Quarantine Surprises … Seeing Light at the End of A Tunnel

Hhmmm, how to start off this feature post on the latest batch of quarantine surprises? Hhmmm, hhmm.

Baguio Pizza Intelli 2021 pizza partey in an instant

Foodievent at home courtesy of Pizza Intelli. Cowabunga, instant pizza partey! \m/

This should’ve been for posting back in August or September, you see. I’ve lost my train of thought with so many things happening between those months and now.

Sure, we’ve been freer to move already then but I stuck to taumbahay moves and really ‘career-ed’ it. I started on this feature about the food that came to us. =) Then just a few days ago, I completed my doses and I got a bit distracted again. *hee

Baguio Resbakuna 2021
Cue Etta James: At laaaaast! ♪ ♫

Fully vaccinated, finally!!! The day we got our first shot, AstraZeneca was the available brand and while I would’ve wanted something like our more conventional vaccines, it has been said that the best vaccine is the one in your arm, so I gladly got my shot. Who knew Astra would be the one with the longest interval for second dose? (How I moaned that I would’ve cleared this hurdle faster with Sinovac’s CoronaVac, but oh well, I’ll deal with it and get over it eventually.)

Two doses in and three days in after the last shot, I’m waiting on two weeks to pass for my body’s Department of Defense a.k.a. immune system to build antibodies and be strengthened further and we’re off on food adventures. Eeiiixcited! [Well, we’ll do it gradually because my dogs have since been accustomed to having us at home day in and day out. Vaccination day, I was told my dogs were howling their throats out while we were gone … and the vaccination process was already pretty speedy at SLU. (We were just there from 6:40 to 7:40 a.m. Yey, Team SLU!)] (Boy, am I giddy to avail of fully vaccinated discounts dining in at specific restos. *tahaha) (I’m major grateful for the national government; nakipagbrasuhan talaga with the whole world in getting these much needed vaccines for the PH. #VaccineDiplomacy)

Lymphocytes natural killer cell, CD8 cytotoxic T cell, B cell, regulatory T cell, CD4 helper T cell
The body’s defense. https://www.facebook.com/melvin.sanicas/posts/10159343799939184 Aren’t they adorable? If you like it more edgy, watch Cells at Work anime. =D.

Apologies for the long winded intro. I saw a meme recently, something to the effect of wishing cooking videos would just go straight to the recipe and none of the personal story intro. I do say all the time to people inquiring at the blog’s FB page about food items and delivery services that FGBF is just my online diary of our eatsplorations in and around the city, so I guess I have some sort of license to write whatever thoughts that come to mind as long as I get to the dining scene infobite … And you, dear reader, can always scroll down to the actual dining info on your end if you haven’t got time. I haven’t been on here in months, catch me up with what you guys have been up to in the comments section so makabawi kayo sakin. =b

1.) Bites – Munchies in A Cup

Baguio Bites in A Cup 2021 tacos

No muss, no fuss tacos. \m/ I’m a messy eater of hard tacos and I welcome these relatively easy/clean to eat versions. A bite and it’s all in my gob. Three scrumptious flavors for fillings: Beef pork taco, dynamite shrimp, and mango kani. We ate the kani as a salad mostly though. It wasn’t such a biggie since there was lots of the beef pork filling to go around.

Baguio Bites in A Cup 2021 taco fillings
Fillings, nothing more than fillings.

Taco walk on the wild and uber crunchy side with taco cups by Bite – Munchies in a cup by Ms. Karina Singson. Thanks a bunch to Ms. Jen for interceding. *giggles

2.) Chicaluchas

Baguio Chicaluchas 2021

While we can’t really go around that much yet, Chicaluchas in a snap takes our taste buds on a trip to Mexico. (I’m saying the country name like a Ms. U contestant.) How great of them to have something that’s never been offered in the City of Pines before: Birria tacos. Checked that off my list finally. In this spread, croquetas and tostadas de camaron were also present. Warning: Another taco pun coming – Tacobout having a pinata exploding in our mouths. *hihi

3.) Donna Makes

Baguio Donna Makes 2021 homemade pesto

This above that you’re looking at is homemade pesto by Donna Makes has so many uses. A teaspoon of it transforms a dish, making it more delicious. Watch the vid below what became of the contents of this bottle. We’re going to need more now. =] 

4.) Graceval Confections and Cordials

Baguio Graceval Confections and Cordials 2021
Ube toasted pastillas.

Pastillas on its own is already so enjoyable to eat. Toasted, it gets even better. (Just like cheese.) Takes a lot of willpower to not finish all in one sitting, I’ll tell you. =D

Baguio Graceval Confections and Cordials 2021 Sayen flavored peanut butter

I now get why some people would prefer a chunky spread. With cashew nuts as the added texture offered by Sayen peanut butter, I better stock up on bread because I’m going to keep spreading and spreading. Also, Sayen’s got a wide range of twists in terms of flavors for peanut butter. Bored with regular peanut butter? Get a hold of Ms. Gracie for ube yema, cookies and cream, sweet and spicy varieties of peanut butter.

