Intermission: (Some) Thoughts Running through My Head

(That’s lyrics to a song, isn’t it?

 Baguio homemade ginataan

Monsoon season comfort food. ^^,

With a little Googling action, we find out: Yes, it is a line from ‘Angel’ by Robbie Williams. \m/)

While my mind’s always busy thinking about a variety of stuff (some days, to a point where I couldn’t sleep a wink =b), it churned overtime with typhoon Ineng in the Philippines. (I do hope you all  are doing a-okay, my foodie friends. (“,) )

At the time we had no electricity, I concentrated more on hoping that our roof wouldn’t fly off with the next blast of wind that slams into the side of our house.  For the typhoon’s second day, I almost started biting my nails in worry that my sister was  still on the road to Baguio from Isabela.

Google Chrome No Internet Dino Game with new pterodactyl level

The no internet dino game gets a new level … pterodactyls flying by. =)

With power restored (BIG, BIG THANKS to the people at BENECO who did/are doing their utmost to get power restored to the whole city! With all the damage that the storm left in its wake, these guys must have their hands full), I quickly tried to search for details on the roads going to Baguio. Unfortunately, the internet was wonky at that time … but with electricity, I was less scared of the wind and the rain; so grateful to you guys working in the blustery weather, away from the comfort of home, risking your lives, BENECO. ^^,

2015-08-21 Baguio-Vizcaya Road landslide in typhoon Ineng

My sister and her husband get a driver and passenger seat to ongoing road clearing. \m/

When finally, I was connected to the World Wide Web again, I found information on Facebook that there’ve been landslides in this or or that road. Even more bothered now that one of those roads was the Baguio-Vizcaya Road, I breathed a huge sigh of relief seeing my sister walk through our gate.  Shyeew. (BIG, BIG THANKS too, to DPWH Benguet!)

2015-08-22 My sisters FB status on DPWH workers in typhoon Ineng

An excerpt. My sister expresses her gratitude better than I could. *heehaha

Boy are we glad, that typhoon is gone. #happydance

In other ‘news’ on what I’ve been chewing on recently, being on house arrest in the inclement weather, I wished I was truly chewing on: Noodle King‘s salad and noodle offering, Axes‘ shantong soup, Rose‘s mami, etc., etc. *drool

I realized also that the blog’s anniversary is coming up in a month. (Whoa!) Hhhmm, how to celebrate it, what giveaway to host? On the other side of the fence, I’m beginning to feel a certain ennui for this blogging thing and am considering closing up shop. Cue Things that Make You Go Hhmmm by C+C Music Factory.

2015-09-12 Fox Searchlight Pictures The Drop

Movie still from The Drop: Bob and Nadia in Cousin Marv’s Bar. (I will not explain further what’s happening in the scene because that would be a major spoiler alert. =b It’s here for the line. *hihi)

Here’s hoping that this feeling will pass just like the typhoons that pass through the country. Meanwhile, I’ll work on rekindling my interest in writing entries for this online diary about my eatsplorations by binge watching my first real favorite food TV show, Good Eats with Chef Alton Brown. (Super reminiscing mode from conversations with Ela and Paolo *snickers)

For the time being, if you have any suggestion for the blog’s third year anniversary giveaway, I’d love to hear it. Please leave a comment under this blogpost or send a message through the blog’s FB page. =)


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20 responses to “Intermission: (Some) Thoughts Running through My Head”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Ay, pano namin malalaman new restaurant pag wala na blog mo. 😦

  2. Nickie says :

    NOOOOOO! DOn’t stop blogging Xine! hehe

    • XiNE says :

      =b You’re my friend naman, if i do stop updating this blog, you’ll hear the experience from the horse’s mouth. Thank you, thank you! (“,)

  3. Mario says :

    I would like the give away like for the first year anniversary. 😉

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Mario! I know right, that was a fun giveaway. *hihi Thank you for the suggestion, it is duly noted. Thank you for visiting the blog as well! Happy food trails! (“,)

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