Wee! More Quarantine Surprises (“,)

We’re loved by the food gods, apparently. (At least, that’s how I feel. #blessed *tahahaha)

Baguio Cold Cuts 2020

Happiness is receiving ‘unexpected’ mail.  =)

Because while we, my foodie lovies and I at FGBFs are making good at doing our part with BAHAYnihan, it’s the good foods that seem to find us these days.

I’m ever so grateful to the entrepreneural persons who in times like these, where a mindset shift and relishing in simple joys is greatly needed, give me a sprinkle of happiness with their quarantine surprises. I can’t describe the feeling of receiving a message saying they’d like me to try this or that, their kitchen pieces de resistance. Delivered straight to our door, no less. Yeh!

[Also, it’s amazing to see people who tapped into their hidden skillsets, becoming cooks, chefs, bakers, (plantitos and plantitas, artists, craftsmen, and so on =b) and turning their house arrest distractions into something that could help in the way of extra income. Way to go, guys!]

1.) Baked Creations by Ash

Ashley is the lady of Le Coq Bleu‘s granddaughter. Looks a lot like great food prepping and baking skills runs in their blood with baked creations in her product line that not only tickle the tastebuds, but also make our eyes sparkle with delight. They’re so be-U-tiful! =D

Baguio Baked Creations by Ash 2020 Choco chip cookies, carrot walnut cupcakes, and cheesecake cupcakes

Chocolate chip cookies – so milky I thought they were cheesecake cookies. Carrot walnut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, cheesecake cupcakes (Pretty with cherry, apple caramel, and blueberry toppings.) (“,)

Want some? Get some. https://www.facebook.com/bakedcreations.ashh/

(Let me also give my compliments to Ms. Ash’s delivery partner, Dispatch Delivery. In both instances, when Mr. Riders called me, they were already at the designated spot in the directions I gave to our looban housey. THANK YOU SO MUCH! )

2.) Cold Cuts Baguio

A small business borne out of a response to a need, the need for quality imported meats … at an affordable price, complete with delivery to our humble homes. Who-zah!


Want to take a closer inspection of what was in the box? Here they are: USDA ribeye, Aussie T-bone, gourmet sausages, and Aussie ribeye.

Baguio Cold Cuts 2020

Cold Cuts Baguio’s best selling products unpacked and unwrapped.

The Australian T-bone steaks were first to get cooked for lunch today. That’s juicy, tender, MSA grade 3, grass fed Angus beef. Pardon me to the steak purists … I think I was a cow in another life. I need me some greens and I ❤ veggies. *heehaha

Baguio Cold Cuts 2020 Cooked Aussie Tbone steak

The cooked Aussie T-bone steak. ❤

Craving for steak? Order up! https://www.facebook.com/ColdCutsBaguio/

FREEBIE ALERT! When you input the promo code “FIND GOOD BAGUIO FOODS” in your message when you place an order at the Cold Cuts Baguio Facebook page, you’re entitled to a free Los Churreros ready-to-cook churros gift.

Baguio Los Churreros 2020 Ready to cook churros

Los Churreros ready-to-cook churros.

3.) Happy TEASbuds

Creamy-licious refreshments, especially the ice cream mermaid milk tea (A blueberrry and strawberry mash up). Just in case it didn’t register, yes, that’s miktea with ice cream, a milk tea ala mode. ^^,

As for the munchable, the shanghai bbq cheeseburger, this is probably the most layers of stuff in a burger I’ve ever encountered. Sandwiched between the buns are cheese, melted cheese, beef shanghai patty, lettuce, special bbq sauce, beef shanghai patty, pickles, eggy dressing. Another one of the literal tall orders, I’d say.

Baguio Happy Teasbuds 2020 Ice cream cake mermaid milk tea, cheesy mango graham cheesecake milk tea, black wintermelon premium milk tea, with double shanghai BBQ cheeseburger

Ice cream cake mermaid milk tea, cheesy mango graham cheesecake milk tea, black wintermelon premium milk tea, with double shanghai BBQ cheeseburger. *nomnom *sip ahh!

Thinking of a burger and milk tea snackage for today? https://www.facebook.com/Happy-TEASbuds-104710037943942/

4.) Iska Kitchen

One would think that it’s people stuck at home would be the only ones trying their hand at different things at this time, but no. In the case of Iska Kitchen, we have a frontliner (Actually, healthcare workers are the last lines of defense) residing at our friendly neighbor’s in La Trinidad,  who’s baking part time. \m/

Check out the flavors in the Iska Kitchen line up of cookies below. So unique, no?

