Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn: A Table of Plenty to Share with Foodie Lovies

I’ve been dying to try buffet at Lamisaan Dining & Bar ever since they opened last year. (I was a literal ‘haba ng hair’ then. *tahaha) Stuff like life’s lemons kept coming up and finally, this time … this time, the ‘drawing’ came to life when I got invited to see, with my own eyes, the goings on at Holiday Inn’s weekend buffet. (Wee! Thank you so much, Holiday Inn!)

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019 cold cuts

Cold cuts, grapes, and cheese at the cold cuts and maki station.

Of course, good food and good friends make the best combo for good times so my foodie posse joined me. Just like that, to me, it became one of the most memorable foodievents considering my brother, P3 and X+1 were all complete.

Baguio Holiday Inn 2019

In my foodie posse, the ladies are always game for photos and the guys are camera shy. =))

Lamisaan weekend buffets:

Saturday dinner buffet, 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. – P750

Sunday lunch buffet, 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. – P750

ASTOUNDING. That’s how I’d describe the feeling when we turned from the corner of the dining area and were face to face with lamisaan-s laden with different dishes. Just when I thought I’ve seen everything on display, I turned and there’s a little nook behind a thick pillar with more munchies vying to be placed on my plate. Whoa! (With so much to see, I forgot to take singles shots of every pretty little sweet treat on the center table, the desserts table.)

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019 viands at Lamisaan Sunday lunch buffet

The viands selection for Sunday lunch

When we finally got settled in our table in the brightest corner of the room, off we went to fill our plates. From that first round alone, we already found our favorites: The melted raclette cheese poured over pickled onions, beets, potatoes, cold cuts, and olives for P3. *contented sighs

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019

Ooey gooey, rich and creamy, savory raclette … when it’s melted. (“,)

For the quality made dough, the pizza got Race’s attention. (That’s a major compliment considering that although he’s a bread lover, he doesn’t really like pizza and now, Lamisaan pizza caught his eye? Wow.) It was the hunk of meat labelled homemade ham for my brother … with all the possible gravies (herby butter, barbeque, and onion) mixed and drizzled over it.

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019

Meats at the Lamisaan Sunday lunch buffet carving station. (Herb roasted beef, herb roasted chicken, air fried bagnet, homemade ham) Mmm, protein.

A part of the offering I noticed at Lamisaan that was mighty special and different from other buffets, was the fresh seafood display. We were informed that we could pick out any fish or shellfish we’d like, to be cooked into either sinigang, tinola, a dish with gata, or for grilling. \m/

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019 fresh seafood for cooking made to order

Fresh fish and shellfish for made to order sinigang/tinola/sabaw sa gata/grilling. Wee!

Eager to let us sample that ‘paluto/turo turo’ style offering they had, we were surprised with a bowl of hot-off-the-stove sinigang na bangus. We really tasted how fresh the milk fish was. So much so that the very essence of the bangus came out; it definitely was milky. And the soup … zingy good … juuusssst the way we like it. Surely, a fantastic addition to our lamisaan. (“,) Later, we thought of getting something in coconut milk. Ate Beth, Karla, and Race said they hoped the gata could somehow be cooked long enough that some oil would be eked out and not soupy, but no biggie really. Because my brother, amused how reminiscent the malaga fish was of grandaunt’s choice fish, easy peasy to debone, finished it off like that.

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019 made to order sinigang and malaga sa gata

Made to order sinigang na bangus and malaga sa gata =D

Let’s take a short break from the Sunday lunch buffet, shall we? The staff at Lamisaan under the management of Mr. Chris, got us a special order of the Inn’s newest a la carte items: Pizzasta and pizzalad. I must say, I agree with Race that they do pizzas extremely well here. (As a real pizza slice and not a cross cut, I tasted the flavors and felt the textures even more.) =)

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019 pizzasta - pizza Margherita with creamilicious carbonara

The deliciously filling pizzasta – pizza Margherita with creamilicious carbonara in the middle ^^,

The pizza Margherita with their extra cream-ilicious carbonara pasta was wonderful. For a second there, I forgot I was in a buffet and just focused on this; how the sous vide egg on the house-made pasta (with watercress, beets, or pumpkin) upped the richness of the sauce, the smoky earthy flavors of kiniing and shiitake mushrooms, how the tomato on the dough was so toasted, it tasted like sun dried tomatoes. Y-U-M!

