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Notable Edibles #4 – Tuvera’s Longganisa

Seeing that I started July with a blog about a notable edible in Baguio, I’m going to follow through and make the last post of the month about another noteworthy viand.

(It would also be good to have a short-ish post today because my internet connection has been moving at snail’s pace ever since that lightning crashes and torrential rain last Friday …  It will stop me from picking my monitor up and smashing it on the ground in annoyance. *hee

As for the benefit to you, my fellow Baguio eatsplorer, you’ll still get some info about what to eat in the City of Pines.  Win-win. \m/)

Please direct your attention to:

Longganisa from Tuvera’s Meat Store

Tuvera's Meat Store longganisa

Y-U-M! (“,)

Talking about longganisa from Baguio City, the first thing that comes to many people’s minds is Alabanza’s version.  That never really registered for me (and my family, I’ll explain about that in a little while) until they started setting their booth up at the Panagbenga Festival.  (Going on early morning Session Road in Bloom walks, my furry friends never fail to stop and fill their nostrils with the scent of  these regular and garlic flavored sausages cooking over portable cooktops. =b)

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UPDATE: Te Quiero Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Another lunch date at Te Quiero Tapas Bar and Restaurant for me and Race. \m/

dining at Te Quiero Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Another lunch date at Te Quiero. They’ve still got their interesting looking glasses, the ones that had a cracked design near the bottom. From an empty table to a table full of good Baguio eats. =)

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Amare La Cucina: Love the Kitchen, Love the Food

I’m so ecstatic to see the number of Baguio food questers growing. It’s fun to find out too, that there are many more people getting into the business of providing the City of Pines with good stuff to eat.

As I’ve indicated before, Jo has become one of my bona fide Baguio food exploration companions.  She’s keeping a look out for newly opened places and it probably works so much better that way since she gets out a lot. (Exercise sightseeing, gooooo, Jo! *me with pompoms)

Amare La Cucina home turned establishment

The residence turned Amare La Cucina

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