(Please stay safe and healthy, Ms. Ceska! Thank you so much for what you do! ❤ ❤ ❤ )

Baguio Iska Kitchen 2020 Milky banana cookies, Tablea s'mores cookies, nutty oats cookies, and brownie cookies

Milky banana cookies, Tablea s’mores cookies, nutty oats cookies, and brownie cookies. =]

Taste these special cookie flavors: https://www.facebook.com/ISKAKitchenPh/

5.) L’Shef North Gourmet Products

Gourmet bottled savory toppings/dips (I’m referring to these samples sent to me). Bagoong, always a winner to me, made me want to go out for green mangoes the instant I took it out of the bag. *hihi

It’s my first time to see crunchy crispy dulong anchovies, and once I popped a forkful in my mouth to taste, I was so amused with the texture, I felt like I could eat everything in the bottle just with warm rice and get a kick out of it.

You’ll also be giving our farmers and fishermen a hand when you purchase any of L’Shef’s products.  How? Under their #DeliciousWithAPurpose campaign, a portion of the sales of these gourmet products are donated to them. 

Baguio L'Shef North 2020 Gourmet products: Dulong garlic crisp and gourmet bagoong

Dulong garlic crisp and gourmet bagoong. NYUM!

Go gourmet! https://www.facebook.com/lshefnorthluzon/

6.) Sweetmates Cakes

Not one to be left behind with the growing trend of providing for eatables for food adventuring at home, Sweetmates now delivers through their delivery partners, FoodPanda and GrabFood. Got favorites from their selection of dishes and desserts? They can now be brought to your home to enjoy. =]

Baguio Sweetmates Cakes 2020 Cassava cake, cordon bleu rice meal, creamy chicken lumpia rice meal

Cassava cake, cordon bleu rice meal, creamy chicken lumpia rice meal =D

Need a sweet mate for your taste buds?  https://www.facebook.com/SweetmatesCakesBaguio/

7.) Zachsakan ng Sarap

There are many different kinds of banana breads the world over. Each and every one has a special quality to it. With Zachsakan ng Sarap’s version, it’s notable that ‘bouncy in the mouth’ feel of their banana choco bread. =) Picture your head being laid on an extremely fluffy pillow, that’s how it was in my gob with Zachsakan’s baked treat. For all its well balanced flavors, it’s a nice snack for afternoon tea … or could even be the highlight at breakfast.

Baguio Zachsakan ng Sarap 2020 banana choco bread

Banana choco bread *bounce bounce chew

Go bananas over banana bread: https://www.facebook.com/zachsakanngsarap/

(Big thank yous to Baked Creations by Ash, Cold Cuts Baguio, Happy TEASbuds, Iska Kitchen, L’Shef North Gourmet Products, Sweetmates Cakes, and Zachsakan ng Sarap for the surprise sustenance that brought joy to an otherwise monotonous and dragging quarantine.  More power to you all!)

Baguio Cold Cuts, Baked Creations by Ash, Happy Teasbuds, Iska Kitchen, L'Shef North, Sweetmates, Zachsakan ng Sarap 2020


TTFN, as Tigger says … Ta-ta for now.

Just a reminder to us all, in terms of the battle versus coronavirus that we’re fighting, responsibility/accountability on each and every individual’s part is critical. Keep safe, fellow foodies; and stick to the letter of health and safety protocols especially when outside. (“,)


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29 responses to “Wee! More Quarantine Surprises (“,)”

  1. Queen Ara says :

    It’s nice to see you still posting articles even if you don’t go out. Featuring and supporting local is a nice thing to do especially these days. Did you get to try all steaks from Cold Cuts Baguio? How were they?

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Queen Ara! The eatsploring didn’t stop even while we’re on quarantine; thanks to errand services and even more online food shops being born. The least I could do is feature them here and on the blog’s FB to help get a word out.

      As of today, we have cooked all the steaks from Cold Cuts Baguio.All steaks, the Aussie T-bone, USDA ribeye, and Australian rib eye were tender, juicy, and tasty … even without going salt bae on the meats. I hope you enjoy your order of premium imported meat at an affordable price from this online meat shop as much as we did.

      Thank you very much for reading and leaving a comment on this post on Baked Creations by Ash, Cold Cuts Baguio, Happy TEASbuds, Iska Kitchen, L’Shef North, Sweetmates, and Zachsakan ng Sarap. Stay safe! (“,)

  2. Nancy says :

    Is that another layer of bread in between the hamburger patties?That cross section of the burger from Happy Teasbuds reminds me of the Big Mac.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Nancy! Yes, Happy TEASbuds’ double shanghai BBQ cheeseburger does have a bread layer between the two patties like McDonald’s signature “tall order”. This one’s got more dressing things in between than that mainstream one. *hihi

      Thanks for visiting FGBFs! Stay safe and healthy! (“,)

  3. MF says :

    I miss Baguio. I did not get to visit even for business this year. Are you accepting tourists now?

    Those Steaks from the Cold Cuts delivery shop look promising.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, MF! Baguio’s not open to tourists yet. But authorities are looking into September. Do be prepared for lots of checks, the proper papers, and triage if tourists are allowed in the city soon.

      After cooking all three steak varieties in the Cold Cuts Baguio care package, I can say that yes, they did “meat” my expectations. My foodie lovies and I enjoyed the taste test immensely.

