Blogger Food Explorers

What can I say, everyone loves good food.  (“,)

Here are some of my blogger friends who turn out to be food questers, too.  You might also like to see how the food adventure is going on their end.

13 responses to “Blogger Food Explorers”

  1. Aris says :

    Hi, thanks for the adding me in your blogroll. 🙂

  2. XiNE says :

    Eatsploring, discovering and living, what a merry group we are. *hihi You’re in on this too, vigilant222! (“,)

  3. Irish John Leido says :

    hi i’m planning to go in baguio can you advice me some good spot but cheap restaurants. .thanks :0

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Irish John! The places with the most affordable eats can be found in this category: There’s also Beggang Resto Grill, Canto at The Ketchup Food Community, etc.

      It really depends on what your budget is, though. Hopefully, the menus i’ve posted per restaurant feature post will help you. Scroll away, you might find something that strikes your fancy and fits our specifications. Happy eatsploring on your visit! (“,)

  4. XiNE says :

    Thanks for the like to this post, Shayne! The other two foodie blogging friends are in the process of upgrading their sites, they’ll be up and running soon, so you can also have another take on the Baguio food adventure. (“,)

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