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Intermission to Taste ‘New’ Yum-Yums from the Cuttie Cuppies Shoppe

Waking up today, I had a different Baguio restaurant (restaurant-S actually) in mind to be the (tandem) subject of this day’s blog post.  Much like with everything else in the world, we have to expect the unexpected and adjust accordingly.  Here I am derailed (a sweet derailment, I assure you ^^,) by the Cuttie Cuppies Shoppe.

They’ve sent me a few goodies to get my chompers on, you see and boy, is it my pleasure to get a-munchin’!  (You know how much of a PX goods  sucker I am.)

Now, the dilemma I’m having is which pack/box/can to open first?

Cuttie Cuppies Shoppe Baguio goodies See's candies, Sheila G's brownie brittle, marshmallow fluff, violet crumble

Just a few of sweet munchies that you can get from the Cuttie Cuppies Shoppe (“,)

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UPDATE: The List

With yesterday’s impromptu visit to Cakes by Yda (Thank you so much Jo for joining me in this food quest … on such short notice *blushies), I heard about two other places that will be added to the list today (Thank you so much for the contribution, Cholo!  Yey, I found another person to go on food trips with. \m/)  Blog post coming soon on this dining experience as I’m still processing all the delicious information my taste buds collected from everything we had. #Lamonine =))

I still want to encourage you, my foodie friends to check out the Table of Blog Contents as this is complete with Baguio’s Greatest Hits for good food, Notable Edibles as well as Infobites for Dining in Baguio.  Everything is also linked up to the corresponding posts. (Shout out to Ms. Cyths! Thank you so much for the encouragement. ^^,)

antiques around Cakes by Yda

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