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How Much Does It Cost to Go on An Eating Binge…

Planning on going on an eating binge (in celebration of 2012 going out and 2013 coming in…or just because)?  A buffet is a good away to go.  \m/ You get a huge spread for a good price and it all depends on how much real estate you can fill in your tummy. (“,)

Omai Khan mongolian buffet

Many have been asking me about how much buffet meals cost in the City of Pines.  Here are some tables for buffet (buffet tables? *heehaha) offers from various restaurants and hotel/restaurants with their price, times and some additional details, my foodie friends.

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Hill Station: Take Refuge in Good Food

Baguio City, for its cool climate, is a refuge for many in the hotter months of the year.  This is the very essence of what a hill station is and now, with Casa Vallejo being reopened (I used to fantasize seeing what it looks like inside this place as a child =D), Baguio residents as well as visitors to the city have a place to take refuge in that serves good food.

Hill Station dining area, staircase

Ahhh, the staircase to the dining area. (“,)

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The Luxury that is Fruits in Ice Cream

How do you define luxury?

Fruits in Ice Cream toppings

Eyecandy! ^^, …tongue candy

It wasn’t until I was in high school did I know what luxury really is.  Before that, I just thought, it was anything that was expensive or fancy.  Essentially, it all boils down to Read More…

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