soon)

29.) Ramen Nagi – CHECK!

30.) The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH) – CHECK!

31.) Figaro Coffee Company – CHECK! (menu)

32.) Rustic Box Steakhouse – CHECK!

33.) Hap Chan Chinese Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

34.) Barefruit Guyabano booth – CHECK! (menu)

35.) Wicked Snow Baguio – CHECK! (menu)

36.) Ersao Taiwanese Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

37.) Choobi Choobi Seafood Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

38.) Craft 1945-Casa Marcos – CHECK! (menu)

39.) Pinares – CHECK! (menu)


Baguio Rito's bulalo

Rito’s bulalo upclose


1.) Star Café – CHECK! -closed

2.) Mandarin Restaurant – CHECK!  (Filipino and Chinese Food) -closed

3.) 50s Diner – CHECK!

4.) Concoctions – CHECK! *

5.) Jim’s Retro Diner – CHECK!

6.) Wood Nymph Korean Restaurant

7.) Cosy’s Café and Roasterie – CHECK!

8.) Wency’s Restaurant – CHECK! (Korean Cuisine) -closed

9.) Amirah’s Arabian Cuisine – CHECK! -closed … replaced by Mubarak Kebab House

10.) Ali’s House of Shawarma – CHECK! (Filipino and Indian/Pakistani Food)

11.) Hebrews Bookstore and Cafe – CHECK! * -closed

12.) Cucinino – CHECK!

13.) Cuore Buffet – CHECK! (Korean Buffet. They’ve got some new stuff going on there now – Indian cuisine.) -closed

14.) Azotea Greens – CHECK! % MSG-free

15.) Oh My Gulay (OMG) – CHECK! %

16.) Sizzling Plate – CHECK!

17.) Pizza Volante – CHECK!

18.) Bohemian Cafe – CHECK! *

19.) Ebai’s Cafe and Pastry –  CHECK! (Filipino Food)

20.) The Barn Cafe –  CHECK! 

21.) Under the Tree Book Café – CHECK!

22.) Rito’s – CHECK! (Filipino Food)

23.) Rose Bowl – CHECK! (Filipino and Chinese Food)

24.) Heaven on Earth – CHECK!  (Filipino Food) % -closed

25.) Ahmad Brothers Cafe – CHECK! (Indian/Pakistani Food) Moved to Hotel Catarina on Labsan beside Justice Hall.

26.) Beggang Resto Grill– CHECK!

27.) Cafe by the Ruins and Cafe by the Ruins Dua – CHECK! 

28.) Tam-awan Café – CHECK! (Filipino Food)

29.) Bay Leaf (Cris d’ Cuisine) – CHECK! (UPDATE 07/29/2016: Moved to Happy Homes Old Lucban)

30.) Billy’s Goat House – CHECK! -closed

2015-08-05 Baguio Noodle King Eatery Asian chicken salad

Noodle King Eatery Asian chicken salad

31.) Café Will – CHECK!

32.) Café Sapore – CHECK!

33.) Mother’s Garden and Cafe – CHECK! %

34.) Sinamak – CHECK! (Filipino Food) -closed replaced by Camping Date Restaurant – CHECK!

35.) Honey in The Rock – CHECK!  -closed

36.) Eat Avenue/Shot Circuit –CHECK! -closed

37.) Kubong Sawali –  CHECK! (Filipino Food) (menu)

38.) Zio’s – CHECK!

39.) DugOut – CHECK! -closed  … replaced by (Another) Korean resto – Wellbeing Ssambap

40.) Brod Pitt – CHECK! -closed … replaced by Backyard

41.) Kalapaw – CHECK! (Filipino Food)

42.) Kalye Luna – CHECK! * -closed … replaced with Yellow Submarine resto

43.) Ketchup Food Community -closed … replaced with Shakey’s

44.) Kape Umali – CHECK!

45.) Route 55 – CHECK! MSG-free

46.) Sweetmates – CHECK! (menu 2019)

47.) Health 100 – CHECK! % 

48.) Café Sabel – CHECK!

49.) Mario’s – CHECK! ~

50.) Crazy Chef  -closed

51.) Kiwi’s Breads and Pastry Shop – CHECK! MSG-free

52.) Cafe Lusso  – CHECK! *

53.) Yellow Submarine -closed … before I even got to (re)try them to see if they could redeem themselves. aw.

54.) Pines Cafe

55.) Mr. Ramyun – CHECK! (Korean Cuisine) (menu)

56.) Geney’s Ramyeon House – CHECK! (Korean Cuisine)

57.) Red Station – CHECK! (Korean Cuisine)

58.) Korean Palace – CHECK! (Korean Cuisine)

59.) O’Mai Khan – CHECK!

60.) Ki’kan (new Ayuyang) – CHECK!

Ozark Diner Baguio dark beer cheesecake 2014

Ozark Diner dark beer cheesecake

61.) Tangay Tangay Restaurant – CHECK!

62.) Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant – CHECK! (Chinese Food) ~ … like a more sophisticated Rose Bowl. hihi

63.) Cha Tien Milk Tea Shop – CHECK!

64.) Cafe De Angelo – CHECK! MSG-free except for one dish (awaiting details on what that is. hihi  Again, please confirm with your attendant to be on the safe side.) 

65.) Sage (new and super charged improved 86 Grill) – CHECK!

66.) T&J Aroma Cafe – CHECK! *

67.) Honey’s – CHECK!

68.) Casa Pizzeria/De Leon Pizza – CHECK! (menu 2019)

69.) Cakes by Yda – CHECK!

70.) Latreia Bookshop Cafe – CHECK!

71.) Luto ni Juan – CHECK!

72.) 79 Korean Restaurant – CHECK! … is it also Red Station? Will be back with details if they’ve got the same offering as another Red Station branch.

73.) Amare La Cucina – CHECK! (Italian Cuisine) MSG-free

74.) Alfoncito’s Place – CHECK! MSG-free -closed 

75.) (Another =b) Korean Restaurant – Wellbeing Ssambap – CHECK!

