Sit-Down at Alfoncito’s Place: An A1 Experience

Potential hang-outs have been springing up like mushrooms in the past few days. (That’s right, days.)  There was this milk tea shop, that milk tea shop, and a restaurant reinvented.  Before I heard about all of these however, my sister gave me the heads up about Alfoncito’s Place.

I was still in the process of planning a trip to Kisad Road to check this new Baguio resto out when Maam Gracie called on her ‘angels’ (just so you know, that’s Ane, Sam, and me now =b) to give them a try.

inside Alfoncito's Place Baguio

EDY lower ground floor, version Alfoncito’s!

Located in the lower ground level of EDY building, I was amazed at the transformation of P3’s old office.  From cold, serious, corporate looking and drab to a place with snazz =); I started thinking back on the qualities of the perfect hangout.

Alfoncito's Place Baguio business hours

  • Comfy, cozy – Check!

Pick a table, any table, by the wall, in the corner, in the middle, sit down and get settled.  If the place had ambient lighting, something with a yellowish hue for added ‘warmth’ and maybe a few diner booths, it would look even more comfy and more cozy … but THIS is already pretty awesome.  Kudos, Maico designers! \m/

  • Quiet and intimate – Check!

Alfoncito’s is not in town but neither is it on the outskirts.  With the hospital and a few hotels nearby, there’s still some traffic in and around EDY.  Pick a table, any table, in front of the counter, in the dark-ish corner and sit down … you’d even only get a single bar of a signal here (that didn’t change from our P3 office days *heeharhar) so it’s like hanging a Do Not Disturb sign on your phone. Alfoncito’s Place makes for a great dining hideaway (for dates, catching up with friends, and family bonding).

Alfoncito's Place Baguio menu and treats

The menu and some sweet munchies to pair with your coffee. *click photo for larger view of the menu

  • Food! Glorious food! (and refreshing drinks, too) – Check!

Whether you’re looking for a heavy meal to power up your day or if you’re just enjoying the end of a busy one with a small snack, together with family and friends, there’s lots of foodstuff and yes, drink stuff to choose from at Alfoncito’s.  So much so that they change their menu every week.  It’s only the best sellers that stay on (naturally). ^^,

Alfoncito's Place Baguio pasta Alfredo with bbq spareribs and mashed potato

Creamy and cheesy pasta Alfredo with outstandingly tender (no cutting effort, like a hot knife through butter) BBQ spareribs and smooth au naturel mashed potato. =D

Alfoncito's Place Baguio penne in fresh tomato sauce with roasted chicken

Filling, filling penne in zingy fresh tomato sauce with herb-y roasted chicken (Is it just me, or is that piece of chicken heart-shaped to you, too? =b)

Although you don’t really see it in the photos, Alfoncito meals come in huge servings that can be shared by two (or in this case, even 3.5 individuals).  For both plates of best sellers, the aroma that hovered over our table was so enticing.  Hearing that everything served in this establishment is freshly made with the best ingredients  (by Maam Marivic) made us want to get ‘working’ with our forks and knives tout de suite.  *nomnomnom (Note: No spoons here, guys, and no budget rice meals, either. Sir Mark told us that the name, Alfoncito, his dad’s (nick)name, means little Italian.  No spoons/rice meals makes more sense now, doesn’t it? =D)

Alfoncito's Place Baguio smoothies tropical twister, strawberry creme, banana split deluxe

The Tres Marias smoothies. ^^,

Of the smoothie selection, I picked tropical twister.  Made with banana, papaya, orange juice and lime, I so had a tropics feel going through the straw and then through me drinking this. It brought up images in my mind of sunny summer days (meanwhile, it was pouring like mad outside *shyeew).

Strawberry creme was Sam‘s pick and banana split deluxe was Ane‘s and her lil’ man, Lucas’. For how these other smoothies tasted, you’ll have to get it from the horse’s mouth – click on their names for their take on not only their refreshments but also on the whole Alfoncito’s Place experience.

Alfoncito's Place Baguio grilled chicken panini with potato salad

Grilled chicken panini with potato salad. =)

Just when we thought we were done, grilled chicken panini with potato salad was delivered to our table. (Heaven, help us take all this in. *giggles) That was one mean sandwich; perfectly grilled delicious pieces of chicken in tasty satisfying bread.  The salad had crunchy veggies in it that offered a contrasting texture to everything (except the bread sticks, that went crunch-crunch all the way) we’ve had so far.

Alfoncito's Place Baguio desserts

There’s still dessert. (“,)

More contrasts and for a sweet finish to our meal – dessert.  I forgot what these were called exactly but the one in the small bowl was like espresso flavored panna cotta/creme brulee.  Usi with Lucas’ dessert *hee, that was made especially for him, I wanted one especially for me, too … so I’ll be back for that. Hopefully, it’s still available then.

