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UPDATE: The Venizes (Cafe Veniz & Veniz Grill)

It has come to my attention that I never really left that many pieces of information about the sister restaurants at Hotel Veniz, whether it’s about the cafe or the grill.

I just mentioned that the Venizes is where my P3 posse and I hung out the most since:

  • it’s right smack in the middle of the central business district,
  • they’ve got a variety of dishes to offer,
  • and the lot of that, all for a reasonable price.

Between the two of these places where to eat in Baguio, the most photos I have from the early beginnings of the Baguio food quest are at Veniz Grill.  (Oh, how we love their Mongolian buffet spread … I’m reminiscing now about all the hours we spent there just satisfying our hunger, relaxing and having fun after a hard day’s work.)

I thought all those points would be enough to inspire you, my fellow Baguio eatsplorers to make Cafe Veniz or Veniz Grill one of your food destinations while in the City of Pines and considering that’s my first post about a Baguio restaurant ever, I hope you forgive me.

Anyhoo, it’s a deficiency that’s easily rectified. So here goes, Veniz Grill vs. Cafe Veniz (in pictures).  (“,) Read More…

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