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Intermission for A Few Announcements

We’ll do an intermission post this week, my foodie friends, since I’m feeling quite bummed and not up to writing much about any particular food establishment today (these feelings again, wah).  I do have some info bites to dish out so here we go. =)

 La Comida de Antonio Ristorante Baguio Rosa Maria sinigang

La Comida de Antonio Ristorantes Rosa Maria sinigang – today’s lunch.

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Intermission – CONTENT SCRAPED (and I want to tear that scraper’s hair out)

We all know how it goes, that saying about imitation.

I’ll tell you this, I’m NOT flattered. I’m flabbergasted, to the point that I forgot everything I had to say for today’s blog post.  (What Baguio restaurant was I going to feature again? *huh Did you say something? *dazed)

Good search results 2013/11/03

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