The donut hole/cake pops looking dessert was reminiscent of fruitcake … choco fruitcake with bits of (wal)nuts and raisin. I’ll be back for that too, making a note that I come totally famished because this dessert might look dainty but it’s packed *ooff!

at Alfoncito's Place Baguio

Tres foodie blogging Marias, Maam Gracie, Maam Jet with Maam Marivic and Sir Mark. \m/

X marks Alfoncito’s Place for good food in Baguio. With everything to offer as a perfect hang out, you get an A1 experience for a sit-down with loved ones.  Pick a table, any table. Sit down, get settled and get ready for a good time with scrumptious and filling Italian inspired eats, away from the hustle and bustle (including techno hustle and bustle) of the world outside.

Food: 4 treasure chests ***MSG free food! (food offerings are free of monosodium glutamate – as per menu/restaurant staff member.  Please ALWAYS CONFIRM with your attendant/server/waiter to be on the safe side. ^^,)

Service: Superb from the two-person staff (the owners themselves, for this visit). (Another great quality for an excellent hangout.) See you again soon, Alfoncito’s!  (It was nice to meet you, Maam Marivic and Sir Mark.  So sad we didn’t get to meet you Maam Michelle … till we return.)

Ambiance: 4 treasure chests

Price: 4 treasure chests (basing on the menu since we didn’t come out of pocket for anything in this visit. Thanks much, Alfoncito’s for the free sampling.)

Alfoncito’s Place

Lower ground floor, EDY Building

Kisad Road

Baguio City, Philippines

Maam Marivic: 0915 785 2947

Maam Michelle: 0927 600 2956

UPDATE 09/21/2013: Their Facebook page is up! Weee!

*** Thank you so much, Maico family for inviting us to your food establishment.  We had a wonderful time in the dining hideaway that is the little Italian’s place.

*** Thank you so much Maam Gracie for not forgetting us.  Gracie’s angels pose. *hihi It was a pleasure meeting you, too, Maam Jet!


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10 responses to “Sit-Down at Alfoncito’s Place: An A1 Experience”

  1. Marie says :

    Hi Xine. I love how your writing makes your readers feel as if they’re talking to you in person. I think there’s one big thing your reviews lack though: PRICES. You have your cute chests to indicate the affordability of the establishments, yes, but I think most of your readers would appreciate actual figures. I’m sure students and people with really tight budgets would. I know it looks tacky to be checking price tags but I think it would be really helpful. I hope you would consider it. Thank you.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Marie! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment.

      With regards to the prices of dishes from different restaurants, I do consider the actual figures which is why I include a copy or a photo of the establishment menu in the blog post. For the posts that are lacking a menu, I’m trying to get an updated post up that hopefully would make up for that deficiency.

      I really appreciate your feedback! Have a great day and happy food questing! (“,)

  2. Anonymous says :

    Hello, Xine! We’re planning to eat at Alfoncito’s Place nxt week, thanks for featuring it here.. More power to u! Cool page btw!

    • XiNE says :

      Hello! Thank you so much! Nice, I hope you have as good a time as I/we did there! Ohh, new stuff on their menu by then, enjoy! (“,)

  3. Cynths Dado says :

    I agree with Marie. That’s the reason why I’m into your blog. Its really informative of the good places to eat in Baguio and the whole blog is not about bragging to people about places you’ve been to. I’ve been to some places you’ve mentioned here and I really thank you for your wonderful info. Right now, I’m still addicted to Ali’s Shawarma! I wonder if you could include the availability of parking spaces for places you’ll go nxt? For instance, Yda’s cakes seem to be difficult to go to with a vehicle in tow and I wonder if Alfoncito’s has a place for their customers to park? Perhaps you could add the parking space availability to the “treasures boxes” there? Thank you Xine, more power to your blog!

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, hello, Cynths! Aw, me smiling ear to ear now, thank you so much for the compliment! \m/

      I will look into updating my blogs to include parking space info, too. Thank you so much for the suggestion. As for EDY building where Alfoncito’s is, they do have parking space in front but I’m not sure if that gets filled up by vehicles of employees working in other offices in the building.

      I know right, I wonder what Mr. Ali puts in his dishes, I have a couple of friends who are suffering… that’s not the right word, but you understand what i mean *hee … in the addiction. =b

      Many, many thanks for the support! Happy Baguio food questing! (“,)

  4. XiNE says :

    Hiyee, romeandtroismom! Thank you so much for the support, sister! \m/ We should plan a sit-down at Alfoncito’s as soon as everyone’s home. Big hugs! (“,)

  5. Jacqueline Viloria says :

    Hey Xine! Yeah, I saw your review of Backyard through mail, will go there soon.. I really liked Alfoncito’s (thanks to you! ^_^) huge serving, although we weren’t able to try the fettuccine with ribs (sob) we were too full lol… but pastas were delish! I like their concept of new menu every two weeks… thanks to you, Nadia and I had a great dinner… will definitely go back there to check out what’s new, so Backyard will have to wait LOL… again, thanks thanks! ^____^

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Jackie! Ohh, food date kayo ni Nadia. So glad to hear you liked Alfoncito’s and you got your fill of their offering.

      More happy Baguio food trails! (“,)

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