Fortune Seafood – Food Adventure at Lights Out (2nd Installment)

Now for the lunch installment of our food adventure at lights out. (“,)

(Click here for the breakfast installment.)

After a short (and brisk) walk on our errand route, we were ready to have lunch.  Not that ready really (my carb on carb breakfast was still sitting heavy in my tummy) but we already found ourselves at Otek Street, standing in front of Fortune Seafood Restaurant. (I was still in a seafood mood from being seduced by Chef K in the seduction episode of The Taste. *hihi) (SPOILER ALERT!!! Congratulations for winning the competition, Chef! \m/) My brother and I debated if we were going to push through with lunch here.  Argument one, it looked pretty expensive, and I definitely didn’t want a repeat of the Goldilocks brazo de mercedes incident …although I was pretty sure they accepted cards here =D.  Argument two, it might be more fun if the whole family or just a bigger group of our foodie loved ones came to dine with us.  The debate didn’t take long with my desire to check a new place off the list winning over the two arguments.  Through the restaurant doors we went to see what F/fortune held for us.

The dining scene at Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant

The dining scene at Fortune. Intimidating size of a dining hall with elegant little details (chandeliers, table cloth, chairs) that make you think it’s super expensive to eat here. =)

We were made to sit at the table by the window.  That would normally be my first choice but then, there isn’t much of a view at the window side of Fortune Restaurant.  They might have done a little better putting some flower plots and/or a nice sitting area at the facade of the restaurant.  It’s an extension of the parking lot, you see, when there’s a wide enough space for parking in the basement.

Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant a la carte menu

The a la carte menu. *click to enlarge photo  They also have a set menu good for 10 to 12 persons. (Goes from set A to L, I think that was. Whoa! \m/)

The menu at Fortune was something to contend with, too. Apart from having lots of pages, there were two menus which our first attendant (who might have been the owner.  I kept wondering why a guy in plain clothes was standing at the end of our table.  Then he asked if we were ready to order. ^^,) explained was the same, just that one had more photos and one was more detailed.  We had a fine time browsing the pages and the photos.  I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that everything that Fortune had to offer came in three different sizes – small, medium and large.

Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant dining area, drinks and rice

More dining area photos. Our drinks (fresh strawberry shake and four seasons juice that was thick enough to be a shake), and a beautiful bowl of beautiful rice. *heee

After a few minutes (5-10 minutes probably), we made up our minds to get dried scallop with asparagus soup, shrimp egg foo yong,  and broccoli flower with golden mushroom with more dried scallop (the replacement to our crab order since the crabs were still on their way up to Baguio, our attendant said.  This raised images in my mind of crabs moseying in their sideways style up Marcos Highway. My brother then said, they must be taking so long to get here because they’re pulling each other down – crab mentality. *snickers).  For drinks, tsing tao beer (for my brother) sounded intriguing.  Too bad, they didn’t have it in stock yet.  Next time.  =)

Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant dried scallop with asparagus soup

Dried scallop with asparagus soup. A nice and comforting (big serving for a small size) bowl of food. Great for those lazy to chew moments ^^, I was so amused with the bits of asparagus and strips of dried scallop.

The soup, of course, was the first dish to be delivered to our table.  It was then that I realized what our attendant was saying.  Taking our orders, he asked us if we’d rather cups of soup instead.  I didn’t understand and insisted on the small sized order.  We were in for it now with this small sized but huge helping of soup. *shyeew

Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant broccoli flower with golden mushrooms and dried scallop

Broccoli flower with golden mushrooms and dried scallops… as suggested to us by our first attendant when we were stumped about what to get in the absence of crab dishes. (“,)

Next, our broccoli order was brought to the table.  This one, we liked very much.  Savory with an  interesting mix of textures.  I didn’t really taste the dried scallop here but it didn’t matter. The broccoli flowers were cooked to perfection.  One spoonful had the crunch of the broccoli and the chewy consistency that was mushroom.  I liked the look of the golden mushrooms.  They were stringy like mongo spouts. (Funny Google. *harhar  Do a search for golden mushroom and check out what comes out in images.)

Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant shrimp egg foo yong

Shrimp egg foo yong. A good enough meal for one person, me thinks. *hihi

Our other viand, shrimp egg foo yong was a common seafood dish, not like the exotic one I was looking forward to (Uni, king crab, egg 63 with chive, and coconut bisque by Chef K) but this meal held its own.  It was delectable with its succulent shrimps that sort of popped in my mouth like grapes or berries.  Mmm, juicy goodness. =D

Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant close up of shrimp in shrimp egg foo yong

One of the succulent, pop in your mouth, juicy shrimp. Pop, goes the shrimp-y! \m/

We didn’t finish everything we ordered but that’s all right.  That’s the beauty of getting leftovers packed, another meal of these good choices, weee!  That’s apart from another visit we’re going to make to this restaurant on another day with our other foodie loved ones … so we could get a table in the middle of the Fortune dining hall right under the row of chandeliers.  (Eeek, I can see the photos now. =b)

Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant table setting

The table setting which sort of reminded us of the Ex-Benedict funny photo that’s circulating on Facebook now. =))

X marks Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant for good food in Baguio.  They offer a fortune all right.

Food: 4 treasure chests  UPDATE 10/07/2019:5 treasure chests Whoa, the shrimp egg foo yong (among the many other dishes we had with Team Ozark) was still the same high quality delish plate.  Kudos!

Service: 4 treasure chests  for our first attendant/plainclothes man/might be the owner.  Thank you for answering all my questions and for suggesting good food to us. (“,) Next time, I’ll know to get a cup of soup or if I really want the small size bowl of soup. *hee.  4 treasure chests for our second attendant. Thank you for getting a good photo of us with a nice view of the dining area! (“,)  3 treasure chests for everyone else who attended to us that day (sort of new and clueless about what waiting is all about *hee).

Ambiance: 4 treasure chests This could even be higher when the paint smell dissipates.  I got a little lightheaded from the fuuuuumes. *stars going around my head. Psychedelic, man! =)) UPDATE 10/07/2019: 5 treasure chests So we’ve returned to Fortune after six years. Such a classy resto really …

Price:  3 treasure chests


Fortune Seafood (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant

16 Otek Street

Baguio City, Philippines

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23 responses to “Fortune Seafood – Food Adventure at Lights Out (2nd Installment)”

  1. Liselle says :

    The shrimp does look juicy. 🙂 I’ll bring my family to eat at Fortune soon.

  2. irish vibal (@ijvibal) says :

    do they have service charges? is the listed price inclusive of taxes?

    • XiNE says :

      Good morning, irish! There’s no service charge and the listed prices are already inclusive of taxes. Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy eating! (“,)

  3. Anonymous says :

    Ex-Benedict :)))))

  4. Anonymous says :

    golden mushroom :))))))))

  5. Ferd says :

    Hello. Are these servings for individuals or are they food for a group? I was wondering how many people the broccoli dish served

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Ferd! You have a choice between small, medium and large with some of the Fortune dishes (Please see menu, just click to enlarge photo.) that would fit different sized groups.

      Since we got the small broccoli dish (which is sort of good for three), it was just the right serving for veggie lovers like me and my brother. If you ask the wait staff, I’m sure they could advise you on the best size of your preferred dishes.

      Enjoy your Fortune visit and happy food quest to you! (“,)

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