76.) Backyard Baguio – CHECK! -closed 

77.) Owl’s Cafe

78.) T. Library Cafe -closed

79.) Baguio Lechon House – passed by today (12/05/2013), not sure if they just moved or if they’re permanently closed. Hhmmm.

80.) Extension Resto – CHECK! An extension of Choco-late De Batirol -closed … moving to another location

81.) La Comida de Antonio Ristorante – CHECK! Moved to Worcester Road, the road going up behind BGH. 

82.) Rasa Pura – CHECK!

83.) Posticino – CHECK! -closed

84.) Advo Cafe – CHECK!

85.) Thai Tea Nic – CHECK!

86.) Cha Xian Tea Bar – CHECK!

87.) Yamashita – CHECK!

88.) Mei Hua Chinese Restaurant and Deli – CHECK!

89.) Barney’s Burger – CHECK!

90.) Ji Eun’s Ramyun House (Korean Cuisine) -closed (Came by this place at 5:00 p.m. months ago and even though the establishment was open, there was nothing but ramyeon available for ordering.  Now, they’re totally closed.)

2015-06-04 Baguio Green Pepper Gourmet Stop pulpy orange juice

Green Pepper Gourmet Stop pulpy orange juice

91.) Grumpy Joe – CHECK!

92.) KSAP Bistro – CHECK!

93.) Spezia Bistro & Grill – CHECK!

94.) ZushiMe – CHECK!

95.) Woodnymph + Tea – CHECK! (Korean Cuisine) Renamed to … something -box, the name escapes me now.

96.) RedBuggy Burgers – CHECK!

97.) Jjimdak Restaurant (Korean Cuisine) -closed their Newtown Square branch, replaced by Kalye Cafe and Deli

98.) Teacup and Cake – CHECK! -closed

99.) Reverie Resto Lounge – CHECK! -closed .. replaced by 2600 Gastropub

100.) Ozark Diner – CHECK! MSG-free

101.) L’Ami Frenchy – CHECK! -closed

102.) 24 hour Samgyeopsal  (Korean Cuisine) … not sure if it’s the same as Jji Gu Mi at EDY Building and Urban Seoul on Marcos Highway

103.) Gutom – CHECK!

104.) Glyco Sweetshop – CHECK!

105.) San Maru -permanently closed as per Google Maps.  Aw =( 

106.) Travel Sips Coffee Shop – CHECK!

107.) The Camp

108.) Keumsan Restaurant – CHECK! -closed … replaced by Game & Grub Board Game Cafe

109.) O Dong Tong Samgyeopsal House – CHECK!

110.) FOTD (Food of the Day) RestoCafe – CHECK!

111.) Cafe Yagam – CHECK! 

112.) Bayleaf Restaurant (Cris d’ Cuisine) – CHECK! (photo)

113.) Live Long Detox Bar – CHECK!-ed courtesy of power eatploring couple, Ela and Paolo; thank you! -closed

114.) Ili-likha Artist Village (Artsy place Baguio meets food court)

  • Balbacua at Urban Kamote – CHECK! 
  • Cafe Cueva
  • Brr Grr

115.) Miwishayu Burgers – CHECK!-ed courtesy of power eatploring couple, Ela and Paolo; thank you!

116.) Habibis Grill (Lebanese Cuisine) – CHECK! Moved to building near Bonifacio Rotunda. (menu) (menu 2018)

117.) Tip Top Food Hut -permanently closed as per Facebook page.

118.) Arca’s Yard – 888 – CHECK! … and 777 – CHECK! =D

119.) Hook’d Up (Mediterranean Cuisine) – CHECK! -closed

120.) Hodori Noodle House/Eat All You Can – CHECK! (A branch of Hodori Korean Restaurant at Mabini.)

121.) Gossip Cafe – CHECK! 

122.) The Royaltea Experience: Coffee Shop and Boutique – CHECK!

123.) Kebab Hut + Resto Grill – CHECK! -closed, replaced by Subo

124.) Escuela – CHECK! 

125.) Bowls and Sticks – CHECK!

126.) Cafe Rheality

127.) Living Room Weekend Cafe

128.) Camping Date – CHECK!

129.) Cafe in the Sky – CHECK!

130.) Bujji Korean Restaurant – CHECK!

131.) Cafe de Manila [UPDATE 08/17/2015: Seems closed and replaced by the Camping Date (Here’s hoping this has a larger floor area for the camping themed resto.)]

132.) Game and Grub Boardgame Cafe – CHECK! -closed, replaced by Raduno Cafe and Resto

133.) M.C.O. Bakeshop and Cafe (Streamline cakes) – CHECK!

134.) HANDS Aesthetic spa and cafe – CHECK! (photo)

135.) Baguio Pares

136.) Emithia’s Porch Diner by Chef Joao (Wagyu beef, oh, yeah!) – CHECK! … replaced by Porch Lechon and Batchoy Haus

137.) Sakura Terrace by Yamashita Ramen Group – CHECK!

138.) Buddy Boy Burgers (also falls into student fare for their affordable burger prices) – CHECK! (photo)

139.) Cafellowship

140.) Kofe Tavern – CHECK! (menu) -closed … replaced by Auntie Palace Scoop Sarap

141.) SUBS – CHECK!

142.) 19fiftea – CHECK! (We were their first customers ever … as they just opened today, 04/08/2015. *hihi That was fun!) (photo)

143.) Chubby Bibs – CHECK!

144.) Golden Buffet – CHECK! (in limbo) -closed

145.) The Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant – CHECK!

146.) Wakees Bread and Pastries – CHECK!

147.) Calajo Foodhouse (Baguio CBD branch) – CHECK!

148.) Sensational Blendz – CHECK!

149.) Cutting Clouds Cafe 

150.) Index Coffee Books Gifts – CHECK! (photo) Moved to Marian Kisad Hotel

2015-08-25 Baguio Future Diner mango blast pizza flying saucer

Mango blast pizza … or flying saucer, as they call it at Future Diner.

