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Coming Home to Mama’s Table

Chef Vicky, we’re home! *giggles

We returned to Ambuklao to celebrate Mother’s Day, family, friendship … and also hope for a better country. (“,)

The dining set up at Mama's Table

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Counting Our Blessings at Mama’s Table

I thought this day would never come! The day that we dine at Chef Vicky’s beautiful home finally arrived!  Having made a reservation months ago (after seeing the Heart 2 Heart blog in one of my Baguio food researches/recons. Thanks so much for sharing, Ms. Rica), I was excited to the point that I couldn’t sleep well when finally December came around the corner.  (If I had it my way, my loved ones and I would’ve gone the instant I found out about Mama’s Table. =b)  It was like the hours of December 16 couldn’t go quickly enough so that it would be 5:00 p.m. and we would be at this home/resto/establishment.

photo op at Mama's Table

Mama’s Table photo ops… a few of them *harhar (“,)

With time being true, in that we couldn’t turn it back or stop it, we found ourselves at Read More…

Chef’s Home: Where the Flavors of Asia Converge

Cruising around the vicinity of Mines View/Wright Park, I noticed a particularly nice house being built.  (Finally, a house facing the main street/Mansion House.  I used to think about this a lot passing by to get to work at the academy.  If I had a house on that street, I would put my gate on Romulo Drive; it’s more accessible.)  As you already know, nice houses call to me and I so wanted to see what was beyond the interesting looking gate of this property.  (“,)  Good thing, it was meant to be Chef’s Home; a bigger and better establishment for Asian cuisine.  (Chef’s Home used to be in Apollo Store.  I guess, back then, it was a Chef’s store.  Mleh, corny. =b) [UPDATE 06/01/2015: Moved back to No.13 Outlook Drive (Apollo Store)] UPDATE 03/07/2018: Chef’s Home moved to #88 Unit C, Marcos Highway (Old Sicat Hotel), Bakakeng Central.

Baguio Chef's Home Asian Fusion Cuisine 2012 door sign

Chef’s Home =D

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