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La Comida (y Bebida) de Antonio Ristorante: Muy Delicioso!

Going through some documents, one of the members of my foodie posse came across an ad for Comida Ristorante.  As is the protocol since I started this blog, anyone who finds someplace new to eat in Baguio informs me so I can add the resto to the list.  (Thanks so much, you guys! ^^,) We’re not sure how long Antonio Ristorante has been open (slipped my mind to ask *hee) but since it’s new to me, let’s just put it in this in category: New in Town. =) (Whew, lots of food establishments opening, gots to keep up. *hihi)

La Comida de Antonio Ristorante Baguio banner collage

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Notable Edibles #8 – K-Pop Ice Cream Bar

(I’m going with a short-ish notable edible post for today, eatsplorers … kasi buhay parin ang nangongopya =b)

With typhoon Yolanda looming in the outskirts of the country (hoping you, my fellow foodies in the Mindanao and Visayas areas are doing all right), Race and I decided to take a trip to the grocery to stock up on munchies if ever the rains will put us under house arrest. (I’ve got my fingers crossed that the typhoon dissipates as soon as it hits land.)

With just the smaller canisters of Piknik hot flavor available, I went looking for something that would console me (where did you disappear off to, tall cans of savory hot papitas fritas? *sniff). Off to the freezer section I went to check for ice cream. (Even with us getting through the first week of November, it’s still a bit warm and toasty in the afternoons. *sigh, global warming) Maybe there’s a new Nestle Temptations Flavors of the World  available I thought, but it was still just three country representations so far.

I did see something new in the neighboring ice box, however …

K-Pop Ice Cream Bar

K-Pop Korean inspired ice cream bar

Ice cream bars… three of them. Race went on and gobbled on the honeydew flavored one, pre-photo op. =))

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