151.) Shevaun Restaurant – CHECK! (in limbo) -closed

152.) Hawker Singapore Station/SG Sambal Filipino Hawker – CHECK! (photo) (menu)

153.) Whitemoon Bar and Grill – CHECK! (Yes, they serve lunch now – starting June 8, 2015! Weee!) (UPDATE: Lunchtime opening closed for now)

154.) Coffee Matters  – CHECK! (UPDATE 01/20/2016: Used to be in SN Oriental building across from Teachers Camp. They’ve since moved to Porta Vaga Sky Zone, where the old Paliz’ Zata) was.

155.) The Kitchen – CHECK! (photo)

156.) Kebab Konner – CHECK! (photo) (menu) -closed

157.) Bag-iw Euro Foods & Steakhouse – CHECK! (photo) (menu)

158.) Burger Hut – CHECK!

159.) Always Bean Cafe – CHECK! (photo)

160.) Noodle King Eatery – CHECK!

161.) Tanapew Cafe – CHECK! Renamed to … eek, I just remember cowboy boots on the sign. *hihi (menu)

162.) IhawJuan Grill and Eat All You Can – CHECK!

163.) Quesadilla Queen – CHECK!

164.) Ummason Korean Restaurant – CHECK! (menu) (menu 2019)

165.) Jade Noodle House – CHECK! (menu) -closed

166.) Majic Oven – CHECK! (menu)

167.) Kalye – CHECK! (photo)

168.) Coffee House – CHECK!

169.) Chef Dudung – CHECK! (photo) (menu)

170.) Pandora’s Box Tavern Cafe – CHECK!

171.) Moe’s Outrageous Resto Deli – CHECK!

172.) Cafe @ Atrium – CHECK!

173.) The Coffee Library – CHECK! (menu)

174.) Chef Andrew’s One Piece Restaurant – CHECK!

175.) Fish & Chips London Style – CHECK! (photo) (menu) (menu 2018)

176.) Raduno Cafe and Resto – CHECK! (menu)

177.) The Sandwich Guy – CHECK! (menu)

178.) Manpiyaan Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

179.) Masa Mexitalian Grub – CHECK! (photo) -closed

180.) Red Rustikz – CHECK! (menu) (menu 2017)

Baguio Kubong Sawali khamoo-khamoo 2017

Kubong Sawali khamoo-khamoo


181.) Manduto at Pinewoods Golf & Country Club – CHECK!

182.) Chopping Burgh – CHECK! (photo) (menu)

183.) Sucrecielo – CHECK! (menu)

184.) Garahe (Open only on weekends) – CHECK!

185.) Stash Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

186.) Leaven Cafe – CHECK! (menu) -closed

187.) Red Elephant Food Hut

188.) Pizza by Hygge Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

189.) ChEAT Day Resto – CHECK!

190.) 27 Sandwich – CHECK! (menu)

191.) Alexandria Arabian Greco and Himalayan Cuisine – CHECK! -closed

192.) The Garden Diner – CHECK! (menu)

193.) BabaChon Lechon – CHECK!

194.) Soup District – CHECK! (menu)

195.) Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna – CHECK! (menu 2018)

196.) Blue Tent Burgers and Shake – CHECK! (menu 2018)

197.) Sessions Gallery Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

198.) Che Figata Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

199.) Studio Coffee House – CHECK! (menu)

200.) Rise & Brew Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

201.) Beans N Mugs – CHECK!

202.) Pre-Tea Bell Cafe and Restaurant – CHECK! (menu) (menu 2018) 

203.) Shoriken Ramen and Buffet Minesview – CHECK!

204.) Firewood Pizzeria – CHECK! (menu)

205.) Drop Out – CHECK!

206.) Cafe Kayman and Little Nibblers – CHECK! (menu)

207.) Nevada Square Restaurants

  • I Piatti Cafe – CHECK!
  • Kwento Cafe – CHECK! (menu)
  • Trever’s Cafe
  • Auntie Palace Scoop Sarap
  • Phylasso

208.) Chef Restaurant – CHECK! (Indian/Pakistani Food)

209.) Daddy Chief – CHECK! (menu)

210.) Sisigan and Lechon de Rollo Nation & TACK Mexican Grill Station – CHECK! (menu)

Baguio Blue Tent ribs and potato salad 2016

More than scrumptious tower burgers and refreshing strawberry mint shakes, Blue Tent serves a transcendental barbeque ribs and potato salad combo on the weekends.

211.) Kalye Uno

212.) Kobe Cafe – CHECK!

213.) Sessions Hub Cafe – CHECK! (menu) … replaced by Wings & Butterflies Cafe/Resto

214.) Ze Creamery – CHECK!

215.) BZA HomeArts Cafe – CHECK!

216.) Il Padrino Caffe+Ristorante – CHECK! (Pre-opening goings on photos here)

217.) Naruto Japanese Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

218.) Riprap Restobar – CHECK! (menu)

219.) Decades Asian Fusion and After Hours Joint – CHECK!

220.) Calle Uno Food Hub

  • Road Grille
  • Munchiez Food Truck
  • Pendong Food Bug
  • BrrGrr
  • Binge Beetle (coming soon)

221.) Calsada Bistro – CHECK! (menu)

222.) Road Trip Kitchen and Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

223.) Goldfish Brew & Brew – CHECK! (menu)

224.) Pause Bistro

225.) Plugged Cafe

226.) Windows Cafe

227.) Food Hive

228.) Ih Mah Sen

229.) Juthoms Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

230.) Daily Wok Food Express – CHECK! (menu)

231.) Hug-A-Mug Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

232.) 8Tea9 Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

233.) Pepper Strings

234.) 8workers Burger

235.) Mikphad Abagtha Cafe

236.) Honeylime

237.) Joie de Vivre – CHECK! (menu)

238.) Le Vain – CHECK! (menu)

239.) Cocina del Sol – CHECK! (pre-opening offering)

240.) Teareals Tea+Cereals+Boutique – CHECK! (menu) Moved to Stone Terrace Lodge.

