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Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn: A Table of Plenty to Share with Foodie Lovies

I’ve been dying to try buffet at Lamisaan Dining & Bar ever since they opened last year. (I was a literal ‘haba ng hair’ then. *tahaha) Stuff like life’s lemons kept coming up and finally, this time … this time, the ‘drawing’ came to life when I got invited to see, with my own eyes, the goings on at Holiday Inn’s weekend buffet. (Wee! Thank you so much, Holiday Inn!)

Baguio Lamisaan Dining & Bar at Holiday Inn 2019 cold cuts

Cold cuts, grapes, and cheese at the cold cuts and maki station.

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OMG! I <3 Veggies! =)

Me thinks, the title says it all.

(I’m so glad I was born and raised in Baguio City where I’m never away from fresh produce.)

Oh My Gulay (OMG) sign and menu

Up to the 5th floor for OMG food! Here’s the OMG menu. So what are you having today? ^^,

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Lunch at the Villas – Villa Cordillera (The Fireplace) and Villa La Maja

Woke up late at your Baguio accommodation, eh?  Missed breakfast most likely, too.

It’s alright. (Especially if you’re on vacay and with the temperature in the city (11◦C to 18◦C), who would want to get out of bed? =D (Brrr, it’s cold! *tigerger tigergrrr)  If you happen to be staying at Villa Cordillera or Villa La Maja, you can rest easy because they’ve got a good lunch to offer you.

The Fireplace Bar and Restaurant

The Fireplace Bar and Restaurant surroundings

The surroundings at the Fireplace…what a view (of the greens), right? Weee!  ^^, Inside, nothing special, although, this might look more interesting under cover of night. *hhhmm

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