Intermission: In Mourning =((

… for the loss of our ancestral home, the home my grandma worked herself, blood and sweat, to the bone to build. =(

While I get settled with the new set up and work out the wash over of feelings this situation has brought, I don’t think I’ll be up to making a feature post.

I can handle the little posts on this food blog’s Facebook page though, so there will be something going on in the FB side mostly.

Till then, foodie friends.


The Menu Road to A Food Coma

Hey there, food questers!

Baguio Kiva Han II Coffee House 2018 open faced tapa burger

Open faced (and loaded) tapa sandwich =D

I hope Read More…

A Lil’ Feastin’ in La Trinidad: Le Festin Bistro

They had me at

La Trinidad metro Baguio Le Festin Bistro apple and chicken salad 2018

Apple and chicken salad =)

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