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Rasa Pura was Sweet on Me =b

Actually, it was just the grass jelly and the lemon chicken. *hihi  The other things we had in our latest(ish) Baguio food quest were savory to say the least.

But this, wasn’t the good Singaporean’s fault. (That’s ‘rasa pura’ translated. Information courtesy of our attendant, Sir Ryan. Thank you so much!)

Rasa Pura Baguio by the entrance

Xine and Beth welcome you to a new food establishment in the City of Pines =)

Let me elaborate.   Read More…

Cuttie Cuppies Shoppe and the Wondrous Delights Beyond B.C., PI

Christmas is in the air!  … and we feel it in the temperature drop. \m/ (Jack Frost’s nipping at my fingers, my back … c-c-c-Cold.)

(I’ll put the verdict on my taste test for yum-yums that Cuttie Cuppies sent me in the photo captions.  It was a tough choice to pick a favorite since each had their own merits.  I’m thinking too that they’re not really in the same category to be compared to each other, so anyway, here we go. =) )

Cuttie Cuppies Shoppe Baguio See's toffee-ettes

See’s Candies toffee-ettes. While I’m not really a nut person (nutty, maybe, yes *harhar), with See’s Candies Toffee-ettes and Almond Royal, I didn’t mind the nuts. Toffee around the almonds was a delightful way to eat almonds. (to be continued on Almond Royal photo)

If you’re anything like my sister, you’d like goodies galore (ready) for the holidays; those that were unheard of before, new and special.  You’ll be glad to hear that we have a ‘supplier’ for these in Baguio City now. =D Read More…

Intermission =)

It’s a work over load day for me today.  (Lots to do, lots to do. ^^,)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Remember, we’re ALWAYS lucky! *hihi … and somebody’s got to pay for all this eating out we’re doing =b  So let’s take a little break from the Baguio food and restaurant reviews on this busy day.

While I’m out and about doing work, the song that’s on repeat in my mind (in an 80s song mode now *hee)  is one of Gloria Estefan’s. We just need to switch the chorus lyrics up a bit with: ♪ ♫ … I tried to food blog today, but the work got in the way.  ♪ ♫ =))

A good Wednesday to you, my foodie friends! (“,)

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