Destination Chow: The Camp (Sala and Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint)

Are you ready for camp, Baguio food explorers?

lounging at the Sala Resto at the Camp Baguio 2014


There’s no need to pack, you guys, for I’m referring to the newly opened bright spot on Leonard Wood Road, The Camp and its resto bars: Sala and Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint.  (Shyeew, mouthful of a name that one.  In succeeding mentions, I’ll just say Joint, okay? Beats acronyms, too. JADGSJ *harhar)

UPDATE 05/19/2017: Three years after, we’re back at The Camp, checking out what’s new and what’s changed.


Sala Resto at the Camp Baguio menu 2014

Sala menu *click on photo for a larger view

Thanks to Ms. Angeline‘s sleuthing skills (Way to go, you! We’re much obliged =D), we arrived at this building and found the food establishments in it, open … finally. (Three times the charm \m/) (Just in case you were looking to get some lunchies from them before, their opening time is 5:00 p.m.  That means dinner for all of us. =b UPDATE 08/12/2014: Their Facebook pages are advertising breakfast – 8:00 a.m., so I guess they’re changing things around again.)  Question is, is The Camp a good place to get heavy fillers for your tummy or is it an honest to goodness drinking place?

Sala Resto at the Camp Baguio refreshments 2014

Refreshments at the Sala

Just like Reverie by day/Nostalgia by night, it is! (NOTE: Although, I believe, there are heavier stuffers available at the Joint than the Sala.  Lookie, the menus. ^^,)

As I surmised, the Sala was a huge area with clusters of couches, ottomans, end tables, and coffee tables.  I could clearly see myself hanging out at this stimulating, stimulating spot on the earlier part of their business hours … say it with me, “Wide, open spaces!”  I so wanted to get comfy and lie down on the sofa just staring at the ceiling studded with interesting art pieces. *contented sigh  They’ve got different sections here for smokers and non-smokers  as well.

Sala Resto at the Camp Baguio 2014

Ala Carte: Pork chop with onion rings (“,)

As for what we had for dinner at this living room themed establishment, Race picked the pork steak with onion rings from the ala carte section of the menu while I held off for a few minutes (Ah, to figure out whose caricatures those were, reflect on what this or that abstract piece meant to me, etc. *tee hee) before I chose Pinoy bougia base soup. (Don’t forget to look above the ‘headings’ on the menu, you might miss out on something totally scrumptious. In hindsight, I would’ve gotten the wild mushroom soup, above the heading, “SOUP” if I noticed it then. Oh, well, there’s always a next time.)

a section of the Sala Resto at the Camp Baguio 2014

One of the living room clusters

Definitely, the pieces of pork steak were the star in Race’s plate.  Juicy and flavorful, we chewed on these chunks eking out its zest. I kept thinking, it’s like gum, only salty and more tender. =b  The bouiga base was a simple but good bowl of soup.  It looked and tasted like cream of something … like maybe mushroom, but with bits of seafood (shrimp, squid, cream dory) in it.

Sala Resto at the Camp Baguio Pinoy bouga base soup 2014

Pinoy bougia base soup =b


Food: 3 treasure chests Race’s hunger pangs, a distant memory as we walked to the next joint.

Service: 4 treasure chests Friendly staff. We got a heartfelt smile and greet, walking in and walking out of the Sala.

Ambiance: 5 treasure chests A great deal of thought definitely went into the aesthetics of this space, two thumbs up. NOTE: If you’re eating a real meal here, however, be prepared to hunch over or hold your plate to your chest, eating with one hand a la big house party.

Price: 3 treasure chests


The Joint

 Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint at the Camp Baguio menu 2014

Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint menu *click on photo for a larger view

Walking a few steps to the Sick Joint next door, I already had their rabbit stew in mind for dinner (a decision made during recon) .  Though, this eating place looks pub-ier than Sala, it had more filling meals to offer in their steaks, house specialty (of rabbit) and tough guy platters (aside from the similar offering of sandwiches and burgers with their sister resto pub).  (My, what interesting foreign beers they offer, too. =) )

light beer at Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint at the Camp Baguio 2014

Going light at the joint … Race did look for some Red Horse but there wasn’t any on the menu.

We picked a spot in one of the lengthy diner booths (ahh, the proper height for a dining table *hihi) against the wall … but there were many other interesting places to sit around the expansive Joint. (Bar stools huddled around a barrel, anyone?)

 Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint at the Camp Baguio sizzling pork sisig 2014

Sizzling pork sisig ^^,

My better half chose to munch on some sisig (probably evidence of the power of suggestion by the Greatest Pork Dish on Earth article by which in his opinion was a pretty good plate of sisig, while I labored through every forkful of my rabbit stew.

 Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint at the Camp Baguio 2014

The space in front of the bar. There are more diner booths behind it.