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019 pizzalad

Pizza Bianca with Holiday Inn’s house salad

The salad on the pizzalad was a lovely looking salad with ribbon like strips of cucumber, lettuce, olives, strawberries, and feta cheese.  It was tossed in a strawberry dressing so thick and luscious, it made my imagination run wild. I had a thought that maybe if that mix was baked, it would come out as a strawberry cheesecake. Ha! These pizza innovations, at P450 and P350 respectively, are big enough for three and major substantial. ^^,

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019 dining area

The bright, wide dining area that is Lamisaan \m/

Back to the all-we-can-eat lunchies. With the buffet scheduled from 12:00 to 2:30, I thought we had lots of time to eat, digest, rest, and begin the cycle again and again. As a lightweight now, I barely finished my (official) second buffet plate (Lipsmacking good Waldorf salad packed with crunchy apples, and Mediterranean salad) and I felt like I was going to hurl from the fullness. Was it all the cheese? Or the meat? (Back of our minds, we’re thinking, how are we going to cope when we get to Spiral buffet then? Traitor tummies! =)) )

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019 viands

My brother’s lunch plate. A little of every ulam. =b

Inasmuch as I wanted to stuff my face some more (I munched on cutesy sized pieces of grilled mahimahi, chicken inasal, herbed roast beef, and air fried bagnet, and didn’t even get to the scrumptious looking viands! Wah! I’ll just live vicariously through my brother, whose top picks from that table are the chicken cacciatore and the pork char siu.), I decided it was time to get dessert. If only to ensure I still had space for those eye candy bites. =b For a moment, I stood stunned and nalula in front of the dessert table, then I eventually settled on the stand-outs choco mousse, crème brulee, strawberry mousse cake, a tartlet, and a choco truffle.

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019 chocolate mousse and creme brulee

Upclose with the chocolate mousse and creme brulee line up =)

Another uncanny situation where my brother who doesn’t like pastries much, fell in love with the strawberry mousse. *tee hee We all agreed that the Lamisaan crème brulee was a true blue crème brulee. With a taho-like consistency, it would not to be confused with leche flan, ever. Race took advantage of the matcha flavored pure white choco fountain and happily snacked on mallows and bread sticks generously bathed in it. Before I forget to mention, coffee and tea are also unlimited at the buffet. =D You do have to tell your attendant that you’d like some. Brewed, with steamed milk as a creamer, it went perfectly with our desserts. In a snap, it’s like our Sunday lunch buffet turned into Lamisaan’s Caffeinated Afternoons.

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019 brewed coffee

Coffee … for the purposes of ‘palpa’, as they say in Ilokano. *hihi

We stayed till past the buffet closing. The spread was that good, we had a hard time leaving it. *heehaha Also, our tummies felt extremely hell-a heavy after all these good eats. #ThisIsTheLife It was a feat fighting against the urge to lie down on the soothing green, cushioned dining sofa.

(More Sunday lunch buffet food photos here.)

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019

Good food, good friends, good times ❤

X (under the direction of B and K, paying customers in this instance) marks Lamisaan Dining and Bar at Holiday Inn for good food, an awe inspiring plentiful buffet to celebrate the weekend with foodie lovies, in Baguio.

Food: 4 treasure chests

Service: 5 treasure chests

Ambiance: 5 treasure chests

Price: 4 treasure chests All this, a wide array of dishes, all you can eat for P750. (Does not include a la carte items, pizzasta and pizzalad) Uh-mazing!!!

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019

Thank you so much, Mr. Chris and staff, for taking care of us. More power to you all!

Lamisaan Dining & Bar

Holiday Inn

Legarda Road

Baguio City, Philippines

620 3333

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019 different stations at the buffet

The numerous food stations at the buffet: (Click to enlarge photo.) 1. Salads, 2. cold cuts and maki, 3. fresh fruits, 4. bread, 5. carving station, 6. pizza and pasta, 7. raclette, 8. grilling station, 9. fresh fish and shellfish, 10. soup, 11. iced tea and infused water, 12.  viands section, 13. unlimited coffee, and 14. desserts. *nomnomnom



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26 responses to “Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn: A Table of Plenty to Share with Foodie Lovies”

  1. Ben says :

    Is there matcha chocolate fountain for every buffet in Lamisaan?


    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Ben! Oh, I’m not sure if Lamisaan Dining is going to have a matcha choco fountain for every buffet. Most likely, they’re going to shake things up. You can always inquire from them (call 620-3333 or send a message to their Facebook page) what they have for the specific buffet you’d like to try though. They have breakfast buffets daily, Saturday dinner buffet, and Sunday lunch buffet.

