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Quoted Cafe, V Hotel Apartel: Quotes to Live By, Food to Live On

From last blogpost, I blinked and now, it’s a week into May. I hope all is well with you, fellow foodies.  Chompers busy, tummies full?

Quoted Cafe dining area at V Hotel Apartel 2017

V Hotel, the Quoted dining area and little details in that dining area. (Check out the hand painted stones. We were told that Ms. Angie worked on these herself. A true “rock artist”. *heehaha Such an amusing anecdote from daughter, Ms. Jessica.)

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Under the Tree Book Café: H-A-N-G O-U-T \m/

Found the perfect place to hang out in the center of town.  (“,)

Under the Tree Book Cafe 2013

Hang out with us Under the Tree (“,)

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