Quarantine Surprises … into the New Year

Happy new year, Baguio food adventurers! (“,)

Baguio Shake It Right 2021 trailmix

Healthy snacking: Dried fruits mix, regular fruit and nut mix, dried cherries, all nut and seeds mix, and special fruit and nut mix. \m/

Let’s make that: Happy lunar new year! *hihi

The world is still on quarantine. [Ahh, what a resilient virus COVID is … May we take a cue from this highly adaptive unseen enemy please, and tap into all the resilience we can muster, too? Vaccine or no vaccine, it starts with the simple proper practice of wearing face masks and face shields. (It’s 2021, and it’s still not instilled in many of us. What is this wearing-your-underwear-with-your-d!ck-hanging-out type of mask wearing, people/fellow “soldiers”? Come on.)]

From my last quarantine surprises feature, a handful of other food stuff/food products have found themselves to me yet again, and so here goes another post. 

1.) Everything Bacon.Bacon Everything

Everything Bacon.Bacon Everything’s bacon jam is a jam per se, what with the qualities that it’s sweet and spreadable. A highly versatile one I must say, since mixing it with a couple other ingredients, we could turn it into something else. ^^,

I remember X+1 hanging out at Foggy Mountain Cookhouse, with Chef Babes and friends where he used this as a dip together with some mustard for Hungarian sausages. Lipsmacking good! What we did at our house, aside from using it as palaman on bread, we made it into salad dressing and a different flavored sauce for pasta.

Baguio Everything Bacon.Bacon Everything 2020-2021 bacon jam used in pasta and salad

Bacon jam as a pasta sauce and as salad dressing. =)

Find your jam for bacon jam:


2.) KDSS Homemade (Korean Daily Sidedish Shop)

While I’ve gotten out of the Kdrama binging vortex, (I’m just following one Korean show now; it’s new, so it’s not a one sitting in a day deal. Mr. Queen does have lots of cooking in it which makes me crave Korean stuff on weekends.) what better way to get into the feel of what you’re watching than with viewing-victuals like rice balls, kimbap, mandu (My faves from KDSS. \m/ You could say, a complete meal in and of itself.), etc. Available individually, as a set for one person, or a bilao set. 

Baguio KDSS Homemade (Korean daily sidedish shop) 2020 bilao set

Bilao set composed of kimchi tuna rice balls, mini kimbap, japchae, mandu, and dakgangjeong (“,)

Order glorious scrumptious Korean side dishes, here:


3.) Redsnapper Military Cut Off

While travel restrictions have been lifted pretty much, it still is a bit cumbersome to really go around. Missing the beach and sea foods? Red Snapper MilCut is ready to bring this to you. =) They’re also open for dine in at 163 Military Cut Off, from the waiting shed near Kubong Sawali, follow the road going up, 3rd house on the left … a location far enough away from crowds so you could enjoy eating with your hands, digging for every juicy morsel in the shells.

Baguio Redsnapper Military Cut Off 2020 Mixed seafood, barkada tahong

Mixed seafood platter good for 1-2 and barkada tahong. =D

Go on a sea food diet: 


4.) Shake It Right – Healthy Trail Mix and more

Two words: Healthy snacking. Lots of nuts/seeds and dried fruits in the different packs we like to shake before opening and before getting another handful. (Almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, pecans, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, blueberries, cranberries, goji berries, and dried cherries. I said that aloud and it was a mouthful!)  I appreciate that there are no nuts super easy to come by in the packets with nuts. No offense to the humble peanut; I still love you … just not in trail mix please. =b

If you ever get parched, the ‘shake’ in Shake It Right, also stands for fruit shakes. Why not get some drinks together with the crunchy munchies? Me likey that mango-guyabano combo; I never tried putting those two fruits together before. *sip ahh!

