Intermission: The Blog is Turning Two! \m/

Before anything else, I’d like to greet you all, a Happy Baguio Day!

X Marks the Spot for Good Foods in Baguio blog 2nd anniversary birthday banner 2014-08-26a

Seeing that we’re already in a celebratory mood (I’ve still got some Ozark Diner party residue from their Grand Opening/official opening last Aug. 30, 2014), let’s add to the merriment by commemorating the X Marks the Spot for Good Baguio Foods blog’s special day with another anniversary giveaway. =)

This time, let’s double the fun.  I’ll be picking two (2) lucky people as winners.  As the slide (with the birthday quote from anonymous/Edward Morykwas … whoever he Moryk-was *giggles) above suggests, up for grabs are cakes! \m/

The Delectable Prizes:

  • One (1) eight-inch cheesecake from Cakes by Yda – for the first winner drawn. (Winner’s choice of flavor: classic New York cheesecake, blueberry, cherry, green tea or salted caramel.)
  • One (1) six-inch black forest cake from The Ganache – for the second winner drawn.

Promotion Period: September 3, 2014, 12:00 a.m. to September 24, 2014, 12:00 a.m.

The Ganache Baguio black forest cake

Black forest cake (This one is 8 inches. I don’t have a photo of the 6 inches one =b) by The Ganache

How to Join:

  1. Leave a comment on this post, telling me about one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had dining at any restaurant in the City of Pines. Please don’t forget to fill out all the required fields with your name, email address and website URL-if you have that.
  2. Answer the question on the Rafflecopter giveaway tool on the blog’s Facebook page, (You can find it in two places there, beside the photos tab and on the left, labelled APPS under the ABOUT section.)
  3. Get your raffle entry from the same giveaway tool. (Thank you in advance for clicking Like for the blog’s FB page, food questers. Much obliged. *toothy grins  While you’re at it, you might want to give a thumbs up for the pages of Cakes by Yda and The Ganache, too. )

***Having trouble with the Rafflecopter giveaway tool? Please send a message to the blog’s FB page so I can just add your names in the raffle manually. 

Cakes by Yda Baguio cheesecake slices 2013-2014a

Slices of various cheesecakes from Cakes by Yda. (Mango is not available this time though. ^^, )

The 2nd anniversary giveaway is open to residents of Baguio City (age 18+).  It will run from September 3, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. (that’s this Wednesday, you guys =D) through to September 24, 2014, 12:00 a.m.  Additional details about the giveaway can be found in the terms and conditions on the Rafflecopter entry form.

The best of luck to you, my foodie friends! So looking forward to meeting and sharing a celebratory cake with you.  I’m counting down the days to September 26, 2014. Whoo-hoo! (“,)


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38 responses to “Intermission: The Blog is Turning Two! \m/”

  1. Aris says :

    Happy anniversary to your blog Xine!

  2. Anonymous says :

    Bakit hindi beer cheesecake? 😉

  3. Angeline Joy Calderon Cruz says :

    Hiyeeeee Ma’am Xine! :))
    My most memorable dining experience is at Mr. Ching Cuisine.
    It’s not the fancy-ish type of resto or anything but around 90% of our family gatherings are held there simply because the food is delish. It’s where I catch up with my relatives and being able to do so means so much because we have a small family. Finding time for making memories paired with good food will always be a perfect combination 🙂

    • XiNE says :

      Hiyee there, Ms. Angeline! True that about good food, good company, great memories. Sentimental restaurant then si Mr. Ching, nice \m/ My favorite dumpling place. *hihi

      Thank you for sharing your most memorable dining experience … and for joining the giveaway! The best of luck to you! Away we go at eatsploring and making memories! (“,)

  4. Jeninne Angeline Mild Acop says :

    Hi! Happy anniversary! I just want to share my memorable dining experience at Cucinino located in Porta Vaga. I used to eat there with my bestfriends during college, kahit maubos n allowance namin ok lang basta maka kain kami dun once in a while. Now, I eat there kahit ako lng mag isa because their pasta and other food are so delish! And to add up, i’m a fan of the recently-married owners of it! 🙂

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Jeninne! Lucky to have friends who cook well and have their own food establishment. *hihi Oh, congratulations and best wishes to them, the owners of Cucinino.

