Dining La Trinidad: The Barn Resto

Ahoy there, foodie mateys! ^^,

La Trinidad metro Baguio The Barn Restaurant pork chop with banana blossom relish 2019

Pork chop with banana blossom relish =)

… coming from the other side of La Trinidad. (Come to think of it, I rarely … in fact, never until yesterday, did I find myself all the way past Mama’s Table.)

UPDATE 12/24/2019: Please be informed that in order to dine at this place nowadays, you would have to order a full meal. Snacks and coffee not allowed as per the owner. (Please see comments section of this post for more details on the experience of our fellow foodies and my friends. “We don’t serve people who will not get full meals.” Geez, seriously? =( )

UPDATE 02/09/2021: So this place is trending again for their “We don’t serve people who will not get full meals” and now with an added “… minimum consumable guest charge of Php 1000 PER PERSON (can increase depending on season)” policy. I have no intention of jumping on the bandwagon in these trying times, but these policies by The Barn are just nasty. (Shyeew, “lucky” were we, we got to dine here before these nasty, nasty policies were created.)

Introducing, The Barn Restaurant (different from Roadhouse Barn) in Beckel, Km 4 Ambuklao, La Trinidad. They finally opened their doors to the dining public. I have been eagerly waiting, since I first got wind of this place, dear reader, when the lady of Arca’s Yard/Potenciana Avenue, Ms. Ninj, posted about it a couple months back.

La Trinidad metro Baguio The Barn Restaurant menu 2019

The universe allowing everything to fall into place, blessed us with an ultra sunny, beautiful day yesterday … the perfect day to make the trip to this rustic and artisanal resto. Yasss!

La Trinidad metro Baguio The Barn Restaurant 2019

A sight to behold, from The Barn Resto’s view deck.

And what a long and winding journey to the outskirts of Baguio that was. According to Google maps, that’s 8.4 kilometers from town; such a lengthy drive, I was afraid no taxi driver would take us.  Universe still working in our favor, the first one we asked said yes straight away. (Thank you, manong!) On the way, we took the sights and the fresh air in with much gusto. =)

La Trinidad metro Baguio The Barn Restaurant cobb salad 2019

Cobb salad =D

We knew exactly where to stop with the two water tanks painted black, one marked with “cantina secret base”. [Note that construction of what I assume is a parking space is still ongoing right in front of resto and soon a museum/more dining options (and whatever else could be made with such a huge space.)] We followed the short narrow staircase down to be awed at this:

La Trinidad metro Baguio The Barn Restaurant 2019

P3 was greeted the instant we came into view of the staff and were quickly seated. We picked our orders, excited to get our gobs on some of the best that The Barn has to offer for this visit: Cobb salad, bagnet bao, pork chop mains, and kimchi and bacon pancake to eat lamisaanshare-share‘ style. The food prep time was a no biggie considering there’s lots to see and take photos of and with. *taha

La Trinidad metro Baguio The Barn Restaurant 2019

Got lots of photos around the Barn with the help of our extremely accommodating attendant. Thank you so much, miss! (So sorry, we didn’t get your name.) ❤ ❤ ❤

I didn’t realize how long we traveled until I took a small sip of the lemon infused water from my glass. #InstantlyRefreshed! Cobb salad awakened my taste buds with its crunchy veggies with chicken and bacon in zingy red wine dressing, with blue cheese.

Immediately after that starter, we moved to the more substantial pork chops served with banana blossom relish and red mountain rice. All the flavor in that platter was concentrated on the meat which was tender juicy good. I found myself wiping bits of it on the board, just to get more of the juices it eked out and dabbing it here and there on my rice for the relish only had a minute crunchy texture to offer. (I was a tad confused I didn’t get a hint of sourness from that relish. *hee) Though this pork main was good for two to three as per the menu, it’s highly likely that someone, all by their famished lonesome could finish this off in a snap.

