18 responses to “Bato Bato Plate: For the Love of Food Served in Stoneware”

  1. Nickie says :

    Mason jars are out? Stoneware is in? Seems like they serve sizzling dishes here at Bato Bato Plate. 🙂

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Nickie. I think mason jars are still in … freak shakes in mason jars, to be specific. *hihi

      My albap from Batobato Plate did sizzle and crackle a lot. I’m thinking the dishes they’d have on the stone plates would do the same too.

      Thank you for visiting Find Good Baguio Foods food blog. Thanks for the comment too. (“,)

  2. Mario says :

    Gandara ng place pero parang ang onti ng side dishes mo, girl. Ikaw naman ata nagbukas ng Bato Bato Plate kaya wala pa mga chef hahaha

    • XiNE says :

      Hi there, Mario! Heehaha, hindi naman. Batobato Plate opens at 10 a.m. and we were there 10:30-ish, almost 11:00. =b We were told the chefs for the western dishes would be arriving after, after 1:00. Weird no?

      So right, the side dishes were scant. To be fair, that’s just an accompaniment to my albap order. The burritos, I think doesn’t have that.

      Bato Bato Plate is just a month old, they’ve still a lot of time to get better as the days progress. *hihi

      Thank you so much, Mario! Happy Baguio food trails to youuu! (“,)

      • Mario says :

        Bet ko ung swings. Daming flowerets pagnagswing ka dyan, maladyosa siguro hehhe Kalowka 1PM na wititit parin chef

        • XiNE says :

          *hihi So amusing, Mario. Oh, I think there’s a plastic flower headdress people can wear hanging on the bench in the waiting area … for complete goddess get up for swinging. =b

          I’m hoping the Bato Bato Plate chefs coming in past 1 p.m. was just an isolated case. Happ TGIFriday, Mario! (“,)

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