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How to Get Your Fill of Baguio’s Good Eats from This Blog …

Not everything that’s in this blog gets seen on Google searches, Yahoo searches and on searches that you do on your favorite search engine.  Essentially, it’s because I’m just too darn meticulous about putting tags on my blogs.  (If I had it my way, I would input one whole blog in the tags as well =b) On the other hand, I also forget to put specific tags in a restaurant review that I’ve recently posted.

You might be searching for a specific restaurant that you’ve heard of and comes out as one of the results.  You click on the link and once this blog loads up,you might find yourself in the home page where my most recent posts are listed. What happened there, you might be thinking. It’s possible you were directed to the blog because of the (uber general) tag “Baguio restaurants”.  =D search bar

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Intermission =)

It’s a work over load day for me today.  (Lots to do, lots to do. ^^,)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Remember, we’re ALWAYS lucky! *hihi … and somebody’s got to pay for all this eating out we’re doing =b  So let’s take a little break from the Baguio food and restaurant reviews on this busy day.

While I’m out and about doing work, the song that’s on repeat in my mind (in an 80s song mode now *hee)  is one of Gloria Estefan’s. We just need to switch the chorus lyrics up a bit with: ♪ ♫ … I tried to food blog today, but the work got in the way.  ♪ ♫ =))

A good Wednesday to you, my foodie friends! (“,)

UPDATE: Kambingan sa Scout Barrio (formerly Tabligan’s)

Mission: Look for and dine at Crazy Chef.

That was Karla’s find which she told me about in December of last year.  She did mention in our Barn experience though that she wasn’t sure if they were still open (startup troubles, something or other. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they work-ed things out.) To Loakan, Race and I rode, almost getting to PMA. We didn’t see Crazy Chef on either side of the street, both ways, coming and going.  (My bad for not rereading Karla’s directions before embarking on the journey. =b)

We were prepared enough, however, in that we had a backup plan.  We learned a little something about how to do proper recon, from my brother. *hee

Plan B:  Tabligan Kambingan sa Scout Barrio … and what a great fallback it was. (“,)

Tabligan Kambingan sa Scout Barrio entrance

Come on in …

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