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No Picnic at Camp John Hay (addendum =D)

As I was getting all the photos I have for today’s feature post, it’s been cloudy, sunny and a bit foggy.  Now, I can see a patch of blue in the sky and the sun’s shining like crazy.  Yesterday, we were at L’Ami Frenchy and we couldn’t get home because the rain was playing with us. (The jury’s still out on that Baguio food establishment  for me, my foodie friends, so the feature will come later when my experiences there finally sink in.) It let up, and when we were ready to go, it started to pour again. Gee whiz, talk about bipolar fickle. =S

Carlos Pizza Camp John Hay Baguio 2013

A patch of spring/summer in the pizzeria/’pastaria’ (“,)

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UPDATE: Beggang Resto Grill

Going on the food adventure to Beggang with Beth, Race was intrigued about how it has fired up my appetite even further.  He just had to sample what the resto grill had to offer himself.

So, one April evening, we had our meal at Beggang resto.  Combo meal D, a plate of pork spare ribs in BBQ sauce served with buttered vegetables and rice, caught Race’s attention. Having somewhat of a filled tummy before getting to the food establishment, I got what was listed on the board of  today’s specials – fresh lumpia.  Fruit shakes, green mango shake and buko shake, were our dinner drinks.

Beggang Resto Grill fresh fruit shakes, fresh lumpia, pork spareribs combo and me

On Race’s first visit to Beggang. =)

Needless to say, we enjoyed our meal. So much so, we came back again.

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Achieve Inner Peace through Lotus House Chinese Food (Ohhhmmmm)

Chinese restaurants abound in the city of Baguio (and in the Philippines).  And why shouldn’t there be lots of them when Chinese food is so good?  (“,)  As promised, we’re doing a feature blog on the Lotus House restaurant at the old Hotel Supreme.

It’s right where the old Ivy’s Grill and Restaurant used to be and they’ve renovated the place so that it’s not as ominous looking as it was the first time I saw it.  *shyeeew.  Ivy Grill has been transferred across Lotus and it’s also known as Café Palmera.

Ivy Grill and Restaurant/Cafe Palmera

Ivy Grill and Restaurant/Cafe Palmera

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