19 responses to “Intermission: Mira Hills Bar & Restaurant in Bantay, Ilocos Sur”

  1. Candy says :

    Xine, better make a blog that covers other places too. You’re getting to travel because of your food blog. 🙂

    • XiNE says :

      *hihi Hello there, Candy! So awed wehehe I have business consultants, Christine and Judith to thank for their vote of confidence. I’ll think about this, a blog with a wider coverage than Baguio and Baguio food. Thank you, Candy! (“,)

      • Candy says :

        I’m thinking of going out of town when the parades start next weekend. Vigan sounds like a good place to get away from the influx of tourists here. I think I will try Mira Hills Restaurant and Bar food when we get to Bantay.

        • XiNE says :

          Oh, good idea! It was so cool when we were in Bantay and Vigan on Chinese New Year. Refreshing that there weren’t so many people in comparison to Baguio that time.

          Yes, please drop by. Please tell me how your dining experience went, also. (“,) I’m still thinking about the garlic broccoli, seafood chowder, pata tim and the Aling Presing chips and chichacorn pasalubong. Good thing, I still have Mira Hills bagnet. We just might have that for lunchies today. *hihi

          • Candy says :

            I will find those on the menu and try them. 🙂 Yes, there’s bagnet.

            • XiNE says :

              Yey! Yes, in an airtight pack no less. All made there in the Mira Hills meat processing facility, packed and in no time, left in the pasalubong center for visitors to put in their shopping carts. I hope you have a great time in your Bantay and Vigan, Ilocos Sur vacay, Candy! (“,)

  2. Doc Jun Cahusay says :

    If any one would like to savor the natural farm to table delicacies in Ilocos Sur, there is one place to go closer to Vigan City, it is the Mira Hills Bar and restaurant… Yes indeed, you will experience the tastes of difference. Farm produce by Mira Hills will undergo complete hygienic process, went to the next door for meat processing and cooking by expert chef and by a minute be serve hot and fresh with savoring smell and tastes to the customers… I like the “Farm to table food” because it is the modern reflections of being natural or I say organic food for us today. I am an advocates of Natural Farming, I do love to eat natural foods for healthy life and environment. Thanks Mira Hills for being what you serve…

    Doc Jun Cahusay
    BWA Specialist and
    Natural Animal Feed Technology.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Doc Jun Cahusay! Thank you for visiting the blog and leaving this informative comment on Mira Hills Bar and Resto in Bantay, Ilocos Sur! Wishing you more memorable dining experiences wherever you find yourself to be! (“,)

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