Baguio Shake It Right 2021 Trail mix and fruit shakes

Fruit shakes and trail mix. ^^,

Munch and crunch and sip your way to health:


5.) Tita Lea’s Food Specialties

A name we all know and love by now, I’m sure. *wink I don’t think I need to elaborate any further … Oh maybe just that there are specialties at Tita Lea’s shops other than what she makes herself, if you didn’t know yet. Like these Granda sweets. Oh my, my tastebuds are crazy for this sans rival and sylvanas.

Pampanga's Granda's Sweets and Delicacies 2020 Sylvannas and sansrival

Silvanas and sansrival. Yum!

While you’re at Tita Lea’s, might as well get your faves, eh? Kutsinta? Pichi? Kikiam? Rellenong bangus? *nomnomnom (I’m using the 2015 photo of the relleno since the one Tita sent us recently was the fastest disappearing relleno ever. =)) )


Baguio Tita Lea's Food Specialties 2015 Rellenong bangus

Rellenong bangus. *fingertip kiss

Once again, we come to the end of a post. Thank you so much and more power to Everything Bacon, KDSS Homemade, Red Snapper Military Cut Off branch, Shake It Right (Pot O’ Gold‘s sister food shop), and Tita Lea! 

Happy eatsploring and a happy Chinese new year, y’all! Let’s protect each other by wearing our face masks and face shields properly, and ‘distancia amiga’ when out and about. Take care, keep safe. =D



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32 responses to “Quarantine Surprises … into the New Year”

  1. . says :

    Grandas products are also available at Orange Cafe

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there! Yes, you’re right. Aside from Tita Lea’s Food Specialties Shops, I did Granda’s Sweets and Delicacies at Orange Cafe and also from LJ’s Pasalubong Center.

      Thanks for reading this latest post on quarantine surprises. Happy food adventures; stay safe! (“,)

  2. William says :

    You seem to be enjoying food adventures at home. Its nice you still find new food providers even if you are staying home. I think I saw Redsnapper before on your posts.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, William! While I do miss restaurant/professional plating of dishes, yes, still having a ball eatsploring while on self imposed house arrest. (Sort of cumbersome to be out, methinks.) And yes, thank, heavens for delivery services. *hee

      With regard to Red Snapper, there are different branches with different management, so I have to be specific, it’s Redsnapper Military Cut Off that sent me the scrumptious seafoods. \m/

      Thanks muchie for visiting http://www.findgoodBaguiofoods.com! Keep safe! (“,)

  3. Tess says :

    nice to see a new source of trail mix in Baguio. I will look around the Shake it right page later. Thank you Xine

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Tess! I hope you find your faves for trail mix at the Shake It Right – Healthy Trail Mix and more Facebook page. Thank YOU for dropping by this Baguio food blog! Stay safe! (“,)

  4. Adel says :

    Mainam naman at marami parin bukas na kainan at nagdedeliver sila iha. Travel restriction para sa 65 years old hindi rin pwede lumabas labas.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Adel! It really is a blessing that while we are at war versus a virus, we still can get deliveries if we’d rather be on house arrest.

      I’ve seen new protocols that state below 15 and those over 65 can now go out. I hope you’re getting out some as you feel the need. Do keep safe especially when out in town.

      Thank you so much for looking in on this site from time to time to see what’s up in the Baguio food scene. Take care! (“,)

  5. Elena says :

    Bacon jam I used only for bread.
    Your bacon pasta and bacon salad dressing looks good.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Elena! Everything Bacon.Bacon Everything’s bacon jam is really versatile. I did use it for bread once too, smokey sweety bacon spread. Nyum.

      Thanks for the compliments on our bacon jam pasta and salad dressing. Thank you for visiting this food blog, too. Keep safe while still exploring and eatsploring! (“,)

  6. Megan says :

    Bilao of korean side dishes. Wow.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Megan! I know right, that’s a lot of side dishes, filling side dishes from KDSS Homemade Korean Daily Sidedish Shop. More to go around surely compared to the little saucers. *hihi

      Thank you for visiting FGBFs! Happy eatsploring, stay safe. (“,)

  7. lån says :

    Good you still have posts on Baguio food. It’s also good that the food industry is still going even after a year of pandemic.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, lån! So sorry for the late reply, I just saw your comment now. Yes, still mustering up the will to post on this blog time and again if I could sit on it. The blog’s FB page has regular posts though since they’re pretty much snippet post with just a little caption. *hee

      It really is so nice that Baguio food providers are still keeping on and fighting. Fingers crossed there will be lots of us vaccinated so we can go about more freely.

