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With Master Tea; 1,2, Tea; and Nham Cha; Let’s Have A Tea Off!

Our first tea off in years, actually. ^^,

X at Baguio Master Tea Milk Tea Specialist 2019


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Tea Generation: For the New Breed of Drinkers

Milk tea drinkers, I mean … the droves of people who love to sip refreshing tea (with milk) based beverages with sinkers/floaters/pearls/boba/jelly through a colorful straw that they poked through a cellophane lid that’s melted onto the rim of a plastic cup.

Tea Generation Baguio glass sizes

Sizing up TeaGen beverages

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Baguio Dining A La Carte – Menus, Menus, Menus

I feel like I’m leaving so much time in between posts, I wanted to give you  a few more infobites about dining around in the City of Pines for this week’s topic. Just in case you’re wondering what’s served and how much these go for from a particular resto, I’ve got a handful of menus (two pairs of hands full would be more accurate =b) from places I’ve checked off the list before 2013 ended that I haven’t gotten around to writing a post for yet.

(As usual, click on the photo for a better view and for the best view, the magnifying glass mouse pointer. If that still wouldn’t do, you can always leave a comment/send me a message and I’ll gladly take a peek in my photo archives – higher resolution ones, for that little detail that you need. Apologies for the haphazard collages … time is gold kind of pressure. *shyeew)

1.) Advo Cafe

Advo Cafe Baguio menu

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