Baguio Graceval Confections and Cordials 2021 Tableya Cordillera's cacao nibs and choco tablets

For hot chocolate kinds of days (Mostly every day now since Christmas is in the air. Eeeii, can you feel it?), there’s Tableya Kordilyera’s premium Davao dark choco tablets. Again, to add a different quality to your drink, sprinkle on the sweetened cacao nibs to what’s already a heartwarming beverage. Order from Ms. Gracie at 0919 200 1252 or through her Facebook pages Graceval Confections and Cordials, Tableya Kordilyera, or Sweetcrafts Baguio.

5.) Kbakes2600

Baguio Kbakes 2600 year2021 garden focaccia
Karla’s edible work of art.

Thanks muchie to Karla, P3’s resident chef, for making my dreams of having a garden focaccia come true. Who knew enoki gets even more interesting to eat when it’s a bit toasted. I loved that part of the focaccia especially. Let me repeat My.Very.Own.Garden Focaccia. ^^, Order yours at Kbakes2600.

6.) Lush Bubble Tea

Baguio Lush Bubble Tea 2021 Cafe latte with coffee jelly short, hibiscus fruit tea with basil seeds and strawberry pipping boba, cocoa supreme, and strawberries and cream frappe
*sip ahh

For afternoons that can still get pretty warm and withering, getting revitalized and returning to lushness is easy with LUSH Bubble Tea beverages. On the photo: Cafe latte, cocoa supreme, strawberries and cream frappe, and hibiscus fruit tea.

Baguio Lush Bubble Tea 2021 milk tea, Charlie Chan pasta and steamed kaya

You won’t be left water full because this milktea joint also has a selection of delicious munchables like their steamed kaya which is a Singaporean inspired steamed bread with coconut spread and butter, and Charlie Chan pasta. Their pasta’s no lightweight … and I’m addicted to that. ❤

7.) Master Tea

Baguio Master Tea 2021 now offering pizza

At another Baguio homegrown milk tea place, Master Tea, they’ve also solved their patrons’ need for grub while sipping on their delicious concoctions. They offer solo sized pizzas that come with chips (I didn’t get to take a photo of those little packs of Oishi Miggos but they’re pretty good, too. They were saved for another snack time. *hee) The pizzas there are hawaian, Master’s supreme, pepperoni, beef bulgogi, and four cheese spinach dip. Favorite of the bunch: Spinach, and a close second, bulgogi. Special taste profiles, don’t you think? To wash these pizzas away, Mr. Carlo sent us the best sellers: Salted caramel cheesecake, choco matcha oreo, and blueberry cheesecake.

8.) Pizza Intelli

Never have I ever had so many pizzas in one sitting like this when it’s a regular day. Pizza Intelli pizzas really turned the day around and made it some sort of milestone. Moreish premium pizzas: Pepperoni, cheese focaccia, shrimp scampi, bianca formaggio, four cheese, and ultima suprema. Aren’t they beautiful to behold? Transcendental for the tastebuds, too. Believe you me.

Baguio Pizza Intelli 2021 Pepperoni, cheesy focaccia, shrimp scampi, bianca formaggio, four cheese, and ultima suprema

Our faves of the Intelli selection: Ultima suprema and four cheese. It’s the chunky cream cheese toppings that got us and took the game to a whole ‘nother level. Do visit their Facebook page for their menu (They have more flavors and other foodstuff on the list) and to order for delivery. Get yourself ready for pizzas that will haunt your dreams.

Baguio Pizza Intelli 2021 Slices of pepperoni, cheesy focaccia, shrimp scampi, bianca formaggio, four cheese, and ultima suprema pizzas
My first serving immortalized.

And we’re done here.

Big, big thanks to Bites in A Cup, Chicaluchas, Donna Makes, Graceval Confections and Cordials, Kbakes2600, Lush Bubble Tea, Master Tea, and Pizza Intelli for sending us all these delicious edibles (and drinkables) to enjoy in the comfort of our home while it was quite the challenge to get around. More power to you all!

Let’s try to go back to the way we were in terms of moving about, eh, foodie friends? With no fear of catching COVID and staying in hospital gasping for air, fighting for our lives. How do we do it? By getting vaccinated and continuing to follow health protocols while in public spaces until we’re really in the clear. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and we’ll get to it eventually … It won’t be the headlight of a train (Not my lost train of thought either. *teehee) if we just work together on this.