Baguio Yasuragi Japanese Cuisine coffee jelly and vanilla ice cream 2017

Yasuragi Japanese Cuisine‘s coffee jelly and vanilla ice cream

241.) Subo – CHECK! (menu)

242.) SMAK Asian Crossover – CHECK! (menu)

243.) Garcia’s Kape, Tinapay, Atbp. – CHECK! (menu) (menu 2019)

244.) The Unicorn Dream Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

245.) Chives Bistro Cafe – CHECK! (UPDATE 11/08/2017: Moved to Veniz Hotel in Session) (menu)

246.) Windmills Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

247.) Milano’s Pizza, Pasta and Pastries – CHECK! (menu)

248.) Pudgy Pudding – CHECK! (menu)

249.) Cafe – CHECK!

250.) Coffee & Pine – CHECK!

251.) Xianghe Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

252.) Kanzen Sushi Roll Baguio – CHECK! (more on delivery but they do have a small dining area at their store)

253.) Vincent’s Place – CHECK!

254.) Overtones Ito – CHECK! (menu)

255.) Shahi Qila House of Kebab and Biryani Pakistani Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

256.) Perryn’s Patisserie & Cafe – CHECK! (menu) Renamed to Kiva Han II Coffee House

257.) R & B Cafe and Library (Read and Brew) – CHECK! (menu) (photo)

258.) La Hiraya Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

259.) Rock’n Woods Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

260.) Baguio Beans Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

261.) Cholo’s Gastro Park

  • Asian Spice – CHECK! (menu)
  • Staple Filipino Comfort Food – CHECK! (menu)
  • Booze Belly – (menu)
  • Grill 360
  • Taco x Wings – CHECK! (menu)
  • Above Sea Level

262.) Half & Half Kitchen and Pub Nepalese and Filipino Restaurant (menu)

263.) Papa Fares Arabian Food – CHECK! (menu)

264.) Pastel Cafe 

265.) Green Bites Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

266.) Zi Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

267.) Yes Pho – CHECK! (menu) (menu 2019)

268.) Crossroad Puzzle Interactive Lounge/Board Game Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

269.) Bliss Wellness Indian Curry House Baguio – CHECK! (menu)

270.) Blends Coffee Shop – CHECK! (menu)

271.) What’s Up Duck Cafe & Resto – CHECK! (menu) (menu 2018)

272.) Recess Resto Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

273.) Osakaya Korean & Japanese Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

274.) Yasuragi Japanese Cuisine Baguio – CHECK! (menu)

275.) Zax’s House of Chicken and Waffles – CHECK! (menu) (menu 2019)

276.) J’s Loft – CHECK! (menu)

277.) Blaqk Bite Street Bistro – CHECK! (menu)

278.) Eat Has Vegan – CHECK! ((menu)

279.) Rewind Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

280.) Juicy Chix

281.) Destiny Cafe and Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

282.) Runway83 Restaurant

283.) Cinnamon Bakeshop Baguio – CHECK! (menu)

284.) Veneer Resto Cafe – CHECK!

285.) Inihaws – CHECK! (menu)

286.) Country Diner – CHECK! (menu) Moved to La Trinidad as Norfolk Diner

287.) Fork ‘n Dagger – CHECK!

288.) Bow and Whiskers Hello Kitty Cafe/Kitty Shake and Bake – CHECK (photo) (menu) (menu 2018)

289.) Peak Garden Bistro – CHECK!

290.) New Nashville and Korean Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

291.) Anidu Cordilleran Bistro – CHECK! (menu) (menu 2018)

292.) Ali’s Biryani Spot

293.) SH Alharameen Arabic Food – CHECK! (menu)

294.) Jamil Kebab House Halal – CHECK! (menu)

295.) Garnish Foodpark -closed

  • Cafe Tribu
  • Omoni’s Kitchen – CHECK!  (menu)
  • Bagnetipid – CHECK!  (menu)
  • Lucky J Shawarma
  • Bente Log Corner/Gorio Sisig/Buko Madness – CHECK!  (menu)
  • E99 Food Station
  • Macie Pancit Batil Patong
  • Mixed Plates Wraps and Sandwiches

296.) Wings x Beer x etc.

297.) Fla4ors Coffee Shop – CHECK! (menu)

298.) Porch Lechon and Batchoy Haus – CHECK!

299.) Samira’s Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

300.) Tratorria Picarre – CHECK! (photo) (menu)

Baguio Dalikan Food Terminal 2019

Dalikan Food Terminal etag … on fire

301.) Lala Zeetee Confectionery – CHECK! (menu)

302.) Samgyeop Pocha – CHECK! (menu)

303.) Cinco Antonio’s Bistro – CHECK! (menu)

304.) Vier Cafe – CHECK!  (menu)

305.) Station 120 (Bonifacio/Magsaysay branch) – CHECK! 

306.) Sweet Stop cassava cakes, cupcakes and more – CHECK! (menu)

307.) Inihaw Republic – CHECK! (menu)

309.) Takai Yama – CHECK! (menu)

309.) Illengan Slack Off Cafe – CHECK!  (menu) (menu 2019)

310.) Koki Nonky – CHECK!

311.) Bakuran Cafe and Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

312.) Zhong Guo Si Chuan Restaurant – CHECK!

