Diner Dash: The Face Off between 50’s Diner, Jim’s Retro Diner and Future Diner (finale)

Our diner dash competition for the best Baguio diners continues.  Introducing the third and final contender, Future Diner.  And their off!

The Third Contender: Future Diner

Race and I found ourselves on the opposite side of town when we planned to check out what gastronomic delights places like the ones found in Hotel Supreme could offer.  Getting off in front of the old building of Hotel Supreme, the Ivy Grill and Restaurant and what was known as the Orchid Bar was all dark, ominous (woooohhhhh) and deserted.  We had question marks in our eyes thinking that we made the trip out there for nothing but then turning around, we saw that the new building of Hotel Supreme had other restaurants.  One particularly noticeable establishment was Future Diner.

Future Diner

Beam me up, Scotty (“,)

It had a blinking LED sign to the side of the entrance and a warm glow of pink and yellow neon lights streaming out the window that called to us.  We crossed the street and went into the establishment.  The surroundings in the diner looked just like a regular diner.  Although, it was named Future Diner, the only thing that hinted a futuristic characteristic were LED TV screens on the wall showing the news in one and sports on the other.

Future Diner interior

Diner Interior

You can bet that I was expecting a Station 120 (the space themed diner that used to be on Session Road circa 1980-1990) kind of diner design with storm troopers guarding the entrance of the restaurant and Darth Vader watching your every move as you shove food that is out of this world into your mouth. =))  However, I was a bit relieved that the establishment wasn’t dark (I’d like to see what I’m eating, thank you very much) and discotheque-like like it was in Station 120.  (And there were no aliens sitting at the bar stopping what they’re doing and staring as we walked in *nyahaha).

Future Diner menu

The Menu

It was the servers who got out from behind the bar to give us the menu.  It was an interesting sort of menu with dishes like cosmonaut salad, astro’s delight, and carburanus pasta.  Pizza was referred to as flying saucers, set meals were called traveler’s surprise, and the shakes were categorized under ozone drinks.  We ordered the big bang burritos, the robotics meal (a very meaty meal with steak, pork chop, chicken and hotdog) as well as the ozone drinks, space forest and cloud rangers.  The server took our order and confirmed it with us from memory.  (All hail, server!)  While waiting for our orders, we busied ourselves with the decorations hanging on the walls, movie posters of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Fantastic Four and Transformers.  Of note, are the posters of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.  Optimus was depicted standing on one of the tables in the diner and Bumblebee was standing in front of Hotel Supreme.

Future Diner mango blast pizza

Mango Blast Flying Saucer

When our drinks arrived, ehem, our ozone drinks arrived, I died and went to heaven.  Space forest was super yummy!  It became my favorite shake, and no other shake has measured up since.  It’s a vanilla ice cream shake with fresh mango drizzled with honey.  (I’m quoting the Future Diner menu.)  Race also loved his cloud rangers shake although I didn’t really like the mix of ripe mango freeze and coffee (I’m going bleh now).  Our food arrived and it made a great meal for us; really, a great dining experience.

Future Diner drinks

Ozone Drinks

We were back a week later because the curiosity about one specific flying saucer was killing me.  (I might not have known it at that first visit but maybe I was abducted by aliens there and my memory programmed so I would crave Future Diner dishes =b *harhar.)  The flying saucer was called the mango blast pizza.  The menu described it as pizza with fresh ripe mango slices and cream cheese sauce.  Apparently, it’s the chef’s favorite, too.  I had nothing but praises for this gourmet pizza.  Try it and see what you think, I highly recommend it.  For refreshments, Race went with melon freeze and naturally, I went with my new-found favorite, space forest.  We also got airtight which is what the fish and chips were called at the diner.  They were wonderful!  I don’t really like seafood because of the fishy taste and for this dish, I didn’t even notice it.

Future Diner food

Future Diner Food (Giand sandwiches, calzone – the giant empanada, butter garlic shrimps, mango blast pizza, halo halo, burritos, salad, combo meal, spaghetti, another combo meal and fish and chips.)