It tasted fine, mind you (I expected it to be soupier) but I couldn’t take the cute, cuddly, fuzzie wozzie faces of these animals off my mind to really enjoy the dish. #borderline vegetarian  It tasted like chicken to X+1 nevertheless … and then a little he said, she said moment with me thinking it was a bit stringy in consistency when the meat broke up in my mouth while Race thought, it was juicier than chicken meat. Boy, was I glad for the nice salad side dish(es) *snickers

 Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint at the Camp Baguio rabbit stew 2014

Rabbit stew. (I’m sorry little fuzz balls. *blush)

Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint

Food: 3 treasure chests

Service: 3 treasure chests Speedy enough, I guess they’re getting the hang of things (in contrast to a couple reviews on their FB page).  The people next door were friendlier, however.

Ambiance: 4 treasure chests For sure, lots of planning went into the looks of The Camp’s inhouse restaurants.  I like the brighter, Sala, though. … oh and yeah, I don’t mean to be a prude but I think the decor in this joint is pretty crass. So, I like the brighter … and more wholesome, Sala. *giggles

Price: 3 treasure chests

hanging out at Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint at the Camp Baguio 2014

Just chillin’ at the Joint =D

X marks Sala and Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint for good food in Baguio.  Where to eat in Baguio City? You can leave these resto bars with your friends as happy campers with the meal options that they have. (“,)

the ceiling of Sala Resto at the Camp Baguio 2014

❤ this!


Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint

Leonard Wood Road (across from Teacher’s Camp, beside Zio’s Pizzeria and Yun Soo St. Jude)

Baguio City, Philippines


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19 responses to “Destination Chow: The Camp (Sala and Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint)”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Disappointed at the joint today, my first and last visit to that restaurant

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there! Sad to hear you had a bad experience at the Joint. Hope your next Baguio food trip will be more rewarding. Keep on eatsploring! (“,)

  2. Anonymous says :

    this blog is the best! were definitely going to sala. thanks xine! 😉

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there! Thank you so much … and you’re welcome, too! Ah yes, I prefer the Sala better than the next Joint (eye candy interiors *hihi). Hope you have a great time at Sala! (“,)

  3. Blood says :

    Just ate and had a pitcher of cocktail with my friends last weekend at Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint. At first, we find the ambiance and the drink good – not until we found out that the Taro chips we are eating (1/4 left) has something with it – a cockroach (fried, to be specific). Eewie! My friends insisted to disregard about it, but I still told the manager regarding the issue. They apologize though and offered another serving to us but we could not take another bite of those anymore. Too disappointing.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Blood. OMG! More than disappointing even =S I guess the week or so (February) of closing of the whole Camp to improve services, etc., etc. didn’t do any good.

      It was great that you called the manager’s attention to it, so they know they have to do double time with improvements/meticulousness. I hope your future eatscapades would no longer have any eewie-s in it but would all be memorable and wonderful. (“,)

  4. Juliet says :

    We just went here late December 2015 because we had no choice but to eat for this was the one we found near to the place we’re staying in. But then they had poor services. I was disappointed for some matters. The food was well, but not all of it. The waitress on the Just Another Damn Good Sick joint was very unfriendly when we were asking for a glass of water for they don’t serve on. So definitely, they served us a glass full of ice. Plus both restaurants don’t serve hot beverages and when we were about to pay, we had a hard time because my mom paid using her credit card. And the staff were all panicking because there was no signal and so the credit card couldn’t process. We stayed there and so we decided to check out Sala and I was very delighted to dee they serve coffee. But then again, the night was cold and I was looking for some warm drink but then don’t serve any. It was so frustrating that I wish we just ate somewhere better.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Juliet! Thank you so much for dropping by the blog and leaving feedback about your most recent experience at Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint and Sala at The Camp. It’s so sad to hear that even after all this time (a year more since they’ve opened), they still have some stuff to figure out with regards to their services. (being more thorough on their staff training as well as providing for a basic need like water). With this particular establishment focusing more on being a drinking place, I’m surprised to hear from you that Sala also is still focused more on icy refreshments (something they have to improve on too).

      Thank you so much again for telling me about your experience at The Camp. I hope that, with them, seeing your comment here, would help them become better in the food industry (even though they’re mainly a drinking place). Here’s to a 2016 of better eatsplorations for you, too! (“,)

      Just in case you find yourself in the same accommodations at a future visit to Baguio, you might want to try Zio’s Pizza, Miwishayu Burgers and if you like something extremely healthy, Live Long Detox Bar. All these places are also on the same stretch of Leonard Wood Road.La Casa Bianca is along the way too. A little further off to Botanical Garden, there’s Pine Country Steaks and Waffles and Newtown Plaza on the road behind it, with all their eating places on the first floor (Red Buggy Burgers, Mon and Pot Lugawan, Kalye homecooked meals, Wood Nymph Korean food) as well as Elements (a buffet resto) and Chemistry, their inhouse restaurants.

      Happy new year again to you and your family!

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