Archive | December 4, 2012

A New Meaning to the Phrase ‘Food for Thought’ PS2 (postscript 2)

Of all the meals that we have in a day, breakfast is probably the easiest (to make and to make delicious ^^,).  Grab a box of cereal, pour on the milk; it’s good and you’re ready to go.  *harhar  I remember when I graduated to high school; my grand uncle asked me if I already knew how to cook.  I told him not that well but I can prepare breakfast quite easily.  He suddenly laughed and said, oh, breakfast; go out to the bakery and buy pandesal.  BUSTED!  I was so busted.  *sheepish grins all around =b

Dining out for breakfast, especially if it’s a buffet from a hotel restaurant, you’d no doubt expect a lavish and delicious spread.  You could be wrong.  I was… Read More…

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