      Thank you for sharing your most memorable dining experience and also for joining the giveaway. Good luck! Suddenly, I’m craving skillet stroganoff pasta. =b Happy weekend to you! (“,)

  5. Angelica Mae Fuster says :

    Hello there. My most memorable dining experience that I want to share is at Chaya along Legarda Road. Not only because I love Japanese food but the sashimi is very fresh and their dishes are so good, I love their Pork Katsudon, There’s a big “wow” factor for their dish, I also love their green tea ice cream with the red bean paste. And the ambiance is really relaxing and comfortable. And their staffs really makes you feel welcome with their warm smiles and greetings. They have big servings as well, the money spent is very worth it. ^_^

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Angelica Mae! Oh, it’s their green tea ice cream that got me too! Maybe it helps that it such a small, i-definitely-want-some-more serving. =b Chaya is a really great place to hang out, very homey feel.

      Thank you very much for sharing your most memorable dining experience. Thank you for joining the giveaway, too! Good luck and have a great food questing weekend! (“,)

  6. elakatrina says :

    Hi Ate Xine! Congratulations on turning two! 😀
    Well, one of the most memorable dining experiences for me was our lunch date at Eve’s Garden (which I won when the blog turned one and here I am crossing my fingers again this time :D). I just loved the whole ambiance of the place, the view there is amazing and the garden is a definite plus. The food, oh my the food, I am still in awe of the flowers in my salad! 😀 I loved everything we had and especially enjoyed my salad hihihi 😀 What made it even more special was meeting Mr.Bond, getting a ride from him and hearing his story about chewing gum 😀

    Congratulations again, Ate! Treats for you and Kuya soon! 🙂

    • XiNE says :

      Hiyee there, elakatrina! Aw, it’s so nice to hear that eatsploring Eve’s Garden made it as one of your most memorable dining experiences here. ^^, Super no, the story of resilience, the power of the human spirit and of course, Mr. and Mrs. Bond’s partnership, so, so touching and inspiring. Glad for that time that he drove us to ‘civilization’. *hihi

      Thank you so much for joining the giveaway and good luck to you again! Eii, excited for the sweeties. Go, eatsplorer baker! (“,)

  7. Aris says :

    Hi Xine! Aris here joining! Hahaha!

    The most memorable dining experience I had here in Baguio City was at Bon Appetea. It was Valentine’s Day. My friends and I were “dateless” so we went their for a food hunt. It turned out awesome. We’ve got some “hearts” from their lovely staff. Hahaha! 🙂

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Aris! *hihi Tuwa naman, Bon Appetea was there for you guys … and with hearts from them, no less.

      Wishing you the best of luck for this giveaway! Thank you for joining! Till the draw, happy Baguio food adventures! (“,)

  8. don says :

    The most memorable dining experience for me was as Le Chef at the Manor. It was some sort of a despedida lunch with my cousin coz we’re both bound to leave the country and she’s like a sister to me… Anyway, we had a set menu and i really liked the presentation – very impressive with all those few and little pieces of ingredients that made it look appetizing just like the ones in the telly. Out of curiosity and the warning from my cousin, I ordered roast lamb for main and she’s right – I couldn’t take the after taste of it bcoz I am not familiar with the meat. We had the usual conversation and good laughs despite the fact that I forced myself to swallow the meat while covering my nose coz it was “sayang” and expensive. 🙂 Turned out I still order them till now, drenched with a savoury mint sauce on top and a glass of wine. Yummy!

    Congrats Xine on your 2nd anniversary and keep on inspiring us w/ your food adventures ^_^

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, Sir Don! Fun story about your most memorable dining experience, I could see it happening before my eyes … *hihi you covering your nose, super sayang talaga. =b Lamb does have that aftertaste (one has to acquire, which I think you successful have now). Race and I were just discussing that, eating at Melt yesterday.

      I really appreciate the support! Thank you so much for joining the giveaway and good luck, Sir! (“,)

  9. Jo says :

    Happy Anniversary! Memorable experience dining experience? hmmm… well I have lots and lots and lots. but here’s one: I can’t get enough of 1 or 2 shawarma sandwiches of Hook’d Up… I need 1 more and a plate of salad… oh my, I’m so in those kind of food.. Mediterranean, meet lover, salad greens!

    • XiNE says :

      Hiyee, Jo! Thanks so much!

      *hihi go with the most recent, Jo’s flavor of the month Baguio resto. =b Super, I can’t get enough of their tahini salad! Looking forward to visiting their Hook’d Up Shisha and Falafel lounge.

