Intermission: Pondering “More Reasons Why Baguio” at Moldex Residences

A couple of weeks back, X+1 was invited to an event at Moldex Residences, the company’s newest project here in Baguio. The theme, “More Reasons Why Baguio” got the wheels in my head turning.

Baguio Moldex Residences lounge 2017

I know full well that I love this city … very much so (to the point that whenever I’m in a bus bound for somewhere and we meet a bus marked ‘Baguio’ along the way, even if we’re only at Marcos Highway, I find myself wishing I would be one of the people inside that bus bound for home =b). It occurred to me that I never really narrowed down the reasons why the City of Pines is so close to my heart.

I reflected on this for days and days and came up with three main reasons.

1.) “Walk Happy

One can just walk to anywhere (mostly) and walk to anywhere we did. Since I was a kid, we’d let our feet take us places around Baguio A.LOT. We walked in to Camp John Hay, out of John Hay, walked home from church, walked home from school for lunch, walked home from wherever point we’re stuck in traffic jams on holidays and all that. (Briskly, I might add. Talk about cardio workouts … and the huge back leg muscles. *heehaha)

With our furry lovies, we went on walks, go on walks, and will keep on going on walks. Methinks, the ecotrail at CJH is now a well marked trail … so are the posts and tree trunks along South Drive. =)

Baguio Moldex Residences fitness gym 2017

2.) Baguio Rains

Cue Garbage’s song: “I’m Only Happy When It Rains”. *hihi Regardless if it’s an afternoon shower or if it starts well before midday, Baguio City, to me, has the most nostalgia inducing rains. A lot of it probably has to do with the cool weather and fogginess around these parts.

Once nature turns monochrome and the rain further cools the air around,  I get all sentimental, thinking on days when I was younger, my grandma, rains ending skating weekends with batchmates, etc. If I happen to be out and about, it ain’t sticky here either. \m/ Combining reasons why Baguio one and two makes a powerhouse of fun for me.  I ❤ walking in the rain. (Mostly, because I don’t like hanging out in waiting sheds, shivering-my-timbers waiting for rain to stop. Miss Impatient strikes again. =D)

singing in the rain at Baguio Moldex Residences 2017

Singing in the rain. ♪ ♫

3.) Simple Living

I always feel that living in the City of Baguio is easy and relaxed. Such contentment in the people who live in the Philippines’ summer capital, whether it’s sitting in a restaurant eating and having hushed conversations with friends, jogging and enjoying a family day in the park, and having quiet and restful … or chores packed … days at home. ^^, Like a toddler having a few giggles just watching a butterfly flit by, the little things are a source of great happiness to residents here. Baguio people have got laid back down to a T.

Baguio Moldex Residences aerial perspective 2017

Made me feel warm and fuzzy inside thinking about #MoreReasonsWhyBaguio. Thanks, Moldex Residences, for that thought provoking theme. (“,)

As for you, dear reader, who’s not from the city, if you ever do want to experience these things too, you might like to consider looking at Moldex Realty’s project here in the City of Pines.



***Thank you also, Moldex for having X+1 take part in your event, for showing us around the property, and for the parting gifts. More power to all at #MoldexResidencesBaguio!


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15 responses to “Intermission: Pondering “More Reasons Why Baguio” at Moldex Residences”

  1. Mario says :

    Tumambling ako may post ka nanaman.Emotera post heheh pero luvs ko rin ang Baguio rain ha. Sarap pa borlog. Tapos na ba sila dyan sa Moldex parang dalawang building palang yung nakita ko.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Mario! *hihi Shockers, a new post before the week is up, as in? Yiiis, dramarama on Baguio post. Apir, lovers of Baguio rain … that is, when it’s a short rain. When it’s days on end, me no likey. =))

      You’re right, Baguio Moldex Residences has two buildings up for now. Five coming. In the aerial perspective photo, you can see where the five will be put up. That’s lotsa rooms, no?

      Thanks for visiting the blog, Mario! (“,)

  2. Stellah says :

    The perspective photos looks nice. I assume you will have another restaurant to feature from Moldex residences when its finished. I will gladly wait for that post.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Stellah! Unfortunately, we were told that once the inhouse resto(s) open at Moldex, it will be exclusive to the tenants. I was looking forward to having another place to eatsplore.

      Yes, the perspectives do look nice. There was one I didn’t use where it had three jacuzzis. So very SIMs game. *hihi

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment! (“,)

  3. Iza says :

    For me the biggest reason why Baguio would have to be the climate although it is been sort of warm the past few days. But it’s not like 30s. I hope more trees would be planted to counter it somehow and keep it cool in Baguio.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Iza! So right, super tag-init times in Baguio. =)) Fingers crossed, it normalizes … back to our cozy 20s in the afternoons.

      As for the tree planting, I’m sure there are many orgs that have programs. Also, we can plant trees in our own backyards that would help cool the air in the place we spend our time most.

      Thank you so much for reading this feature on our Moldex Residences event and for telling me about your reason why Baguio. (“,)

  4. Anonymous says :

    Ate maganda ba yung rooms nila?

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there. The room we saw at Moldex Residences was shown to us as a blank slate. My tres Marias foodie blogging friends did tell me they have a showroom at the Moldex office in SM, you might like to drop by for a peek at the potential for their rooms. Thanks for visiting the blog! (“,)

  5. Nickie says :

    Because Baguio City is food trip city didn’t make your more reasons why list? hehe

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Nickie! Baguio City, food trip city could probably go in as a fourth now.

      We didn’t really eat out much when I was a kid so no deep seated memories of eatsploring. If we did eat out, I have fond memories of a little place in Assumption corner Session, Pizzas and Tacos, which was our go to.

      Long time, no see, Nickie! *hihi Welcome back! (“,)

  6. Anonymous says :

    How much are the different units in Moldex Baguio?

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there! You might like to visit Moldex Realty’s office in SM or contact them through their page “Moldex Realty” on Facebook for those additional details. I’m sure they’ll have tons of info since I saw their studio type room and they also mentioned to us then that there’s a three bedroom unit, so a handful living space options.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for visiting Find Good Baguio Foods! (“,)

  7. Janno Santamaria says :

    I thought the development is completed. I see their 2 bldgs almost everyday & last I checked kailangan mag antay na mayroon mag re open. It’s good to know that they’re building more buildings.

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Janno Santamaria! Yes, five more buildings coming up for the Baguio Moldex Property. I, too, am excited to see when it’s all completed.

      Thank you so much for visiting the blog and leaving a comment! (“,)

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