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Hot Bowls of Food at Spoon and Stone Restaurant/Cafe

Oopsies. Seems like a couple of friends and I jinxed the weather talking about how dry it was this year compared to the same dates with last year’s cabin fever inducing monsoon. =b

2016-08-10 Baguio Spoon and Stone Cafe and Restaurant tonkotsu ramen

Tonkotsu ramen ^^,

Cue, Ms. Regine Velasquez’ song about the rain Read More…

Eatsploring Eve’s Garden with New Foodie Friends

It’s time I made good on giving the winner of the X Marks the Spot for Good Baguio Foods blog anniversary giveaway (whew, that was long *hee) her prize.

exploring around Eve's Garden's garden

Ela (and Paolo) in the garden, amongst the lettuce, the chives, the rosemary and mint plants. =D

She had Eve’s Garden on her list and so I thought of helping her check it off.

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Sinamak? Why, Yes Please…to Both

Wondering what the two sinamak-s is all about?  You’ll get your explanation in, 3, 2, … You see, sinamak is vinegar infused with a bajillion spices (at least, that’s how I would like my sinamak =D…That’s how Beth would like it, too and she can take the heat when it comes to chili infused vinegar, but not me.  No comment about vinegar – of any kind – from Karla.  As you would expect from our resident baker, it’s all about the sweets.  *hihi).

Sinamak vinegar

Sinamak sinamak *harhar

In Baguio City, Read More…

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