La Trinidad metro Baguio The Barn Restaurant deconstructed bagnet bao 2019

Deconstructed bagnet bao (“,)

The deconstructed bagnet bao just then set on our table was our next target. This was one unexpected sandwich. Apart from the unconventional way to enjoy crispy fried pork belly, a little dollop of the sauce (looks a lot like caramel sauce but it’s not. It’s hoisin mayo. =D) brings it up to another level, making my well awakened tastebuds sing with pure rapture.

La Trinidad metro Baguio The Barn Restaurant 2019

Photo while the table is packed. *heehaha

While there were quite a number of flavors for Barn’s pancakes available, both savory and sweet, it was the kimchi-bacon one that caught my foodie posse’s eye. For its fluffiness, topped with cheese, bacon, and a poached egg, this filled up the last bit of space we had left in our tummies. (“,) It was also a fantastic introduction to the pancake line, so much so, that we’re already giddy for our next visit to this pretty eating place to try halo halo, banoffee, spinach and salmon.

La Trinidad metro Baguio The Barn Restaurant kimchi and bacon pancake 2019

Kimchi and bacon pancake ^^,

But there’s always room for dessert.

We weighed our options for the sweet treat and it came down to the tarta de quezo (which looked major familiar to me. We have met before; Basque burnt cheesecake, is that you?) and the sticky toffee pudding. The sticky toffee won. (Got me tongue tied, thinking and blurting out “stinky tofu” to our waiter.) Fabulous, fabulous toffee! It was gooey warm with a tinge of latik. And the edible flowers … I ❤ eating flowers.

La Trinidad metro Baguio The Barn Restaurant sticky toffee pudding 2019

Sticky toffee pudding. *nomnomnom

X marks The Barn Restaurant for good food. It’s been said that “Once you’ve seen the signs about the barn, it becomes impossible to see the barn” (Don DeLillo quote). That rustic Highland vibe, simple yet awe-inspiring sights, dishes that are a joy to look at and even more pleasurable in the mouth … everything that is The Barn in La Trinidad metro Baguio isn’t something that you’ll ever unsee, ever forget.

Food: 4 treasure chests

Service: 5 treasure chests for the attendants on our visit in September 2019. UPDATE 12/24/2019: I’m putting the rating on service as a ??? after hearing the experience of some of our foodie friends where the owner went Gandalf, “You shall not pass” on them, until she ascertained that they were having a full meal at this resto.

Ambiance: 5 treasure chests

Price: 2 treasure chests We’re holding our chests, super kigtot with the ‘Manila priced’ foodstuff, especially the mains. =))

La Trinidad metro Baguio The Barn Restaurant 2019

The general store that holds wooden chopping boards, vanilla extracts, herbs and tomato confit (which I forgot to purchase). (Our favorite server of the day standing to the side but oh so camera ready.) =b

The Barn

Km 4, Ambuklao

Beckel, La Trinidad, Benguet

0921 477 9999


La Trinidad metro Baguio The Barn Restaurant 2019

P3 complete at The Barn.

See location on Google Maps: Pacdal Circle to The Barn, across from NGCP:


La Trinidad metro Baguio The Barn Restaurant 2019

Just this section and you see it’s already a wide dining area. I’m standing in the middle of the room. \m/


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22 responses to “Dining La Trinidad: The Barn Resto”

  1. William says :

    It looks as though Ambuklao is on the rise. I’ll be putting The Barn on my list of places to visit when I return to Baguio in a couple of months

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, William! I agree. I hope you have a fine time dining at The Barn Restaurant whenever it is you come a-visiting! Thanks for visiting Find Good Baguio Foods! (“,)

  2. Alysa says :

    My family and I appreciate your features so much, Xine. We will visit The Barn soon and thanks to your blog, no kigtot because we already know where to go, what to order, how much we will pay.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Alysa! Your appreciation for the feature posts like this on The Barn is much appreciated.

      Cheers to being ready and no kigtot-s for you. *hihi Happy eatsploration! Again, thank you so very much!

