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Happy Halloween, my foodie friends! (“,)

We don’t really celebrate Halloween in the Philippines but we’re slowly getting into the spirit (…spirits? =b) of it.  A ‘demon-stration’ (*heeharhar) of just how powerful a force, globalization is. *A-whooooo!

Diplomat Hotel Baguio

Me – getting into the Halloween spirit at Diplomat Hotel Baguio (2010). Whooooooo! (“,)

Let’s take a break from the Baguio food and restaurant blog and just hang …upside down or around (whichever you prefer) a little bit.  If you’re at a Halloween party, you can just go ahead and get to ‘gnaw’ the other guys and ghouls there.  Try out the party food too, =D how about a slice of Tombstone pizza topped with Muenster cheese or bagel with scream cheese?  Some fish and ships for Mr. Kraken? =))

Alright, I’ll put this post (mortem) of horrifyingly bad Halloween puns to rest.

Happy Halloween, guys!

***Thanks to the people at for giving me an idea about Halloween puns!

***Thanks to and their super rad photo editing tools. \m/

Citylight Hotel Breakfast Buffet: Breakfast Buffet for Everyone!

When it comes to breakfast buffets, probably the most accessible one is what’s offered daily at Citylight hotel. For one, it costs only about P200 (UPDATE 02/25/19: P240) per person and two; it’s just a little way from the center of town.

Citylight Surroundings

If you arrive too early, don’t fret. Occupy your time with the Citylight surroundings. See the oval spiral staircase? (I love stairs!) Ahoy, from the first floor! (“,)

They open Read More…

Great Pasta for Cheap! Andiamo al Cucinino!

Good things come from small packages and in the case of pasta, great dishes come from Cucinino, a small food booth in Porta Vaga.

Cucinino sign

Andiamo!!! (“,)

Serving three Read More…

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