      Thank you for dropping by Baguio food blog, even though you haven’t been here yet for 2020. Got our fingers crossed, we’ll all beat Covid the soonest so we can go around again unencumbered. Stay safe! (“,)

  4. Adel says :

    Masyadong maliit mga isdang dulong baka lang mabilis masunog. hindi ba lasang sunog iha?

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Adel! L’Shef’s dulong garlic crisp was proper crispy to me and didn’t taste burnt. I really had fun eating it, just putting a spoonful over rice … a spoonful or two or three. *hihi

      Thanks muchie for reading this feature post on the newest batch of quarantine surprises we got. Stay safe and healthy! (“,)

  5. Mario says :

    May post ka na pala ghorl. Natambakan ako ng mga email notification ng mga judith. Kilala mo ba si judith? heheh Bet ko mga cheesecake sa Baked Creation by Ash. Kakaibang flavor ata yang apple caramel

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Mario! Yes, I know Judith. *heehaha Also getting messages from “her” even via text.

      Order na from Baked Creations by Ash. And yes, apple caramel flavored cheesecakes are pretty special. I think in my foodie blogging time, I only came across two. Check Ms. Ashley’s page out, there are other amusing flavors besides the apple caramel.

      Thank you so much as always for visiting this Baguio food blog. I hope you’re doing a-okay in the quarantine. Take care. (“,)

  6. christian dela cruz says :

    delivery lahat?

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, christian dela cruz! Yes, for the quarantine surprises series, everything we got was delivered to us. Out of those in this list though, Sweetmates Legarda is now open for dine in, I believe. I hope this helps and that you’re doing a-okay.

      Thanks for visiting FGBF! Apologies for the months long late reply. (“,)

  7. Janna says :

    Thought about you today, nice to see you’re still posting. Excited to see what you check off in new normall

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Janna! Long time no see on the comments section of this food blog. *hihi I hope you and your foodie loved ones are good considering 2020’s being a funky year.

      Glad to report that I’m still eatsploring (through delivery), though I haven’t really been food tripping out much … just visited Cha Tien’s new milk tea shop in Camdas, returned to Kadis at Assumption for a bite while out on errands, and checked off Tamtam Cafe at A Hotel on Abanao so far. When it’s easier to get around, I guess, that’s when we’ll start eating out again. Still, I do have updates on this blog’s FB page, just in case you miss my updates enough. =b

      Thank you so much for thinking of me. Do stay safe! (“,)

  8. Amazing Megan says :

    This is a big help for those local businesses here in the PH for featuring their products. Very nice 😊

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Amazing Megan! Thank you so much. Here’s hoping this Baguio food blog helps get the word out even more about local food providers. Stay safe and happy eatsploring! (“,)

  9. Kristie says :

    We havent gone out to dine at any restaurant yet. Mejo nakakatakot kasi 😦 I keep praying that this pandemic will soon be over.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Kristie! I know how you feel. It’s a good thing many food joints are also expanding their services to delivery/have errand partners so we could still go on Baguio food adventures at our own homes.

      And yes, ditto for hoping the pandemic will be over the soonest. Until then, take care! (“,)

  10. Mario says :

    Oktubre na, ghorl. Antay ko dito anong bagong mapaglalafangan. Wer na u. Here na me

    • XiNE says :

      *heehaha Halu, Mario! November na … so sorry for the late reply. I’ll try to get back on track posting here (Had/having too much fun watching Kdramas =b), but just in case you didn’t know, the blog’s Facebook is active … that’s where I post most of the stuff we get delivered since we got on house arrest.

      Thank you so very much for the support! I hope you’re still having a blast eatsploring and exploring in this weird year. Again, stay safe! (“,)

  11. Sally says :

    have you tried everything that cold cuts sent you? Which one did you think was the best tasting?

  12. Alysa says :

    Looking forward to your new posts about what you have recently eatsplored in Baguio, Xine. None of us could have ever predicted we would still be fighting COVID in November but I hope you still have many restaurants to tell us about.
    Keep safe.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Alysa! As far as eating out, we just checked off Cha Tien Milk Tea Shop, they’re back in Baguio with a nice and wide shop at Camdas and Tamtam Cafe by Dalikan’s Chef Harry on Abanao. The rest is food finding its way to us through errand/delivery. *hihi

      So true what you said about us not predicting we’d still have Covid as an issue almost to year end, but here’s to us all, the world over, coping and getting stronger immune systems so even if we do have it, it wouldn’t be severe. Fingers crossed, following Covid prevention protocols keeps it at bay.

      It really is amazing that new food joints are still opening their doors for the first time even in these trying times. Kudos to them and our best wishes for their success for sure. I’ll try to get back on the blogging horse asap. Until then, little updates of what’s what in the Baguio food scene are on https://www.facebook.com/FindGoodBaguioFoods.

      Thank you so much, Alysa! Happy to see you on the comments section. Take care! (“,)

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