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UPDATE: Citylight Hotel Coffeeshop

Finally made good on my promise of making another visit to Citylight.  This time, it’s to experience dining at their café.  Initially, our goal was their brazo de Mercedes (which I was at the height of my craving for, when we didn’t get it at Red Cherries or Danes…or Goldilocks – that story later ^^, I’m still craving for it.)  I didn’t know that the day before I so wanted to eat brazo, Citylight posted a photo of it on their Facebook page (must mean it’s available rightie? *hihi).

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UPDATE: Forest House …and IdeaSpace National Competition

I don’t think I’ve ever been to Forest House in the holiday season.  (Giving the tourists a chance to experience it =D).  Again, I’m tearing my hair out that I didn’t go until last night.  (Thanks to Sir Vince of,  Maam Nick, Sir Earl, Maam Mica and Maam Christine of SMART. (“,))

Forest House Bistro and Cafe christmas tree

♪ Oh, Christmas tree… ♪

While the establishment might look like the bistro and cafe we know Read More…

Barn Café: No Bats Here… Just Good Food (Krispy Kreme and J.Co in Baguio? Yes way!)

There’s a quote that goes “…old barns are full of bats”.  The Barn Café is relatively new but just the same, Jo and I were curious.  After going stalk mode over the web for information about this establishment, we set up an impromptu food adventure here.

Barn sign

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