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Maeve Cafe: Simple but Great Joys at Lucia’s B&B

Finally, at last, belatedly, we’re here!

Baguio Maeve Cafe at Lucia's Bed and Breakfast strawberry broccoli salad 2018

Broccoli and strawberry salad ^^,

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The Weird, The Lovely and The Delicious at Ramos Kambingan (Slaughter Compound)

As I have mentioned before, there are quite a few eateries located out in Slaughter Compound (something like seven or eight stalls, not just five *hihi).  With one place tried and blogged about, it wouldn’t be fair if the others are left in the background. So let’s look closely at another place where to eat in Baguio that’s standing shoulder  to shoulder with Nico’s Restaurant.

Let’s give a warm welcome to Ramos Kambingan and Seafood House! =D

Ramos Kambingan and Seafood House Slaughter Compound store facade

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