Future Diner had been reaching for the stars with our two visits and just like the Veniz sister restaurants; it was successful.  And so it became one of my go-to restaurants for serious grub.  A few days later, I was back with my brother and another time with Beth.  2010 ended and 2011 came and it was always this diner.  Whenever my family, my friends and I get the hankering for a good and satisfying meal and we couldn’t really decide where to go, it was Future Diner that ended the discussion.  (Always a winner!)  During this time, I ventured out of my comfort zone and ordered other ozone drinks like honey bumble bee, sunshine, green ride, cpu kiss, dark horizon, etc.  (All the while, I was smiling on the outside but being a pouty brat on the inside because I didn’t get my space forest.  WAHHHHH!  I WANT MY SPACE FOREST!!!!)

Future Diners

Future Diners (“,)

One of the qualities that Future Diner has that I find so appealing is that, their diner is not crowded.  Unlike 50’s Diner where it can be pretty difficult to get a seat in one of the diner booths, you’ll almost always get that spot in this restaurant.  That, the quality service, the well-priced food items, and the foods themselves make Future Diner a great diner.  Into the future, we go with great food from Future Diner.

X marks Future Diner for good food in Baguio.  “To infinity and beyond”!!!

Food: 5 treasure chests ***MSG free food! (food offerings are free of monosodium glutamate – as per menu/restaurant staff member.  Please ALWAYS CONFIRM with your attendant/server/waiter to be on the safe side. ^^,)

Service: 5 treasure chests

Ambiance: 5 treasure chests

Price: 5 treasure chests

Future Diner

113 Magsaysay Avenue

Baguio City, Philippines

Future Diner location

Location of Future Diner, click to enlarge photo

Diner Dash Competition Recap:

50’s Diner = 17 treasure chests

Jim’s Retro Diner = 13 treasure chests

Future Diner = 20 treasure chests

Future Diner is the winner of the Baguio Diner Dash Competition!  Congratulations, Future Diner.  Now, where’s my space forest? (“,)


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21 responses to “Diner Dash: The Face Off between 50’s Diner, Jim’s Retro Diner and Future Diner (finale)”

  1. XiNE says :

    Hello there, lesleycarter! Thank you very much for the support! Have a great day! (“,)

  2. Lei De Guzman says :


    Nice to see Future Diner being reviewed! I loved it when I was in Baguio for college and I always wanted to go back. 🙂

    Just a quick question tho. Is it true that the owner of Future diner is related to the owner to 50’s? Just heard it from someone and had no problem believing it.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Lei De Guzman! Thank you for visiting my blog! I was just thinking of their mango blast pizza today. Yey, Future Diner, rightie?

      I had the same thought (that the owners of 50s and Future Diner are related), don’t remember who told me though. Maybe it’s because the design of the establishments are similar? Hhhmm. Definitely have to go to Future Diner today to ask (or else I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight *hihi). And then I’ll get back to you with the answer, too.

      Have a nice day! Come back to Baguio and Future Diner soon! (“,)

    • XiNE says :

      Hello again, Lei De Guzman! Just came back from Future Diner. According to the staff, the owners of Future Diner and 50s Diner are friends. No blood relation whatsoever, but related nonetheless. *hihi I can sleep soundly tonight. =b

      • Lei De Guzman says :

        Hahaha, thanks a lot for this! I really thought they were relatives or something since yeah, the design was similar and so was the menu. But then again, it has been 2 years so they might have updated their offerings.

        Actually, I was in Baguio for the holidays though I haven’t got the time to drop by Future Diner. I did check out Ketchup tho.

        BTW, my college friends and I are really loving your blog. I’m actually listing down all the places you’ve reviewed so I could check them out when I come back. Will be looking forward to more of your reviews. 🙂

        • XiNE says :

          Hello, Lei De Guzman! They have new pizzas to offer, sardinia pizza, four cheese, etc. Prices were raised for some food items too but still doable. *hihi

          Oh, you spent the holidays here, hope you had a blast! It’s just right that you tried Ketchup then. So many new food establishments opening up here, your list is going to get long-er.

          Thank you so much for the support – to you and your college friends! I’m glad you enjoy the blogs. When you guys come back to Baguio, it’s food quest on! May you have a great experience with all the places you visit and may all the restaurants you go to deserve a ton of treasure chests! (“,)

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