313.) Jaime’s Family Feast – CHECK! (menu) (photo)

314.) Kyu.Bar.B Garden Grill – CHECK! (menu)

315.) Rumah Sate Food Community 

316.) Iray’s Kapetearia – CHECK! (menu)

317.) All Day Exotic Grill and Restaurant 

318.) The Fat Belly Project – CHECK! (photo)

319.) Little Leigh Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

320.) Cafe Corazon – CHECK! (menu)

321.) Kiva Han II Coffee House – CHECK! (menu)

322.) Studio Cafe at PhotoTech – CHECK! (menu)

323.) Green Smoothie – CHECK! (menu)

324.) Yellie’s Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

325.) APOni Bayosa Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

326.) Doya Jokbal Bossam … replaced Le Vain Legarda – CHECK! (menu)

327.) Nare Samgyeopsal Buffet – CHECK! (menu)

328.) Bella Marie Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

329.) Kashmir Biryani Cafa (Halal Foods) – CHECK! (menu) (Whoopsies, forgot to put this on the list but it’s already on a menu post from three years ago. We just got to check it off recently after a long time away from the 88 store in Abanao. =b)

330.) Generation Y Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

331.) Elshabab Restaurant (Araby Restaurant) – CHECK! (menu) (updated menu)

332.) Swage Cafe and Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

333.) Street 77 Cofeteria Galleria – CHECK! (menu)

334.) Potato Giant – CHECK! (menu)

335.) Creffin’s Bakery – CHECK! (menu)

336.) Meal Lab – CHECK! (menu)

337.) Sa-Wrapped Sunset Resto – CHECK! (menu)

338.) Pig Cup Coffee Shop – CHECK! (menu)

339.) Wings & Butterflies Cafe/Resto

340.) Amohosein Food & Beverages, Iranian Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

341.) Kyoudai Japanese Cuisine – CHECK! (menu)

342.) Grillers BBQ House – CHECK! (menu)

343.) Potenciana Avenue (Arca’s Yard’s sister resto) – CHECK! (menu)

344.) Maccan Bistro – CHECK! (menu)

345.) Thuy Food House: Taste of Vietnam and Drinks – CHECK! (menu)

346.) Koresto K Flavors samgyeopsal buffet

347.) The Blind Filter and Kitchen – CHECK! (menu)

348.) Sittie’s Fil-Korean Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

349.) Dalikan Taste Asia – CHECK!

350.) Food Park

  • Eat’s Johnny – CHECK! (menu)
  • El Mehikano – CHECK! (menu)
  • Frozen Mountains – CHECK! (menu)
  • Hanggop Kayu – CHECK! (menu)
  • Heaven’s Grill and Burger – CHECK! (menu)
  • Mang Bolex – CHECK! (menu)

351.) Loop by Canto

352.) Homie’s Milk Tea & Takoyaki – CHECK!

353.) Bellyful Seafood & Snacks

354.) Igorots Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

355.) Maeve Cafe at Ililikha Artist Center (No reservation needed here) – CHECK! (menu)

356.) The Terminal

357.) Qilla Restaurant – CHECK!

358.) Eleven O3 Kitchenette

359.) Zaxxun Robot Cafe

Baguio Cantinetta tartufo

Cantinetta tartufo pasta

CAMP JOHN HAY (CJH) – Mile Hi Center/Filling Station/Ayala Technohub BAGUIO EATS

1.) Strawberries and Ice Cream – CHECK!

2.) Filling Station establishments (Shakey’s, Hot Shots -closed, KA) – CHECK!

3.) Choco-Late De Batirol – CHECK! (Filipino Food)

4.) Cantinetta – CHECK! (Italian Cuisine) ~

5.) House of Waffles – CHECK! -closed

6.) Little John’s – CHECK!

7.) Everything Nice – CHECK!

8.) Tender Joe’s Steakhouse – CHECK!

9.) Mr. Bean Café/Lavazza Coffee – CHECK!

10.) Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe (FiC) – CHECK!

11.) Sumo Sam – CHECK!

12.) Carlos Pizza – CHECK! … Oh my. So sorry, I forgot to put this in the collection of CJH Mile Hi Center blog. -closed 

13.) Hai Dan Chinese Restaurant – CHECK!

14.) Pizza Volante – CHECK!

15.) Hill Station Bistro – CHECK! (photo) (menu)

16.) Kung Fu Kitchen – CHECK!

17.) Melt Bistro (US Angus beef, panizza, salmon) – CHECK!

18.) Tapa King – CHECK! (menu)

19.) Munchtown – CHECK! (menu)

Baguio Dinelli Gourmet The Lobby at Le Monet Hotel eggs benedict

Dinelli Gourmet at Le Monet Hotel eggs Benedict in the breakfast buffet


1.) Burnham Hotel – Leaf – CHECK!  -closed 

2.) Veniz Hotel

3.) Hotel Supreme

4.) Forest House Bed and Breakfast – Forest House Bistro and Cafe – CHECK! ~

5.) Casa Vallejo – Hill Station – CHECK! ~

6.) PNKY Bed and Breakfast – CHECK! -closed, changed to La Casa Bianca Bed and Breakfast

7.) Chaya Bed and Breakfast – Chaya Japanese Restaurant – CHECK! (Japanese Cuisine) ~

8.) Safari Lodge – Hunter’s Bar and Restaurant – CHECK! *

9.) Golden Pine Hotel – CHECK!

10.) El Cielito – Voyager Restaurant – CHECK!

11.) Mines View Hotel

12.) City Travel Hotel – Gecko Restaurant – CHECK! *

13.) Burnham Suites – Sunflower Cafe – CHECK!

14.) Eurotel – CHECK! *

15.) Summer Place Hotel 

  •  View Deck – CHECK! * -closed
  • Rubia Restaurant – CHECK! *

16.) Ridgewood Residences – CHECK!

17.) Villa Cordillera

18.) Cordillera Inn – CHECK! … Renamed to Highland Villa

19.) Heritage Mansion Hotel

20.) Iggy’s Inn

21.) Albergo Hotel

  • Gustaeu’s – CHECK! … now known as Daysyn’s Bistro and moved inside Albergo
  • Senju – CHECK! * -closed … escaped from my food for thought wrath. =))
  • Senju (The new owner just moved in, maintained the resto digs and the resto name, but they serve Korean cuisine now, not Japanese, we’ll see how this one fares one of these days.) (UPDATE 05/20/2014 -closed. Space taken over by a Size Matter’s Baguio branch that opened in 05/26/2015).
  • Cookout by Size Matters – CHECK! (menu)
  • Roadhouse Barn Restaurant – CHECK! 
  • Bato Bato Plate – CHECK!
  • Daysyn’s Bistro  (menu)
  • Grindosetamp Cafe – CHECK! (menu)
  • Nainer’s Diner

22.) South Drive Manor

23.) Chalet – Dulcinea – CHECK! (UPDATE 08/17/2015: Moved to University Belt building)

24.) Azalea Residences

25.) Le Monet – Dinelli Gourmet – CHECK! ~

26.) Mount Tepeyac Residences – Arharn Thai – CHECK! -closed and replaced by an Ebai’s branch.

