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Azotea Greens for Health

Baguio is a place well known for abundant, fresh farm produce, and it’s only right that there are restaurants that carry on a vegetarian theme for their offering.  One of these establishments is Azotea Greens – though just recently opened  (a couple of months in their new home at the La Azotea basement), is the toast of the town. (“,)

Azotea Greens sign

Azotea Greens for Health

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How the Foodstuff Photos were Put Together…

No doubt about it, I’ve taken a lot of photos.  It’s really not that far off when I can just reach into my itsybitsy bag, take out my camera and capture the great moments of my life (no matter how small or seeming shallow).

With so many photos; not only of food, of me and my loved ones going on an eating binge, but also of sights and scenes in my city and beyond, I have to put them together artistically so it would fit my Facebook account and my blog. =b

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