25 responses to “Stellar Indian/Pakistani Dishes at Chef Restaurant”

  1. Mario says :

    First to comment??? Naramdaman ko na magpopost ka ngayon kaya nagantay ako. hahaha Loves ko din ang biryani!! Makapunta nga dyan sa Chef Restaurant for spicy Indian food pag hindi na maulan bukas.

    • XiNE says :

      YES! First to comment crown back on Mario’s head. \m/ Whoa, you’ve got a strong intuition. I hope you didn’t have to stay up too late waiting for the post.

      I really love Chef Resto’s biryani. Looks like it’s just going to be cloudy today. (Fingers crossed, the rains give us a breather.) I hope you have as much fun as we did dining at this Indian/Pakistani eatery! (“,)

      • Mario says :

        Reyna uli ng first comment! hahahaha

        Di kami natuloy pumunta sa Chef. Kalowka yung weather. Uulan, aaraw.

        • XiNE says :


          No worries not getting to Chef’s today. Was just there and they were waiting for deliveries of ingredients so we had to play the what’s available today game. =b I did get my biryani though so I’m good.

          The weather was kind of wonky today … it’s even hot. Still hoping Typhoon Lawin doesn’t come in, maybe just stays in the water?

          Stay safe, warm, and dry! Enjoy Chef Mediterranean Restaurant whenever it is you get to cross it off your list, Mario! (“,)

  2. Tess says :

    Yes!!!! Another Indian restaurant in Baguio and so many kinds of massalah. Thank you, Find Good Baguio Foods for finding and featuring new restaurants like Chef Indian Restaurant.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Tess! I know right. Chicken, beef, lamb, even fish and prawn masala.

      A pleasure to be showing nice eatsplorers like you that there are lots of places to eat at in Baguio City food trip city! Thanks for visiting the blog! Enjoy Chef Restaurant! (“,)

  3. Anonymous says :

    Ate X hi. we went here to Chef Restaurant when we saw your post about biryani but many dishes were not available. Its okay. The dishes we ordered was very good naman.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello! My foodie lovies and I went back to Chef Mediterranean resto as soon as I got that post on biryani up on the Find Good Baguio Foods FB page too. Yes, some of the stuff we ordered weren’t available also. Must be a stock delivery issue since it was just after Typhoon Karen that we went.

      I’m happy to hear you liked the dishes that you tried so far. Time to return to Chef’s to get what they didn’t have on that visit? We’ve been told they’re still tweaking the menu so methinks lots more will be added for our eatsploring fun. (*nomnom papadum!)

      Thanks for visiting the Find Good Baguio Foods! Happy Baguio food quest! (“,)

  4. Candy says :

    OMG Xine, Chef food is so addicting! Lucky they have affordable prices. We can go back everyday 🙂

    • XiNE says :

      *heehaha You’re the fifth person who’s told me that. You are not alone in the addiction to Chef Restaurant and their scrumptious Indian/Pakistani/Arabian/Mediterranean food.

      Even I can’t help but go back and go back. Right now, I’m still thinking of their coriander sauce/green chutney. Might be I have to order a liter of it … If i down the sauce in one go, I wonder, will I be “cured” from the obsession on Chef Resto food? =b

      And yes, good thing their prices are not outrageous. Our money goes a long way.

      Happy Baguio food trails! Thank you so much for the support! (“,)

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