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Where to Eat in Baguio/What to Eat in Baguio – New Menus 2

A really quick menu and Baguio dining update this time, guys.

Vanna White-ing the electrical outlet at Baguio The Terminal Resto Cafe 2019

Mowdel ng saksakan. Feeling Vanna White. =))

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Tea Generation: For the New Breed of Drinkers

Milk tea drinkers, I mean … the droves of people who love to sip refreshing tea (with milk) based beverages with sinkers/floaters/pearls/boba/jelly through a colorful straw that they poked through a cellophane lid that’s melted onto the rim of a plastic cup.

Tea Generation Baguio glass sizes

Sizing up TeaGen beverages

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UPDATE: Beggang Resto Grill

Going on the food adventure to Beggang with Beth, Race was intrigued about how it has fired up my appetite even further.  He just had to sample what the resto grill had to offer himself.

So, one April evening, we had our meal at Beggang resto.  Combo meal D, a plate of pork spare ribs in BBQ sauce served with buttered vegetables and rice, caught Race’s attention. Having somewhat of a filled tummy before getting to the food establishment, I got what was listed on the board of  today’s specials – fresh lumpia.  Fruit shakes, green mango shake and buko shake, were our dinner drinks.

Beggang Resto Grill fresh fruit shakes, fresh lumpia, pork spareribs combo and me

On Race’s first visit to Beggang. =)

Needless to say, we enjoyed our meal. So much so, we came back again.

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