  3. Queen Ara says :

    Barn is a very pretty place but the food is so expensive. 300 for pancakes is alot

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Queen Ara. I know right. In fairness to The Barn Resto, our kimchi and bacon pancake was well made … but yes, it sure is pricey. *hihi

      Thank you so much for dropping by this food blog. Happy Baguio/La Trinidad food adventures! (“,)

  4. ryder says :

    the barn deconstructed bagnet bao is interesting.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, ryder! Out of all the stuff we had at The Barn, this was our favorite. ❤ that hoisin mayo.

      Thank you for reading this feature post. I hope you have a fantastic time dining in and around food trip city, Baguio City. (",)

  5. Mario says :

    Food blogging goddess. Kakasight ko lang na may bagong kainan na barn. Pagcheck ko ng email, nanotify na aketch na may post ka. Ang bilis gurl. Sobrang Mahalia Jackson nga lang malalafang. Bakeeet?

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Mario! Thanksies so much for being a loyal visitor of findgoodBaguiofoods.com.

      I’m still reeling from the prices of the items. =b If I wasn’t going to write a feature on The Barn, I would’ve gone with selections from the children’s menu. Ahh, the things I do for my foodie friends. *hihi

      Still, I hope you have a great time at this new resto, if you decide to make a visit. Always grateful to you for reading and commenting on the posts here. Thank you so much. (“,)

      • Mario says :

        Kakonti naman ng nasa children’s menu. Matatagalan pa siguro makapunta ditey. Purita talaga ngayon. hehehh

        • XiNE says :

          Hello there, Mario! I know right, limited selections from the kid’s menu and not as embellished like with a flower or two. Anyway, you will eventually get to check off The Barn Restaurant from your list, I’m sure. Nothing is permanent. *hihi

          Thank you again, Mario! Happy eatsploring … in all places! (“,)

  6. Kris says :

    Food 👌
    Ambiance 👌
    Staff 👌

    Sa entrance, sinalubong kami ni owner asking if we have a reservation. We said wala. Asked if we are there to get coffee and snacks, I said yes sana kase may lakad pa after, then she said sorry because we only serve full meals at kelangan lahat mag order. So we decided na mag dinner na lang tutal 6pm na so she handed us the menu para daw makita muna namin.

    After makapagdecide ng order, they finally let us in para makaupo.

    Mukha ata kaming walang pambayad Para makakain sa pricey resto na to. Lols.😂😂

    Not a very good experience.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Kris! I’m stunned to hear about your food adventure at the Barn. To have to order a full meal in order to stay … Your review deleted? The hell?!

      Thank you for sharing your experience (and in more detail on FGBF’s FB).I hope at least the food was filling, the view super nice and that you got a lot of great photos on your visit. To future food quests, that are more perfect and one for the memory books. Keep on eatsploring! (“,)

  7. Fiona Quinn says :

    Just wanted to share my experience.

    This is a shout out to The Barn Ambuklao Road—You just DESTROYED the Christmas Spirit for my family. Eight people and a baby- Way to go!

    We wanted to come and have some coffee because we did have coffee at your place months ago. I told my sister I wanted to take her there someday for the coffee and the view.

    So, we traveled for maybe 30 minutes or more to your place. But before that, I sent a message to your FB page asking if you guys were open. You said yes. (After what happened I was thinking this would have been a great opportunity for you to mention a very important detail which leads us to the continuation of my story.)

    So. We enter, and there was this “balandra” haha before you enter. So we waited. The place was kind of empty. It only had one table occupied. So I was thinking no problem.

    The guy asked how many we were, and I excitedly said 8 people and a baby. We were about to be seated until the lady, I think the owner, asked what we were having, and I said maybe some coffee. And then she said something like “We don’t just serve coffee because our coffee shop is not yet open.” So I said, “but we had coffee just a few weeks before and it was okay.” She then said they don’t serve people not unless it’s a full meal.” She said, the kitchen can’t take it. Hm. —- Amazing customer skills you haver there.

