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How the List was Made…

You hear it all the time that there are only a handful of places that you can get good food in the City of Baguio.  Before I started on my quest, I had the same state of mind.  The saying, ‘seek and you shall find’ applies to this situation.  If you only go to the places that are found in town, you’ll be missing out on a lot of things.  Let’s establish from here on out that there are many places to get good food in Baguio.  As we speak, there might be a new eatery or restaurant opening in the city.  Beyond the restaurants that you find on Session Road, there are gems to be found that have made it their mission to cater to our needs and our cravings in other parts of Baguio.  Let’s follow what the Good Book says and seek, so we can find.

Dining around Baguio Photo Collage

When I Read More…

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