Intermission: Calling All Photo Enthusiasts! =D

His Photography Club is hosting their first ever photo contest and it’s open to all photographers 18 years old and above. =) With a great snapshot in line with the theme for Macro, Birds and Nature, you can stand to win the first place prize of P30,000 and a trophy. (P20,000 and a trophy is the second prize and P10,000 and a trophy for third place.)

His Photography Club First Photo Contest 2015

[I know the theme doesn’t have anything to do with food, fellow eatsplorers, but I trust you foodies have got many other things that interest you besides delectable munchables like I have (movies, animal welfare, experiencing the world, etc. =D) Come to think of it, the cross section of a kiwi fruit is gorgeous. That’s nature-y isn’t it? A macro shot of that, ohh wee! ^^, Or the ripe red shiny seed studded succulent fruit that is the strawberry.  How about a salad mix up of beautiful fruits of different colors with an edible flower garnish … I’m getting carried away. *tee hee]

2013-08-18 Baguio Rose Bowl His Photography Club Photography Workshop

Met the members of the His Photography Club when they had a Photography Workshop at Rose Bowl Restaurant in 2013. They used Tres Blogging Marias as mowdels and Stella, the Beauty Goddess took care of our hair and makeup. ^^, These are some behind the scenes stuff Race took.

You can submit up to three entries until August 15, 2015, guys! For more information about the contest please do visit this site: (“,)

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