    So, in my head I thought, okay, maybe we can order coffee and food/snacks since we already had lunch. (This is me trying to calm down) I told her we traveled a long way. She said, okay, but the spot avail for that (meaning those who won’t take a full meal) is outside. So i said yes, thinking it would be okay.. with a baby. So, we see the place and it was really hot!

    At this point I was getting frustrated and angry. She can see we had two kids and a baby (i don’t know how many more tomes I should say it. We were also with 2 SENIOR CITIZENS. There was only one table occupied at that time. The other tables were reserved (i could see the sign) and others were not. I was looking at the empty space inside,and I was looking at her hoping she would somehow look at the situation and apply a bit of customer service. haha

    So we decided to leave (at this point i was pretty angry) — back story. This day was supposed to be a family Christmas get together since we are breaking tradition and not having the usual noche buena sa gabi.) We had lunch at Forest House Bistro and it was awesome!

    So as we were leaving, I told the owner, it would have been nice if they posted on social media something that warns people that they don’t receive people if they don’t order a full meal. Going back to earlier, when I asked if you were open, at around 1 pm, you should’ve mentioned a bit about it.

    Back to my story. I felt the owner was really hesitant at receiving us just because we told her that we were just having coffee.

    My point.

    1. CUSTOMER SERVICE. You know what would have been better? Instead of saying “We don’t serve people who don’t order a full meal” you could have said “I’m so sorry. Since it’s the holiday, we can only accommodate a minimum
    order of P 1,500. That way, you make the customer feel okay with either staying or leaving understanding that it was a special menu.

    2. It’s the holiday. You see a baby and two
    kids. Scorching heat outside. Empty tables inside. Maybe a bit of care?

    3. If you want to make The Barn a super sosyal and exclusive place.. uhm. i shall stop here.

    Nevertheless, we refuse to let this totally ruin our Christmas.

    I don’t usually post things like this on my wall. I am usually a very good person. But if it’s about family— tsk tsk.

    Anyway. Merry Christmas!!!

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Fiona Quinn! Thank you so much for sharing your experience at The Barn. It’s so sad and horrifying to hear (twice now) that the owner would do a Gandalf “You shall not pass” to potential customers until she’s ascertained that you’re going to have a full meal. =(

      I have inserted an update on my post warning readers of the (new policy of) ‘full meal orders only’. At the very least, they should just shift to a full fledged coursed meals resto with advance booking if this is the case. To have to make the long trip only to be blocked and interrogated on what you’re planning to eat when you get there is so ‘buraot’ of the owner. =S

      Shyeew. I guess we charge to experience in times like this and hope for the best in future eatsplorations. I wish you the most memorable dining experiences (positive happy memories, of course) at your next food adventure. Big hugs, Fiona! (“,)

  8. Johann Abellaneda says :

    We just went there now and I was surprised that they said it’s 1,200/head consumable. Modesty aside, we can afford this. Kaso I was with my family and we had 3 kids (13 12 2 yrs old). I was asking if baka pwde sa kids below 1,200 and us adults nalang 1,200. How in the hell will my 2 yr old daughter consume 1,200? Hahaha 🤣

    Yes I know this is management directives. Pero hindi nila pwde i-consider? GIVEN THE TIME WE ARRIVED THEY HAD ZERO CUSTOMERS. Yes I know you can tell me na if we can’t afford it then we can just leave.

    Pero seryoso they just turned down customers who were willing to spend let’s say 5,000? (We were 4 adults 3 kids).

    Tapos the reservations officer Cristine said she doesn’t have the number of the manager daw and gave me the number of their corporate office na wala naman sumasagot! Hahaha!



    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Johann Abellaneda! Thank you so much for sharing your experience at The Barn. So sad you had to experience this … Seems like Barn is gaining notoriety with how they go about things.

      Apologies for the super late reply, I just signed in today. Anyway, here’s to a new year with hopefully never having to dine at a place like this ever again. All the best! (“,)

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