      Thanks for visiting FGBFs! Stay safe!(“,)

  8. XiNE says :

    Hello there, Munchies Cooking! Thanks for visiting and giving a star out for this Quarantine Surprises new year edition. Happy munchies cooking and blogging to you! (“,)

  9. Anon says :

    Hi! Curious to know if Everything bacon makes a savory bacon jam. YOu mentioned the jam was sweet.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello! Everything Bacon.Bacon Everything just has one flavor for the bacon jam at the moment. I was thinking about how a savory one would also do well as one of those scoop from the jar and top on rice kind of things. *hihi

      Thanks for visiting FGBFs, stay safe! (“,)

  10. Steph says :

    Still watching kdramas? Cant wait until you eatsplore outside again so I can stry what you tried

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Steph! Yes, but not as voraciously as when I started last year. Just finished Law School. =b And Taxi Driver and Sell Your Haunted House.

      I’m trying to fit in some eatsplorations on the few occasions that we do go out. (We’re trying to space our outings 14 to 21 days or more from each other so just in case something latched on to us then, it will just die in our home. *heehaha) I haven’t stopped posting on the blog’s FB page though.

      Thanks muchie for dropping by Find Good Baguio Foods blog. Stay safe! (“,)

  11. Nancy says :


  12. Carol says :

    Long time no see. Shake it right dried fruit and nuts is quite extensive. I dont see goji berries much around here

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Carol! Yes, long time, time passed by in a flash. *hihi

      I know right. I was pretty impressed at the nuts and fruits in Shake It Right’s trail mix selection. I didn’t like the goji much though. =b Dried cherries and cranberries were my favorites for the fruits category.

      Thank you so much for visiting findgoodBaguiofoods.com! Stay safe! (“,)

  13. Candy says :

    Missing your posts Xine. I want to try KDSS food but I don’t know if they are still delivering.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Candy! Aww, thanks much. Will try to get some posts in more frequently … as soon as I get the hang of the new interface.

      Come to think of it, I was going to order some stuff from KDSS Korean Daily Sidedish Shop months back and they said they’d get back to me since mandu wasn’t available yet but they never did. I hope they’re okay. I’ll try ordering again one of these days and get back to you.

      I appreciate you looking in on this food blog. Stay safe! (“,)

  14. Mario says :

    Kaloka natrap kami sa NCR!!!! kainet pa naman dun buti sana kung natunaw din mga fats ko habang andun.

    • XiNE says :

      Ahey, there you are, Mario! I’ve been wondering where you’ve been hiding … Ack! In hot NCR. It was pretty hot here the past months, I can only imagine the heat there. Not fats melting, but dehydration inducing no? =b

      In Baguio now, I hope. Thanks for checking in! Keep safe! (“,)

  15. Peter says :

    Hows it going in Baguio? this coronavisur just isn’t going away. It’s so hard to travel today.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Peter! It’s going. I take it a bit more normal these days with tourists and all, town’s a bit more crowdy again. I’m still not moving around as much because true, traveling these days is pretty cumbersome.

      Yes, formidable enemy COVID is what with all its variants. Hopefully, we can keep the spread in check so it doesn’t evolve any more. Fingers crossed, we’ll defeat this virus once and for all.

      I hope you’re doing a-okay considering the situation. Thank you so much for visiting Find Good Baguio Foods! Stay safe! (“,)

  16. XiNE says :

    Hello, Optimum Cooking. Thanks a lot for the star for this Quarantine Surprises post! Stay safe! (“,)

  17. XiNE says :

    Hello there, Utopia Wanderlust! Thanks muchie for clicking Like for this post. Stay safe! (“,)

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