Amare La Cucina: Love the Kitchen, Love the Food

I’m so ecstatic to see the number of Baguio food questers growing. It’s fun to find out too, that there are many more people getting into the business of providing the City of Pines with good stuff to eat.

As I’ve indicated before, Jo has become one of my bona fide Baguio food exploration companions.  She’s keeping a look out for newly opened places and it probably works so much better that way since she gets out a lot. (Exercise sightseeing, gooooo, Jo! *me with pompoms)

Amare La Cucina home turned establishment

The residence turned Amare La Cucina

Last week, Jo sent me a text giving me a heads up for a new pizza place in town.  She said it was in Loakan and so I started planning for a joy ride/recon ride with Race back to Loakan. (Who knows, we might find Crazy Chef when we do a second sweep of the vicinity.)  It, being a busy week/month (thank the gods for work =D), our reconnaissance trip was put off again and again.  Jo asked me later if I found it, saying her coworkers and friends really wanted me to try this new place. (Thank you so much everyone at IHG who’s cheering me on! You guys rock! (“,) Feels a little, too, like Man v. Food minus the gluttonously large proportions of food in one sitting. *harhar)

inside Amare La Cucina

Inside the Cucina

A few days ago, Beth asked me if I heard about a pizzeria at Engineers Hill.  One of her coworkers said, he thought the name of the establishment was Amira.  It suddenly got me thinking, the only Amirah I know about used to be Amirah. A followup text came saying, it’s a pizzeria that bakes their pizza in a brick oven.  I then wondered if it was the same place that the IHG-ians were talking about.  I really, REALLY had to get out and see now.  Before the recon day came however, one of my blogger friends sent me a Facebook link. Lo and behold, it’s a pizzeria with a brick oven. \m/ Thank you so much, Sam! You saved Race gas money. Join us in a food adventure – on us. (“,)

Amare La Cucina menu

The sheet menu *click to enlarge photo No worries about the sheet menu (and that there’s no dessert), that just means there might be additions and revisions to their offering. Hold your horses guys, the Kitchen is just a month old. Ohh, anticipating more stuff to eats-plore. *clap clap

On with our Amare experience!

Race and I still did a little checking, the few minutes before we actually met with Beth.  It was pretty easy to find Amare La Cucina because the wood fire brick oven pizza (and more) establishment did a really good job of setting up signs to their place. We got there a little before 11:00 a.m. where the owner told us, they’d be open in a few minutes. It was good time to go and meet Beth who’s been craving for pizza.

Amare La Cucina mint iced tea

Mint iced tea … see the greenish tinge at the bottom of the glasses? That’s the minty flavor. Give your beverage a little stir.

Back as P2+1, we got one dish from the salads, the pasta, the ribs (the one and only), and of course, the pizza.  We also inquired about the size of the pizza and our lady attendant said charmingly, it was something from 12 to 14 inches.  =) Remember guys, it’s brick oven baking.  We then waited for our food taking little sips of mint iced tea from our glasses.

Okay, I couldn’t sit still. I wanted to see the wondrous wood fire-d brick oven … from the oven door’s side.  Good thing, it’s just behind the counter. (You can see the oven and its exhaust from the outside of the pizzeria – first photo in this blog.)

Amare La Cucina details

Little details around Amare La Cucina … and the star of the kitchen, the brick oven! (I love the clock on the post too. What an artful little piece! Oh and the chili oil dispenser. It was amusing to watch the excess oil dripping back from the spout into the bottle, so hour glass-y)

Our salad was then brought to our table. (Big serving platters are in.)

It was a delicious plate of greens.  I did want a little bit more of the special sauce but that didn’t really matter once I got to the arugula and the caramelized walnuts.  Yum, I thought in getting that nutty flavor in my mouth. Hooray for dried tomatoes, too.

Amare La Cucina Marianne's special salad

Marianne’s special =D

Fresh from the oven, our pizza came.

Ooh, how the aroma filled the air.  Salivating for the fragrant pizza, I finished the salad on my plate quickly.  In getting a slice, I found it to be both thin (middle part) and thick (ends) crust pizza which is a good enough combination.  The bite I took out of it was mildly flavored.  But it’s better mild than extreme, nothing a dash of chili oil (which is Amare’s hot sauce seasoning) and a little sprinkling of salt can’t fix.  Hhhm, maybe more bacon saltiness? *nomnomnom, chewy dough.

Amare La Cucina white pizza

White pizza ^^,

The plate of ribs and veggies was mainly for Race.  He fancies himself a rib man now. *snickers

He did give us a piece of the meat and some vegetables.  With what I got, I thought the meat was tender enough.  Don’t expect it to be fall of the bone because this was cooked in the brick oven too.  For a little flavor, dip or pour on the garlic sauce.  As for the veggies, it reminded me of the stuffing in empanada. Good, right? Yiiis.

Amare La Cucina wood fired ribs with veggies

Wood fired ribs with veggies =)

Now, for the pasta.

