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Notable Edibles #1 – Chic-Boy’s Chicharon Bulaklak

Chic-Boy’s Chicharon Bulaklak

It’s almost 3:30 p.m. and it’s a good time for a snack. One of the possible choices is chicharon bulaklak/flower cracklings (Ohh, has a nice ring to it, no? Let me say that aloud to myself again, flower cracklings. Whoo-hoo. =b) and where do they have a scrumptious plate of these?  One of the places I could recommend is Chic-Boy.

Chic-Boy chicharon bulaklak/flower cracklings

Say flower cracklings! I’m amused. With ginisang kangkong sa bawang photo bomb.

They’ve got branches in Bokawkan Road, Bonifacio Street corner Dagohoy Street and Session Road … so you can see it’s pretty easy for you to come by chicharon when you start craving for it.  Chic-Boy’s is sold for P130 a plate. They also serve this with a zingy  bowl of vinegar. [It’s their own special mix, I believe and what a mix it is.  They sometimes give this out sparingly, (it’s different from the one in the bottles on the table) but you can always ask for a little more.]  What I especially like about these meat blossoms is that, they keep the shape of these intact (mostly *hihi).

Okay, appreciation time over, let’s start dipping and munching. (“,)

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