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Intermission (“,) & UPDATE

Intermission…So Much to Accomplish, So Little Time

Whoa, the days are coming…and going, lightning fast! The end of the first month of 2013 is almost here.  As expected, there’s so much to accomplish (more than this blog and more than eating around in the city *hihi.  We (P3+1 and all my foodie loved ones) will be joining the fray at the Panagbenga flower festival 2013, too, of course – eating, making like tourists, etc. ^^,)

UPDATE: Baguio Food Blog Posting Frequency

To make room for all these things to accomplish, I’ll have a post up for you, “eatcentrics”, every other two days starting February 1…or maybe 2. *sheepish grin.  2013 seems to have geared itself up to be a doozy!  But we’re all ready, aren’t we? (“,)

P.S. (To say, thanks; and to return the favor \m/)

Forest House sharing FindGoodBaguioFoods link on their Facebook Page

Thank you so much, again, Forest House! Love you, guys! *tear =b


UPDATE: My Serendipitea

Serendipity according to Wiki is one of the ‘untranslatable’ words.  By definition, it’s easy enough to understand as a happy accident or a pleasant surprise.  In terms of My Serendipitea, however, it’s neither a surprise nor an accident that we found ourselves in this establishment again, what with their wide selection of (tempting) teas and the help we got from the inside.  Owner, Maam Iris invited us to try two more bubble teas from their offering, on the house.  Wee!  (“,)

My Serendipitea(s) matcha green tea and wintermelon milk tea

Compliments of Maam Iris (“,)  Thank you so much, Maam!

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A New Meaning to the Phrase ‘Food For Thought’ PS3 (postscript 3)

Ohh, no, not again.

I suppose that’s just how life is.  One day, everything’s on the up and up; and another day, it’s not.  \m/ I was trying to satisfy my brazo de Mercedes craving and so we visited Baguio’s best kept secret for cakes, Red Cherries.  There was no brazo that day but we got ourselves some dessert anyway. (“,)

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