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Quoted Cafe, V Hotel Apartel: Quotes to Live By, Food to Live On

From last blogpost, I blinked and now, it’s a week into May. I hope all is well with you, fellow foodies.  Chompers busy, tummies full?

Quoted Cafe dining area at V Hotel Apartel 2017

V Hotel, the Quoted dining area and little details in that dining area. (Check out the hand painted stones. We were told that Ms. Angie worked on these herself. A true “rock artist”. *heehaha Such an amusing anecdote from daughter, Ms. Jessica.)

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Chives Bistro Cafe – Eat ‘n Share: Give Me Food by Chives, Give Me That Which I Desire

So, Race and I were riding home from Ozark and as we were coming out Camp 8, I saw a huge lit up sign that said “Chives Bistro” standing out in the darkness. As usual, with a number of things on my mind #overthinker, I didn’t get to enter it to the list. With a short message of his most recent discoveries, Sir Dan saved the day. (Big thanks, Sir!)

Baguio Chives Bistro Cafe - Eat 'n Share bacon and mushroom melt pizza

Bacon and mushroom melt pizza =D

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Sinamak? Why, Yes Please…to Both

Wondering what the two sinamak-s is all about?  You’ll get your explanation in, 3, 2, … You see, sinamak is vinegar infused with a bajillion spices (at least, that’s how I would like my sinamak =D…That’s how Beth would like it, too and she can take the heat when it comes to chili infused vinegar, but not me.  No comment about vinegar – of any kind – from Karla.  As you would expect from our resident baker, it’s all about the sweets.  *hihi).

Sinamak vinegar

Sinamak sinamak *harhar

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