27.) Villa La Maja – CHECK!

28.) Prince Plaza Hotel – CHECK! *

29.) Citylight Hotel

30.) Baguio Country Club (BCC)

2015-06-11 Baguio Cafe de Angelo II Coffee Bar at St. Patrick Village bacon bundle sandwich bacon wrapped sandwich

Cafe de Angelo  bacon bundle sandwich

31.) The Manor

  • Le Chef – CHECK! ~
  • Piano Bar – CHECK!

32.) Microtel – Te Quiero Tapas Bar and Restaurant – CHECK! MSG-free

33.) Bloomfield Hotel

34.) Pines View Hotel

35.) Baguio Palace Hotel

36.) The Gallery – CHECK! -closed … replaced by 181 R&B

37.) Mile Hi Inn

38.) Hotel Elizabeth

  • Flora Cafe
  • Bliss Cafe – CHECK! % MSG-free -closed

39.) Jack’s Grand View (Asenso na si Manong Jack, ah. hihi)

  • Glass House Restaurant – CHECK! Jack’s branch here is closed since the hotel has been turned into a condo. Not sure if another eating place will open here.

40.) Baden Powell Inn – Bam Benny – CHECK!  -closed

41.) City Center Hotel – Beans Talk – CHECK!

42.) C Boutique Hotel

43.) Starwood Hotel (beside it *hihi) – Jji Gu Mi – CHECK! 

44.) Crown Legacy Hotel – Cafe Royale – CHECK!

45.) Forest Lodge

  • Twist – CHECK!
  • Coffee Stains – CHECK! (menu)

46.) Cosmopolitan Hotel – G and C Cafe – CHECK!

47.) High Point Boutique Inn and Restaurant – CHECK!

48.) Hotel Caterina – Acapulco (Mexican Cuisine)

49.) LeFern Hotel I

50.) La Casa Bianca Bed and Breakfast (the old PNKY) – CHECK!

51.) Megatower Residences

52.) Newtown Square Plaza Hotel

53.) Gardenville Hotel

54.) Villa Romana – The Flower Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

55.) Pine Country Steaks and Waffles – CHECK!

56.) Inn Rocio – La Parilla Cafe and Grill – CHECK!

57.) Palazzo d’Bliss Hotel (UPDATE 04/04/2016: Renamed to Marian Palazz Hotel)

  • Index Coffee Books Gifts – CHECK! (UPDATE 03/28/2016: Index moved to Marian Kisad Hotel)
  • Bearsi Korean Pot Pasta – CHECK! (menu)

58.) St. Patrick Village

59.) Venus Parkview Hotel – Olive Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

60.) Hotel Elegant – King Dynasty Restaurant and Bakeshop

Baguio Outlook Steak and Grill at Grand Sierra Pines Hotel sous vide marinated flank steak

Outlook Steak & Grill at Grand Sierra Pines Hotel sous vide marinated flank steak with mashed potatoes and French beans and cherry tomatoes

61.) Grand Sierra Pines

62.) Marian Kisad Hotel – Index Coffee Books Gifts – CHECK! (photo)

63.) De Javu Bed and Breakfast – Spoon & Stone Restaurant Cafe – CHECK!

64.) Kamiseta Hotel Baguio – Vanilla Cupcake Bakery Cafe – CHECK!

65.) Ritz Legarda – CHECK!

66.) Outlook Ridge Residences – Cafe Adriana by Hill Station – CHECK! (menu)

67.) LeFern Hotel II – The Nook Kitchen & Pub – CHECK!

68.) Camp Riverside – Cafe Orilla 

69.) Robert’s Ville Condo – Domingo’s Cafe and Grill

70.) Pinewood Place Cafe and Transients

71.) The Artisan’s Resto Inn

72.) Old Orangewood Bed and Breakfast

73.) V Hotel Apartel – Quoted Cafe – CHECK!

74.) Bed and Bath at Station 120

75.) The Podium Boutique Hotel – Hoka Brew – CHECK! (menu)

76.) Ibay Zion Hotel – Korean Manor Buffet (Grill and Shabu-shabu) – CHECK!

77.) Hotel Veniz Session Road

  •  Chives Eat n Share Bistro – CHECK! -closed … replaced by Delight N Savor
  • Wicked Snow – CHECK!
  • Delight N Savor – CHECK!

78.) Elmar Cabin and Cafe – CHECK!  (menu)

79.) Stone Terrace Lodge – San Agi Bistro and Teareals – CHECK! (menu)

80.) Bahay Hignaw Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

81.) Highland Villa

  • Seareniabay Cafe – CHECK!(menu)

82.) HOY! (House of Yogurt Lover) – CHECK! (menu)

83.) Holiday Inn – Lamisaan Dining and Bar – CHECK! (menu)

84.) G1 Lodge – Raincoat Coffee – CHECK! (menu) (menu 2019)

85.) Aura One Hotel – CHECK! (menu)

86.) Tayaw Lodge – Sewell’s Old World Enterprises/Sewell’s Old World Delicatessen – CHECK! (menu)

87.) 3Bu Hostel – J’s Liquid Black Cafe – CHECK! (menu)

88.) The Orchard Hotel Baguio – King Chef Dimsum Kitchen – CHECK! (menu)

89.) Mountain Lodge

  • Miwishayu A Good Burger – CHECK! (menu)
  • The Cozy Cove – CHECK! (menu)

90.) Sunset View Ridge Residences/Bed and Breakfast -CHECK!