Cheers to better days of exploring and eatsploring! (“,)


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25 responses to “Quarantine Surprises … Seeing Light at the End of A Tunnel”

  1. Mario says :

    An daming freebie, ghorl. lahat mukhang masarap!!! Magfoodblogging na din kaya aketch? Waley celebration sa anniversary ng blog?

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Mario! They just got collected. Took me a while to write about Bites-Munchies in a Cup, Chicaluchas, Donna Makes, Graceval Confections and Cordials, Kbakes 2600, Lush Bubble Tea, Master Tea, and Pizza Intelli.

      Why not, coconut, magfoodblogging rin, lots of people doing it nowadays. *hihi

      Nada celebration for anniv this year also since I maintain, I didn’t use this year either.

      Thanks for reading my latest post. Keep safe! (“,)

  2. Iza says :

    Beautiful focaccia garden by your freind kbakes2600. How much is something like that?

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Iza! Oh, I will get back to you on the price of KBakes2600’s garden focaccia. *hihi X-deals, I forgot to ask.

      Thank you for dropping by this Baguio food blog! Take care! (“,)

  3. Sally says :

    The Pizzas from Pizza Intelli look like proper pizzas. Very many flavors that look delicious

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Sally! That they were x2 … Perfect crust, nice flavors, delicious varieties and really the haunting dreams type of pizzas. You could see and taste how Pizza Intelli thought of how they’d make their pizzapies. They pass with flying colors.

      Thanks muchie for visiting FGBFs! Stay safe! (“,)

  4. Queen Ara says :

    Its nice you got fully vaccinated. I am waiting for my son’s turn so it’s safer for us to go out and eat out again. Does Chicaluchas have a physical restaurant?

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Queen Ara! Yes, gives a feeling of confidence getting the jab … I did have to wait two weeks after the 2nd shot for the fullest protection. Also I think it’s been ingrained in me the taumbahay moves. It’s a bit of a feat now thinking to go out. *tee hee.

      I hope your son’s turn for vaccines comes soon and fully dosed isn’t so long like it took with me and Astra. =b

      Oh, methinks Chicaluchas is just an online shop for now.

      Thank you for leaving a comment on this feature post of quarantine surprises! To eatsploring safely soon. Take care! (“,)

  5. Shanna says :

    WOW another restaurant that serves Charlie Chan pasta. It looks like an Ample serving in that box from Lush milktea shop.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Shanna! Hooray for Lush Bubble Tea shop for sure. They make a mean Charlie Chan pasta too. It’s so *nomnomnom.

      Thank you for dropping by FindgoodBaguiofoods.com! Stay safe! (“,)

  6. Rick says :

    Delicious dishes. Good they have delivery. Fully vaccinated here also but I still don’t want to go out just to be safe.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Rick! Agreed on the happiness over delivery option. =b Also became even more of a homebody because of this pandemic, our little bubble. Lots to distract at home even and with delivery, it’s a good deal.

      Thanks so much for visiting Find Good Baguio Foods blog! Take care! (“,)

  7. Anon says :

    Peanut butters pastillas and tablea is available in the Graceval Confection page or do I have to go per page if I want to order?

    • XiNE says :

      Hello! I think it’s all right to state all your orders at any one of Ms. Gracie’s pages, be it Graceval Confections and Cordials, Tableya Kordilyera, or Sweetcrafts Baguio. As long as she has all the products available, she can provide it for you. Hope this helps.

      Thank you so much for dropping by this food blog! Keep safe! (“,)

  8. Etta says :

    You used Donna pesto so many ways. I only know pesto pasta sauce !!

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Etta! Actually, I only know pesto as pasta sauce and as spread for bread really … I Googled the heck out of it so I could utilize the stuff in the bottle. *hihi So many suggestions online, the one pesto bottle from Donna Makes isn’t enough. =b

      I hope you get to try her pesto on different dishes as well. Thanks for reading this feature post. Stay safe! (“,)

  9. AHoney says :

    Silent reader here. I still visit your site to see your new features. Plesae keep them coming.

    God bless.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, AHoney! Thank you for dropping by FGBFs to check on my posts. So sorry I’ve been slacking the past couple of years. *heee I’ll try to get something new on here for you.

      Thank you so much for the support! Stay safe! (“,)

  10. Ben says :

    You still have post even while it’s pandemic. I thought lockdown would affect.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Ben! Still getting to eat munchable creations of entrepreneurs in and around Baguio made possible by delivery. Thank, heavens, it was never a complete lockdown as in nobody move so I still have material. *teehee

      Thanks much for visiting this food blog! Keep safe! (“,)

  11. Alysa says :

    Happy New Year, Xine and FGBF!

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Alysa! I hope 2022 is going well for you. Great January so far? =)

      Thank you so very much for looking in on FindgoodBaguiofoods.com from time to time. Take care! (“,)

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