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The Secret’s Out about the Secret Garden

Riding at the back of a motorcycle has its advantages.  For one, beyond looking to your front, your left, and your right as a car passenger might do, you can also look up and there will still be a view for you to behold.  It’s on one of these rides that I discovered another place to eat at.  At that first moment that I saw the structure with a wide window with glass extending to half the roof, I swooned.  Don’t you just love sunrooms?

The best part about Red Orange interior

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Diner Dash: The Face Off between 50’s Diner, Jim’s Retro Diner and Future Diner (part 1)

Diner dash for the three most established diners in Baguio City is on!  This ‘competition’ is powered by X Marks the Spot for Good Baguio Foods with judge, Xine.  And the contenders: Glenn’s 50’s Diner, Jim’s Retro Diner and Future Diner.  Going beyond speedy service, this competition is going to rate the food, the price of the food, the quality of service, and the ambiance that each of these restaurants have.  Let the gaaaaames begiiiiiin! Read More…

Tried and True, Veniz

Being a bit of a forgetful person, I always keep a camera in my itsybitsy bag. With it, I can turn any day into a Kodak moment and now, I’ve got archives of photos saved on the PC that I can look back on to remember.

Looking at all the folders of photos I’ve taken, I noticed one thing; when it comes to eating out, I keep coming back to Veniz.  Whether it’s their café on the first floor or the grill on the third floor of the hotel, I’ve spent a lot of time with family and friends in these restaurants.  It’s not far off considering; they’ve got the complete package of what I look for from places to eat at.

food, drinks and the view at Veniz

food (calamari, steak, Spanish omelet, salad, potato nuggets), drinks (four seasons, iced tea, pina colada, strawberry shake) and the view at Veniz

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