91.) New Urban Hotel – Haru Let’s Eat – CHECK! (menu)

92.) Travelite Hotel Legarda – Abacus Seafood Restaurant – CHECK! (menu)

Baguio Mama's Table seafood course

Mama’s Table seafood course


1.) Chef’s Home – CHECK! ~  Moved back to No.13 Outlook Drive (Apollo Store)

2.) Eve’s Garden – CHECK! ~ %

3.) Mama’s Table – CHECK! ~ (Please advise Chef Vicky if anyone in your group has any allergy, health or diet restrictions, no-no’s, “don’t eat”, etc. so she can make the necessary adjustments to your menu.)

4.) Le Coq Bleu – CHECK!

5.) Master’s Garden – CHECK! ~ MSG-free

6.) Arca’s Yard – CHECK! 

7.) Foggy Mountain Cookhouse – CHECK!

8.) Cafe in the Sky – CHECK! (UPDATE 02/28/2016: Moved this cafe to this category because since the Writ of Kalikasan implementation on La Presa, visitors up to Mt. Cabuyao, Santo Tomas are being stopped at the police outpost and being prevented from going up the mountain. Cafe in the Sky is still and has always been OPEN TO SERVE. Please MAKE A RESERVATION with the cafe so that they know you’re coming and can come for you at the checkpoint just in case you are stopped.)

9.) Le Coq Floral (a branch of Le Coq Bleu) – CHECK!

10.) Chef Didier’s Table – CHECK! MSG-free

11.) Cocina del Sol dine-in by reservation – CHECK!  (pre-opening offering(menu)

12.) Maeve Cafe at Lucia’s Bed and Breakfast – CHECK! %

13.) Venus Garden Restaurant

14.) Uncle Matt Sewell’s Old Country Store and Restaurant, Foodie Saturdays (till December 2018)  

2016-04-16 Baguio Foggy Mountain Cookhouse crispy squid fries

Crispy squid fries by (by reservation) Foggy Mountain Cookhouse … from one of the visits we’ve since raked in after our first visit in 2015. #addictedtoFoggyMountainCookhousedishes




351 responses to “♣♣ The Baguio Restaurant List ♣♣”

  1. XiNE says :

    Kanzen Sushi Roll feature together with other good eats by delivery in Baguio (Julie’s Homemade Palabok atbp, Mum n’ Hub Kitchen, La Dolce Minis by Kyle mini cheesecakes and Anchorwheel Bistro pizza) published today. (“,)

  2. XiNE says :

    Shahi Qila Pakistani Restaurant checked off from our list today. Adding Indian Curry House Baguio and soon to open What’s Up Duck and Baguio’s very own Ramen Nagi branch. (“,)

  3. XiNE says :

    Menu post on newly opened restaurants (Blends Coffee Shop, Bliss Wellness Indian Curry House, Crossroad Puzzle: Interactive Lounge, Hot Cat Specialty Coffee, Hug-A-Mug Cafe, Shahi Qila House of Kebab and Biryani, Xianghe Restaurant, and Windmills) published today. (“,)

  4. XiNE says :

    With The Old Spaghetti House Baguio branch also known as TOSH moving to a wider and snazzier space, we got ourselves a refresher food fest in their offering. Weee! Thanks, TOSH! (“,)

  5. XiNE says :

    Finally got to check off Raduno (board game) Cafe and Resto from our list. Wee! (“,)

  6. XiNE says :

    Is it because people are avoiding the ghost month? They’re opening well before the 22nd. Hhmmm.

    Adding Bed and Bath at Station 120, seen from our early morning walk yesterday. Whozah. So many places to eat at in food trip city, Baguio City! (“,)

  7. XiNE says :

    Extreme! Eager beaver resto finder, Sir Dan, I can’t keep up! I have yet to check off EZPZ Cafe, Pastel Cafe and many more from your email of Baguio restaurant discoveries. Shyeew! Thank you, Sir! (“,)

  8. XiNE says :

    Menu loaded post, from Osakaya Korean & Japanese Restaurant, Perryn’s Patisserie and Cafe, R&B Cafe and Library, Raduno Cafe and Resto, Senyor Juan Suman Latik, What’s Up Duck Cafe and Resto; Frappe and Milk Tea, Dimsum Temple, Sip Fries, Heaven’s Hamburger; Half & Half Kitchen and Pub Nepalese and Filipino Cuisine, Zax’s House of Chicken and Waffles published today. (“,)

  9. XiNE says :

    Got a sneak peek of Cocina del Sol smoked meats, checked off ChiQueen and Food Hub. (“,)

  10. biryani says :

    new restaurant,
    Biryani kebab, Afghani Pakistani foods, Baguio center mall top floor.

  11. XiNE says :

    Blaqk Bite Street Bistro and Eat Has Vegan Restaurant added to the list. Blaqk checked off already. (“,)

  12. XiNE says :

    Adding Rewind Cafe that’s soon to open as well as Juicy Chix, and Destiny Cafe and Restaurant, another find by our eager beaver, Sir Dan. Thank you, Sir! (“,)

  13. XiNE says :

    Adding Runway83 Restaurant at Arc Residences to our list. (“,)

  14. XiNE says :

    Veneer resto and Country Diner, more Sir Dan finds, added to the list as well as Inihaws. (“,)

  15. XiNE says :

    Saw a tarp advertising Fork ‘n Dagger restaurant around where I live. Adding to the list now because our foodie friend Aya confirmed to me where it actually is. Another one to check off … methinks it’s going to be a busy chompin’ weekend for me. Prospects on the docket: Country Diner, Rewind Cafe and this. (“,)

  16. XiNE says :

    Spa de El Minero & Coffee Shop, Peak Garden Bistro, Ali’s Biryani Spot, SH Alharameen Arabic Food added to our list. (“,)

  17. XiNE says :

    Added as well as checked off Anidu Cordilleran Bistro. (“,)

  18. XiNE says :

    Rustic Box Steak and Wine House discovered by eatsplorer Jo, checked off today. (“,)

  19. XiNE says :

    Lots of Indian/Arabian food joints added to the list recently. Ali’s Biryani Spot, SH Alharameen Arabic Food, and Jamil Kebab House Halal

    New food community opening its doors to Baguio’s dining public soon. Garnish Foodpark with stores named It’s Fryday and It’s Fritten. *hihi Adding Wings x Beer x etc to the list, too. All eager beaver Sir Dan finds. Thank you, Sir!

