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Beyond Alcoholic Beverages and Shots, Is There Anything Else from Baguio Bars and Restos?

I don’t drink. (“,)

That being established, it doesn’t necessarily mean that bars don’t have anything to offer a foodie like me.  For one thing, I like eating pulutan/finger foods.  *yumyum (Much to my drinker friends’ chagrin *hihi  Thanks for feeding me you, guys! ^^,)  Another thing, there are a number of establishments in the city that double up as restaurants (and have succeeded \m/).  Here are the drinking places on my list (that I thought offered the prospect of good food/meals):

1.)    Dugout Sports Bar

2.)    The Gallery

3.)    Concoctions

4.)    Eat Avenue/Shot Circuit

5.)    Kalye Luna

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