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Baguio Dining A La Carte – Keeping Up with the Food Quest 2

Because I’ve got something up my sleeve and it’s keeping me pretty occupied …

Baguio SG Sambal Filipino Hawker at Trancoville rice meals

Rice meals, Singapore hawker style. =)

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Intermission: Now, THAT’s Luxury! … and How the List Looks 2015

Hi-de-hi, Baguio eatsplorers! Just checking in to show you that I’m still alive and … eating. =b

In an effort to bounce back from a blogging burnout, X+1 took a little time away from our beloved city. Our chosen destination: Bohol. \m/

Bohol Peacock Garden Hotel infinity pool and sea view 2015

Good morning, sunshine! ~from X from the pool of Peacock Garden Hotel Bohol ^^,

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How the List Looks (the fourth excerpt of 2013)

Recap, recap pag may time. (“,)


1.) Tea House – CHECK!

2.) Sunshine Lunch – CHECK! (Closed. Baguio misses you so much! *sniff sniff)

3.) Jack’s Restaurant – CHECK!

4.) Luisa’s Cafe – CHECK!

5.) Mandarin Restaurant – CHECK!

Pancake House regal red velvet designer pancakes

A stack of regal red velvet designer pancakes from Pancake House ^^,

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