31 responses to “Today’s Special 2: Food from Papa Fares Arabian Restaurant, Shahi Qila House of Kebab and Biryani, and Bliss Wellness Indian Curry House”

  1. Ben says :

    Thanx for finding Indian restaurants in your food adventure. I did not know there are so many here today. My wife is excited to try all three Indian Curry House, Papa Fares, Shahi Qila. Thanx

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Ben! Happy dance for this variety of dining choices in Baguio City. I hope you and your wife have a great time at Papa Fares, Shaqi Qila Restaurant, and Bliss Wellness Indian Curry House! Thanks too for visiting Find Good Baguio Foods to get more info about where to eat in Baguio. (“,)

  2. Anonymous says :

    thanks for your feature brother

  3. Mario says :

    Ayan!!! Mga paglalafangan na malayo sa town at kakaibang potahe pa.may Yemeni food na sa Baguio.PAK!! Sige itatry ko silang tatlo. First yun nasa palengke. Mag Indian Curry House matapos mamili ng mga sagosago ganyan kasi bet ko magginataan hehehe

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Mario! *hihi I did have Papa Fares already lined up and then Shahi Pakistani Resto and Indian Curry House opened. Great timing really.

      I know right. I felt so accomplished after eating lahsa, matabbag, masob, etc. So cool, someone is offering Yemeni dishes to Baguio diners now.

      I hope you enjoy the taste explosions these restaurants have to offer and I hope that you also satisfy your ginataan cravings soon. Thanks muchie! (“,)

  4. Iza says :

    If Shahi Qila Pakistani restaurant is the only concessionaire in Manna Garden Cafe does that mean that Kharis Bakeshop is closed forever? I don’t know how to feel about that. I love Kharis sans rival.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Iza! Yes, Shahi Qila House of Kebab and Biryani took over the whole space at Manna Garden. Kharis Bakeshop isn’t really closed though. You can still place order for your fave sans rival on their Facebook page. Also their cakes are sold at Manduto Restaurant in Pinewoods Golf Club, Sessions Gallery and Sessions Cafe on Session Road. Fingers crossed they reopen their cafe soon though. *hihi

      Thanks for reading this post and leaving a comment! Happy Baguio food quest! (“,)

  5. Tess says :

    Another feature post with gem discoveries. YOu found more restos with masala and the like. I can’t believe there’s a restaurant here that serves dishes from Yemen. Lahsa, shashuka, masoub all sound so exotic and delicious. I can’t wait to cross these restaurants off my list.

    • XiNE says :

      Hi, Tess! I get by with a little help from my friends, foodie friends, that is. *hihi I’m thrilled about having another restaurant that serves Arabian food too. More ways for us to travel, taste wise.

      I hope you enjoy your meal at Papa Fares, Shahi Qila House of Kebab and Biryani, and Bliss Wellness Indian Curry House! Thank you for stopping by Find Good Baguio Foods! (“,)

  6. Anonymous says :

    Papa Fares Arabian Food, Shahi Qila Pakistan Restaurant, Indian Curry House are they authentic?

    • XiNE says :

      Hello. Seems to me like Papa Fares, Shahi Qila, and Indian Curry House are on point. So much so, I heard a story about some people talking about Shahi Qila being “too authentic” … if that’s even possible. *hihi

      Hope this helps. Happy eatsplorations to you! (“,)

  7. Zara says :

    Shahi Qila is one restaurant in this post that I already tried. They have quality food and not expensive. Fantastic. I will check out Bliss Wellness and Papa Fares one of these days.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Zara! Nice to hear you had a blast at Baguio’s Pakistani restaurant. Agreed, fantastic food.

      I hope you enjoy Bliss Wellness Indian resto and Papa Fares Arabian food joint as much as Shahi Qila. Thankies for visiting and leaving feedback. (“,)

  8. Anonymous says :

    omagerd The Lunchbox is one of my favorite Indian movies!! ! I will rewatch it when I get home. Nostalgia hahaha

    • XiNE says :

      Hello! (Saying it the way Ila said it. =D) I hope you get yourself take out from Indian Curry House … or Shahi Qila or Papa Fares to work as movie munchies. Happy rewatching and happy Baguio food trip! (“,)

  9. Anonymous says :

    Wow! Thank you for this review! I’ve been looking for good and authentic indian restos in Baguio ever since one was closed, and two others’ food quality became too low for my taste. I’m going to try all three. This is very informative so thanks again. I hope the prices are competitive though.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there. Just a heads up, Shahi Qila is closed at the moment but it will be moving some place else. So you have Papa Fares Arabian Food and Indian Curry House from this list.

      Our favorite Indian restaurant so far is Chef: https://findgoodbaguiofoods.com/2016/10/17/stellar-indianpakistani-dishes-at-chef-restaurant/ you might like to try them out too, if you haven’t yet.

      Also, do click on the hyperlink for menus on this post so you can see if the prices are competitive enough for you. I hope you enjoy your meal at these restaurants! Thanks for visiting this Baguio food blog! (“,)

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