    Fla4ors Coffee Shop offering 200 different flavors for coffee also added to our list. (“,)

  20. XiNE says :

    Chanced up Baguio’s very own Hello Kitty cafe named Bows and Whiskers Cafe recently and adding Hoka Brew Cafe as The Podium Boutique Hotel’s inhouse restaurant (find by our eager beaver, Sir Dan). (“,)

  21. XiNE says :

    Plakafe is the new restaurant in Baguio’s first Le Fern Hotel branch. It’s 181 R&B reinvented. We didn’t make it to their opening day when all the menu items were half priced but still had a great time their second day of operations. (“,)

  22. Girlie Azarias says :

    Just want to inform that O Dong Tong Samgyeopsal House has moved to 115 Rainbow Building, Naguilian Road, just a few steps away from St. Vincent Church.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Girlie Azarias! Thank you so much for the information! Congratulations on the move of O Dong Tong Sampgyeopsal House. More power! (“,)

  23. XiNE says :

    Adding Grindosetamp Cafe, Daysyn’s Bistro and Elmar Cabin Cafe to our Baguio restaurant list. (“,)

  24. XiNE says :

    Koki Nonky and Zhong Gou Si Chuan Restaurant added to the list, as well as Bakuran Cafe which is also checked off. Ohh, I’d like another one of that soupfles (soup souffle) for these chilly holiday days. (“,)

  25. XiNE says :

    Got word from foodie friend Aya that Takai Yama is already open. We’ll check them out soon. Now, we’re only waiting on Jimmy’s Family Feast to open their doors to the dining public. (“,)

  26. XiNE says :

    Wicked Snow makes it to Baguio. Added to the list and yes, you know it, to be checked off soon … particularly on a warm day. Thanks for the heads up, Sir Dan! (“,)

  27. XiNE says :

    Rumah Sate returns! Added in a new number to our long Baguio restaurant list. We’ll check out their new place soon. Thank you for the heads up, Ms. Shane.

  28. XiNE says :

    Not only is Rumah Sate back, it’s back with a food community. In the same building are Chops and Herbs Continental Restaurant and soon to open Rancho Norte. Wee! (“,)

  29. XiNE says :

    San Agi Kitchen at Stone Terrace Lodge, where Teareals is now too, added and checked off the list. Bahay Hignaw Cafe added as per Sir Dan finds. (“,)

  30. XiNE says :

    Feature on the new Rumah Sate and the budding food community in their “house” is up now. Editing Jimmy’s Family Feast to Jaime’s Family Feast which has finally opened its doors recently. You know it, we’ll check that off soon. Happy Chinese New Year, my foodie friends! (“,)

  31. XiNE says :

    Recent additions to our Baguio restaurant list: Iray’s Kapetearia, All Day Exotic Grill, The Fat Belly Project steaks and ribs buffet, and Maeve Cafe. Whoa, Baguio City, food trip city! (“,)

  32. XiNE says :

    Menu post is up on Cinco Antonio’s Bistro, Ersao Taiwanese Restaurant, Kyu.Barb.B Grill, La Hiraya Cafe, Muahcky’s Bistro, TBC Elena’s Restaurant and Bar, Tito Nick’s. Adding to the list Little Leigh Cafe. (“,)

  33. XiNE says :

    Argg, so annoying that I can’t eatsplore at the moment. Highland Villa Searenia Bay mermaid resto, HOY [House of (Yolo) Yogurt Lover], and Holiday Inn’s Lamisaan Dining and Bar, Nare Samgyeopsal Buffet, are waiting and I’m giddy to try but geez, schedule isn’t permitting. I hope I’m done with stuff when Choobi Choobi Seafood opens their doors.

    Thanks to Sir Albert and Chef Kevin of Ozark, we got to check of Doya Jokbal Bossam and three weeks house arrest was broken if only for a short time. (“,)

  34. XiNE says :

    So so far, we’ve checked off G1 Lodge’s inhouse resto, Raincoat Coffee; Nare Samgyeopsal Buffet, HOY – House of Yogurt Lover in the past few days. Adding Bella Marie Cafe, another find by our eager beaver foodie friend, Sir Dan. Thankies for that, Sir. (“,)

  35. XiNE says :

    Apo ni Bayosa Cafe, checked off when the rain let up for a little bit and now adding Villa Romana’s new inhouse resto, The Flower Cafe that recently soft opened. Gosh, wish the sun would shine soon. This rain is so lethargy inducing, I don’t want to move or go out for a month now. Shyeew. (“,)

  36. XiNE says :

    Adding what we’ve recently seen – Uncle Matt’s Sewell Old World Enterprise, Maccan Bistro, 3Bu Hostel’s J’s Liquid Black Cafe and checked off since I’ve been out of commission from posts in this food blog – Arca’s Yard’s sister resto Potenciana Avenue, Amohosein Iranian Restaurant, Grillers BBQ House, Delight N Savor which replaced Chives (*wahuhuhu) etc. (“,)

  37. XiNE says :

    Checked off King Chef Dimsum Kitchen at Orchard Hotel. Koresto K Flavors samgyeopsal buffet restaurant and The Blind Filter added to our long, long list. (“,)

  38. XiNE says :

    New Urban Hotel and Sunset View Ridge Residences has in house restaurants so into our Baguio restaurant list, they go. (“,)

  39. XiNE says :

    The post is up for Sunset View Ridge Residences, B&B, restaurant. Naexcite. (“,)

  40. XiNE says :

    First post of the year 2019: Dalikan Taste Asia Food Terminal, checked off and blogged. (“,)

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