      Good luck, friend! More eatscapades for us! (“,)

  10. Joonana says :

    Hi, ate Xine! Happy 2nd birthday to your blog! I hope it reaches the loooongest running blog in history! Hehe

    My most memorable dining experience was in Vizco’s where I got to taste their Oreo Cheesecake, Mango Cake, and Strawberry Shortcake! I was at a cake-spree that time so please don’t judge. Hahaha! Now I think I’m craving for another slice of cake because of your post! Hehe

    • XiNE says :

      Hey, hey, Joonana! Thank you so very much. *hihi longest running blog in history, that’s a lot of eating places =b

      Ohh, looks like you’re in a cake mood! Timing then, this giveaway. Thank you for joining and I wish you luck .. so you can satisfy your cake cravings. Till the draw, happy eatsploring! (“,)

  11. tweetymiah says :

    My most memorable dining experience is at Good Taste Baguio. Moving in to the City of Pines from the lowlands since 2002, I and my family tried to look for a local restaurant to have our family dinner. Our neighbors suggested that we must try Good Taste and surprisingly the serving is generous at affordable price. The whole family was in loved with their fried rice and buttered chicken since, and spoil ourselves in Good taste every time we feel like eating in bulk 😉

    Happy anniversary! More Power !

    • XiNE says :

      Hello there, tweeymiah! One can never go wrong with Good Taste, you’re a bona fide Baguio person now since that’s one of your go to places for affordable Baguio eats. \m/

      Thank you so much for the support (giving a star for this post, reblogging it and for joining the giveaway). The best of luck to you! Baguio food adventures, away! (“,)

  12. Joey says :

    Most memorable dining experience would be wayback 2003 at Rose Bowl Harrison Road. It is where I and my ex girlfriend now my wife met each in other in person. (we’re textmates) I invited her to dined with me. If I could remember it vividly, we ordered Sweet and sour Pork, Fried rice, and other sort of their Chinese dishes. Not to mention, they offer the best Chinese Cuisine foods here in the City.

    Happy anniversary to your Blog. More readers !

    • XiNE says :

      Hello, Joey! Rose Bowl, another Baguio great. What a fantastically memorable dining experience at the resto, thank you so much for sharing. *me smiling ear to ear now

      Good luck in the raffle! Wishing you more years of memories and adventures (food related and otherwise) to come, too! (“,)

  13. Wina says :

    Hello 🙂 dropping by to wish you a Happy and Memorable Anniversary :)) i would want to share my memorable dining experience. it was in Under The Tree Book Cafe. More than the food, i love the place. See, i’m a book lover and i easily fall inlove with anything that has books in it. hahaha. i go there, most of the time, to review for an upcoming exam or quiz because of the ambiance. it makes me feel like i am in a library where you can freely eat, surf the internet and read without anyone disturbing you. But their drinks and pastries are really good. i actually love their cream puff and cheese cake and their black currant frappe. It is actually my favorite cafe in Baguio. :))

    • XiNE says :

      Hi, Wina! Under the Tree Book Cafe sure has a lot of stuff going for it; the food (yum that cream puff), the ambiance, wifi … and yes, the peace and quiet right in the heart of the city. \m/

      Thank you for sharing your most memorable dining experience. (Suddenly, I find myself wanting to try that black current frappe; thank you for the recommendation. *hihi) Good luck! Happy Baguio food adventures to you! (“,)

      • Wina says :

        i agree! i bet i love the place more because of the wifi tho hahahaha. but i love it overall! 😃 the first time i went there, i thought it’d be noisy because it’s near the bus station.

        you should def try theirblack currant. it is heavenly lol. and btw i love ypur blog. i’m stalking all your posts and i hope that one day i’d be able to visit all those foodstops 😀😀

        • XiNE says :

          Ahhh, connectivity. *hihi

          Congratulations again on winning the Cakes by Yda cheesecake. Please inform me when you’d like to claim your prize so I can get it baked. ^^,

          As for your own eatscapades in Baguio, may you have a great experience with all the places you visit and may all the restaurants you go to deserve a ton of treasure chests! (“,) Many thanks again.

          • Wina says :

            Thank you very much for choosing my entry. I’m excited to munch their cheesecake :))

            Congratulations, once again, on your blog’s second birthday. I wish it more birthdays to come 😀 God bless you.

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