24 responses to “Vincent’s Place: Transcendence of Cordilleran Food”

  1. Mario says :

    Kaloowka, girl. May post na at kahabaan pa. Lapit lang pala ni Vincent’s Place. Akala ko mahabang pag lalakbay pa.Bet ko yung blooming flower parang aketch, blooming din hahahaha

    • XiNE says :

      Why, hello there, Mario! Caught me online … because I’m adding more details to this already long post for Vincent’s Place. *hihi Tasted and experienced so much so lots to tell you too.

      I know right, good thing, it’s just at the “beginning” of Loakan. Yes do try their blooming edible flower tea, it’s interesting to watch. I was curious what kind of flower was in it … and it helped us a lot to try everything they were so generous to give us.

      Thank you so much for always dropping by! I hope you also have a rad experience at Vincent’s. (“,)

      • Mario says :

        Ayy online ang food blog goddess. Hello, Xine!! Gusto ko rin lumafang ng bongga to the highest level kaya check ko muna tong blog mo para ready ang datung at hindi ako pagjugasin ng plato. Char!

        • XiNE says :

          Heehaha! Thank you so much for the support!

          Good thing, Vincent’s Place food selections have easy on the pocket prices. I was majorly surprised, at the carrot cake especially. Such a huge slice and so good and it was just P70. Also, we were told they make everything at the resto, like the blood sausage, smoking of the meat (etag), baking, etc., so yes, they can keep costs down low.

          Hooray for VP restaurant cafe bar and hooray for our moolah getting more mileage. (“,)

          • Mario says :

            mabuti naman na di Mahalia. Baka masira beauty kez. Rarampa rin kami dyan sa Vincents Place soon. Salamat Xine food blog goddess. hehe

            • XiNE says :

              You’re welcome, Mario! Thank YOU, too! Happy Vincent’s Place rampa and lafang. *hihi Eatsplore away! (“,)

  2. Sally says :

    Vincent Place intuno looks very delicious. How many pieces in that sampler?

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Sally! I know right. We were so awed when it arrived at our table. Vincent’s Place intuno sampler has 9 sticks, 3 of each variety (chicken isaw, pork isaw, and pig ears).

      Thank you for visiting Find Good Baguio Foods! I hope you enjoy your meal time at Vincents! (“,)

  3. Tess says :

    For real? Rambutan wine? I would love to get a bottle of that. How much is a bottle from Vincent’s Place specialty store? Thanks, Xine

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Tess! I was pretty surprised seeing the bottle label, too. The fruit wine selections at Vincent’s Place go for P280 to P300 a bottle. I think it’s the ginger honey wine that was the most ‘expensive’ (at P300).

      Thanks for dropping by this food blog! Happy eatsploring … and wine drinking! (“,)

  4. Anonymous says :

    So it is a restaurant. I also saw the Vincent Place sign before and I thought it was a bed and breakfast. Its nice that they serve Cordilleran fare with a twist. The bikorot pinikpikan with coconut milk must taste really good.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello! Yes, Vincent’s Place is a restaurant, cafe, bar and specialty shop … and function room (in the floor below the restaurant). I didn’t see the ‘fine print’ under their sign until we were actually there. *hihi

      I agree, we need more Cordilleran themed menus here, so the visitors to Baguio could have another item to check off their itineraries.

      Vincents Place pinikpikan with a twist was good. I would have liked it even more though if it was mega soupy. *hihi

      Thank you for reading the VP resto feature and for leaving a comment. I hope the food adventure is going well on your end! (“,)

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