      I hope you enjoy whichever buffet you try at Holiday Inn’s inhouse resto as much as we did! Thank you so much for visiting this food blog! (“,)

  2. Mario says :

    Tandercats na daw ang ganyan na mahina na lumafang. Pati akez pag nasa buffet kinukuha ko lang yung bet ko. Hindi ko na tinatry lahat.
    Tahong sa gata gurl masarap. Masabaw din parang yugn fishda ninyo sa Lamisaan Sunday lunch buffet

    • XiNE says :

      Bwahaha. Hello, Mario! I guess that’s true. Wish ko lang, I can still eat heaps like a couple of years back. *hihi

      Ohh, I’ll be sure to try tahong sa gata when we come back for Lamisaan Restaurant weekend buffet.

      Thank you so much for dropping by FGBFs! Happy eatsplorations! (“,)

      • Mario says :

        Masarap ba talaga yung pizza na pasta in one ng Lamisaan? Nakapatong ba yung pasta sa pizza parang topping na??

        • XiNE says :

          Hello again, Mario! A resounding yes. Lamisaan’s a la carte pizzasta is *fingertip kiss. I was glad we could take home the half we didn’t finish and I was extremely sad when the last slice was gone. *hihi And that flavorful carbonara. I don’t like carbonara much, but Holiday Inn’s restaurant’ rendition is fantastic!

          No, the pasta isn’t topped on the pizza. The tips of the pizza are folded to the crust so it looks like a ring and the pasta is heaped into the center. I hope you try this dish too when you come a-visting at Lamisaan. As always, thank you! (“,)

  3. Queen Ara says :

    P750 for lunch buffet is fair. We did not eat here at Holiday Inn before because I heard it’s expensive. Thats a good price. My son and I will go to their buffet soon. Thanks for this.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Queen Ara! The a la carte foodstuff at Lamisaan was pretty pricey when we were there last year. I forgot to ask for their latest menu to see if they’ve adjusted things somehow. (The price for the pizzasta and pizzalad was just right, for the quality and taste we got, as in.) Agreed though, P750 for a weekend buffet with over 50 selections is a very, very good price.

      I hope you and your son enjoy the tables of plenty at Lamisaan Resto at Holiday Inn! Thank YOU for visiting Find Good Baguio Foods! (“,)

  4. Candy says :

    Hi, Xine! What other dishes are must try when I go to Lamisaan Dining & Bar buffet? Nakaka shock!! Reasonable price pala si Sunday lunch buffet.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Candy! The dishes from the Lamisaan Dining and Bar Sunday lunch buffet that we came back for seconds and are our favorites are: Raclette, pizza (both a la carte and from buffet), home made ham, air fried bagnet, herb roast beef, sinigang na bangus, Waldorf salad, Mediterranean salad, marinated mahi mahi, pork char siu, chicken cacciatore, strawberry mousse cake, choco chip cookie, creme brulee. Note that Lamisaan might jumble the selections for every buffet.

      It really is a reasonable price. I’m still also in a daze thinking about it. That really was a memorable foodievent. Thankies for reading this post. I hope you have a great time at Holiday Inn’s weekend buffet! (“,)

      • Candy says :

        Ang daming favorite. 🙂 Thank you, Xine. I can’t wait to try Lamisaan weekend buffet.

        • XiNE says :

          Yes, there was lots laid out for the Sunday lunch buffet, there are lots we liked … If only we didn’t have traitor tummies, we’d probably finish those off. *heehaha

          Enjoy! Thank you again. (“,)

  5. Alysa says :

    I love your features like this. I am just reading but I feel I came with you at your foodievent. Your description of the dishes at Lamisaan Sunday buffet is so detailed I also feel full. We will be sure to put the weekend buffet on our list of dining experiences to try. I always look forward to your posts. Thank you for doing this.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Alysa! Aww, your appreciation for the posts on this Baguio food blog is much appreciated for sure. I’m glad you felt like you were part of our food adventure at Holiday Inn’s Lamisaan buffet. Great for dieting then if you’re already full just from the description of the dishes they had. *hihi

      Have a wonderful time dining at Lamisaan Restaurant! Thank YOU for the support! (“,)

  6. Rob says :

    I keep forgetting that theres a restaurant at Holiday Inn. Out of sight, out of mind. The lunch buffet was 1100 when Lamisaan first opened.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Rob! I guess we’ll keep Holiday Inn and Lamisaan Restaurant in mind now with this sumptuous buffet for only P750. *hihi

      Thankies for leaving a comment on this feature post. Happy Baguio food questing! (“,)

  7. Nickie says :

    SULIT Lamisaan Dining Sunday lunch buffet 😉

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Nickie! Long time, no comment. *hihi Sulit is most definitely another word to describe Holiday Inn Lamisaan buffet.

      Thanks for leaving your feedback here again. Happy Baguio food adventures! (“,)

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