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UPDATE: Sun Cellular – Baguio Bloggers Dinner Party at Hill Station

It’s Sun Cellular and the Baguio bloggers turn to take refuge at Hill Station.  I’ve never been here with a large group of people before (mostly just Race and me or P3) and I loved every minute of it – dining on good food in the midst of the Hill Station ambiance (Oh yeah, wide windows), meeting new friends, making new friends, and learning about what’s new to the Sun Cell product line.  As dark as it was outside on that February evening, it all became bright and sunny with the arrival of light and bubbly, oh so cheerful, Sun Cell representative, Maam Carissa. (“,)

Sun Cell-Baguio Bloggers Party at Hill Station

Sun Cellular – Baguio bloggers meet and greet at Hill Station =)

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Hill Station: Take Refuge in Good Food

Baguio City, for its cool climate, is a refuge for many in the hotter months of the year.  This is the very essence of what a hill station is and now, with Casa Vallejo being reopened (I used to fantasize seeing what it looks like inside this place as a child =D), Baguio residents as well as visitors to the city have a place to take refuge in that serves good food.

Hill Station dining area, staircase

Ahhh, the staircase to the dining area. (“,)

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Baguio Food Tour Thru Menus part 3

And now, part three of the Baguio food tour through menus series

at the rooftop of Baguio Outlook Ridge Residences

Joining the picture perfect view of the Cordillera Ranges against sunny blue skies. (“,)

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