One of the most excellently cooked pastas I’ve ever had.  To think, the noodles were fettuccine. \m/ The sauce: pure tomato with just enough prawns for Beth, Race and me.  Dash of salt for Ms. Salty here … me.

Amare La Cucina ala gamberi pasta

Ala gamberi … beautiful plate of pasta as well (“,)

My, that was a filling lunch … and all for P1318.50.  (They’ve got a 10% off opening promo that lasts until July 27, 2013. )

X marks Amare for good food in Baguio. It’s all about the love of Amare’s kitchen and food … love their kitchen, love their food.  Visit them soon!

Dining at Amare La Cucina

P2+1: Lovers of the kitchen and its food. Sadly, we (this P2+1) can’t do much in the kitchen. *hihi MIA: The one who knows her way around it. Wish you were here, Karla! ^^, Get well soon! Biiiig hugs!

Food: 3 treasure chests and a special rating of 4 treasure chests for the al dente pasta.  Hopefully, I can get a taste of the foie gras pizza soon (didn’t see that one in our visit). We’ll be back for some tomato-sauce-y pizzas, too.  ***MSG free food! (food offerings are free of monosodium glutamate – as per menu/restaurant staff member.  Please ALWAYS CONFIRM with your attendant/server/waiter to be on the safe side. ^^,)

Service: 4 treasure chests I’m still smiling at the thought of our charming lady attendant. (“,) Thanks to you for taking our photo. Nice shot, you handled the camera really well po. \m/

Ambiance: 3 treasure chests The pizzeria is a little small and with everyone wanting a taste of a brick oven pizza, it can get crowded pretty quickly.

Price: 4 treasure chests

The road to Amare La Cucina

The way to Amare. Follow the signs please. DPS Compound Brgy. (After Mario’s before the road going into South Drive), down the road turn left. UPDATE 12/28/2013: Amare La Cucina is moving to Egi Albergo Di Ferroca Hotel. They’ll be (re)opening their doors and firing up their wood brick oven in January.

Amare La Cucina

#6 DPS Compound

Baguio City, Philippines

0917 790 0294

UPDATE 12/28/2013: Amare La Cucina is moving to Egi Albergo Di Ferroca Hotel, where Gustaeu‘s is. They’ll be (re)opening their doors and firing up their wood brick oven in January. 

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29 responses to “Amare La Cucina: Love the Kitchen, Love the Food”

  1. elakatrina says :

    Yey, thanks for this! 🙂 i always check your reviews first before i go and try a place hihihi 🙂

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, elakatrina! To be sure ba? Sayang money if it doesn’t work out no? =b Thank you, thank you so much for the support!

      Posted a day early, excited to spread news of eating places *hihi. I hope you have a good time at Amare! Have a great new week! (“,)

      • Anonymous says :

        magkano pagkain dito?

        • XiNE says :

          Hello there! Please do scroll through the post for a photo of their menu (NOTE: It is the old one for when this post was written). Of course, the Amare La Cucina of today (at Albergo Hotel) has since removed some dishes from the menu, added new dishes as well as upped the prices on some items (by around P30 upwards) but I hope this helps a bit for you to get some idea of the prices of Amare’s food. Happy Baguio food adventure! (“,)

  2. Cynths says :

    thanks for the new info, we’ll definitely go there!

  3. Anonymous says :

    Thank you for finding these restruants for us. We’re eating everywhere like you now, no more same old same old. More power to you and your blog. 😉

    • XiNE says :

      Hi! It’s my pleasure. *hihi You’re done with same old, same old. That’s good since there are so many places to eat at in Baguio. Happy Baguio eatsploration! (“,)

  4. Steady Eddie says :

    It’s very generous of you to have shared your great gastronomic experience at Amare La Cucina on your blogsite. We are truly overwhelmed with joy and excitement to know that we can make many people happy through the food that we serve from our kitchen. It inspires us more to know that the taste and aroma from our dishes can warm the hearts of our customers. Samuel Taylor Coleridge was right when he wrote, “what comes from the heart goes to the heart…” And this, with heartfelt service and humility, is what we constantly endeavor to serve the people of Baguio: food from the kitchen, prepared and served with love.
    We are looking forward to your next visit. We are very excited for you and your friends to try the other dishes in our menu. Please text/call Edmark at … for reservation.09177900294

    God bless and more power to you!

    Best regards,

    Amare La Cucina Management & Staff

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Steady Eddie! It truly was a pleasure … especially for my rumbly tummy. =b

      Carry on please. We really appreciate the service you’re providing for Baguio! Here’s to more good eats from Amare’s kitchen. More power to you all at Amare!

      Looking forward to our next visit. Foie gras pizza, foie gras pizza! … oh and dessert (just saw your latest Facebook post). Hooray for new additions to the menu! (“,)

  5. Ane says :

    I cannot wait to try Amare out! 😛

    My blog could use some feeding. 😛 hehe

    I also am looking forward to a food adventure with you! 😀

  6. Grace Lyn Maglaya Marzo says :

    Are you catering for birtday parties?

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